Where Do The Seeds Of Your Sacred Work Hide?

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Where Do the Seeds of your Sacred Work Hide?


Those of us who feel we have a calling, search high and low to find it. And then we get frustrated, stop looking and trip over it, as we’re having fun just being.

That was the subject of my last post. You can read that here.

But there are clues to your sacred work littered throughout your life.

Sacred work is the work that you were made for.

Your life is the training school that gives you a wheelbarrow of pain that births passion. And it is that passion for creating something different in the world that is the foundation of your sacred work.

And the clues are everywhere.

We just haven’t been taught how to find them.

I talk a lot about how anyone that is not valued by society is programmed. I don’t have to re-iterate who isn’t valued by society. If you have eyes and ears, you know. We are programmed to fit in and do something that makes the lives of the Pirates better, and if we can’t, we are programmed to be invisible – and not be seen.

And yes, not every white male is a Pirate – and yes, not every white woman isn’t a Pirate – but you get the overall drift of this. Notice how I don’t even mention anyone who isn’t white here, because we are definitely not Pirates – though we can be Pirate helpers.

But did you know that your purpose, your sacred work can be hidden inside your programming?

Suppose that your life is uniquely designed to catalyse your passion to make something better in the world?

Wouldn’t you be excluded from the mainstream and exposed to pain around the very things that it was your job to change?

And if society’s rules, the cultural programming was painful for you – wouldn’t that be a clue about what you’re here to do?

I was told to fit in and not make waves. It was very, very painful not to be seen or acknowledged by the world outside my family.

However, my sacred work is powered by that programming – because I don’t want ANYONE to feel dismissed or unseen, or that their life isn’t sacred.

My sacred work is to help others see and claim their beauty – who they were before they were programmed by Pirate World.

And I deeply believe that’s how we’ll transform the world.

One of the places that your sacred work hides is in your programming.

What were you programmed by this culture to be or do that was painful for you?

Look behind that programming and I’m guessing you’ll find a seed of your purpose and sacred work.

Big love,



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