Dr. Martha Beck, Sociologist, Life Coach & Best Selling Author

“Intuitive, Insightful, and  endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up and see the entire “forest” of your life and then zero in and find your way through the trees. Because she pays such close attention to every client, she helps to see themselves more clearly, in ways that lead naturally to the understanding and fulfillment of their individual destinies.”

Jenny Shih, Business Coach & Founder of Make It Work Online

“Bev showed me how I could frame my life and business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success… and she was spot-on! There is no one better who can help you find what makes you unique, special and talented.”

Martha Atkins PhD, LPC-S- Master Certified Coach -  Licensed Professional Counselor

“Don’t hire her unless you’re ready for change. For real. Want to get your groove on? Change your life? Change your clients’ lives? Hire Bev. She’s a wicked awesome combo of wise + intuitive + compassionate. Her BS meter is off the charts. Your stories about what can’t do? She’ll blow ‘em up and you’ll think to yourself, “ What just happened?!” Once the dust settled you will be onnnn fiyyyahh.”

Angela Steele, Coach and Mentor at Soaring Soul's Coaching

"This entire experience (at the retreat & mastermind)... has been life changing... Today I have clarity and focus around who I am, my amazing gifts and my purpose. I feel comfortable with myself, and I’m confident with building my coaching practice. I’m also very excited and inspired."

Kaliopi Nikitas, Life Coach and Founder of From Overwhelm to Awe

"You HAVE to work with these two fabulous women... Bev Barnes and Nicole Croizier are DYNAMITE! I've spent a lot of time & money trying to figure out how to earn a living being 'me' - and these two helped me do just that. Best money ever spent. 

Lisa Catapano - Certified Soul's Calling® Coach

"Bev masterfully eased me on down the road toward my soul’s calling. Through her loving support and empowering wisdom, I discovered the mindfulness, love and courage to meet my soul and returned to home a compassionate force of love ready to inspire, honor, and heal the world."

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Deb Droz, Master Life Coach & Mentor

"I’ve watched Bev’s magic-making results with people for years, so I decided to experience it myself. Her program is about seeing yourself and seeing the power in that. It's amazing to see where you've been and the life-orchestration, outside of you own control, that brings you to where you are... Add intuitive women and being seen, challenged, and witnessed with love, and doing the same for them? Magic...”

Michelle Lynchard, Life Coach

“ I joined this retreat to figure out a focus for my coaching business. I did get that, but I got a lot more!  This retreat is all about self discovery. I cleared out the last of my limiting beliefs and opened myself up to success as a coach as a result. This is truly a sisterhood, and I have a wonderful new friends that I’ll probably have forever! Bev’s gift is helping people to really know themselves, and after that, to really show it in their business.” 

Emma Veritas, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach, Writing Coach & Founder of The School of Wild Authenticity

I signed up for Bev’s retreat and program to figure out my niche as a coach and to really own it, and that happened for me! The retreat felt so safe and refreshing, I was able to open up in new ways around my coaching practice. I loved working with Bev. Her style was fun, light hearted and poignant. It was hands down the best retreat I’ve been on."

Wendy Farmer, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator

"In Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator training I learned to stretch myself, to test out my coaching skills and become more confident in my abilities. It provided a sisterhood of support. Others could see my gifts that I had previously assumed were no big deal. This training laid out a structure which includes the Roadmap and activities that provide growth opportunities for me as well as for my clients, all to help them lead a life closer to their inner truth."

Sue Brady, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach

I arrived in Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator training on a search to find out who I was and what I was called to do in this lifetime.  I had heard the quiet whispers of my soul, but I struggled to decipher them.  I had an ache deep in my heart that I yearned to heal.
After this training, it was like someone turned on the light in a room that had been in perpetual darkness.  I gained the clarity I needed to pursue what called to me.   A path that now allows me to help others find their purpose, share their passion, and live their dream.

Steph Lagana, Business Coach

Bev, is the safest coaching space on the planet. I know DEEPLY that you are going to provide me with the wisdom that I need to be my best in a way that will be kind, strengthening [as opposed to fostering a puddle-like collapse on the floor].  You helped me to see where I was holding myself back and where I was uncertain in the other training I've received.  You helped me to realize where my strengths were and the depth of the 'Stephanie difference'.

Linda Ford, Master Life Coach

"I always come away feeling that you get me and believe in me. Bev, when I work with you I feel a huge reassurance that you believe in me and my ability to connect with my soul, who I really am, and my ability to have the confidence to find and implement my real work.

You have always made me feel a resurgence of enthusiasm to keep going.  Many times I've felt as if I've strayed away from myself and my gifts, and you always seem to bring me back to myself."    

Michelle Reinhardt, Weightloss Coach

"Where do I start? I found my voice and started listening to my heart--you taught me how. You helped me find my passion(s) and gave me permission and support to consider following my dreams.

I built my confidence up and my belief in myself. I learned how to deal with fear and doubts. You provided me the space to explore possibility and you were brilliant at tapping into what my natural gifts were and taught me how to honor them. Pretty incredible Bev!!!!! Merci beaucoup.” 

Megan Forrrest, Life Coach for Relationships

"You gave me permission to coach in accordance with my strengths/gifts and I was able to reconnect to myself and my own wisdom. I was struggling with being in my head and trying so hard to remember and follow 'tools' that I had cut myself off from what I already knew and my ability to dial into my own inner wisdom/intuition. 

I now have my own approach and way of coaching that is 100% aligned with me. Having that encouragement from you has been unbelievably liberating.

Bev, you were such an important and incredible support to me, I just can't ever, ever thank you enough."