About The Soul's Calling® Academy

At the Soul's Calling® Academy, we provide Training & Mentoring for Racialized & Marginalized Women who are Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Consultants & Guides, Who Have a World Changing Mission!

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Soul’s Calling® work is a new paradigm for life coaching.

Our focus is on unlocking your innate genius and using it rather than “being better”. We don’t assume that something is wrong with you, that you must fix to be happier. We don’t help you to achieve goals defined by our cultural programming. We help you to be unapologetically YOU and do what you came here for.

You’ve been programmed to serve and help the Pirates, so that you won’t disrupt & initiate change.

Pirate World is the world that western culture has created, that values only getting more loot and more power over people. Women, especially Black, Indigenous and women of colour have been racialized and marginalized. Our voices are not heard.

Purpose World, however, is the world we can create. A world in which we all matter, where we all have innate genius. And it’s our job to unlock and use that genius, so that collectively we can add more love to the planet. It’s how the world will survive and thrive. And we, women – especially marginalized and racialized women, can see clearly what isn’t working in Pirate World – because we’ve always been on the outside of Pirate World, looking in.

When you spend your whole life fitting in, you don't know what makes you stand out.

In the Soul's Calling® Academy you'll get mentored, trained and coached to claim your brilliance, side-step the Pirate World programming, and to rise up and do your world changing mission. You were born for this time. The world has been waiting for you.

At the Soul's Calling® Academy, we help you to claim & do the world-changing work that you came here to do.


Hi, I'm Bev Barnes, the Founder of the Soul's Calling® Academy & Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & Coaching Process

Here's a little of my story....

I spent my whole life trying to fit in, trying not to make waves, trying not to be seen.  I believed that it wasn’t safe to be seen, and I grew up having a lot of evidence that this belief was true.

I was born in England, with Jamaican parents. When I was 5 years old, still living in England – little children chased me and my sister home from school, throwing stones and calling us "Blackie".  I couldn’t understand this and asked my mum why they were doing it. She didn’t explain. She just told us to call them “Chalk” – which worked by the way – they stopped.

I started being very cautious. I decided that it was unsafe to stand out, so I started doing everything I could to fit in. When we crossed the ocean and moved to Canada, I dumped my British accent and my seven-year old self, took on the job of learning all the Canadian rules and following them – so that we wouldn’t be rejected or criticized.

And, it worked.

I fit in. I had lots of friends in my virtually all-white high-school. I was good in sports and in school. But because I fixed my gaze outwards on learning what others wanted from me, not inwards exploring my true desires, I had no idea who I was, what I liked, what was unique about me.

When you spend your whole life fitting in, you don’t know what makes you stand out. And you were born to stand out!

I was blind to what was unique and different about me which is what you're here on earth to express. I was blind to my gifts, and I was totally lost about what to do with my life. So I continued to do what everyone around me was doing - especially on television. I decided to be like Mary Tyler Moore, a young, single professional.

By the time I was 30 years old, I was living a life where I was successful on the outside - great salary and prestige, creating programs for people in organizations, a downtown apartment, travel for fun and work – but miserable on the inside. I was worried that I didn’t have any passions and that I’d never find meaning. I was yearning for something that I couldn’t name – I was yearning to do something that I loved that made a difference in the world.

Something inside me always knew that I was born to do something that helped the world and I knew that I wasn't doing that and I had no idea how to get from where I was to where I yearned to be.

The last straw came at an out-of-town work meeting, in a hotel ballroom, where I felt like I was an alien. I was SO different from these people – even though I was keeping that all to myself. I didn’t agree with or understand how they thought. I didn’t agree with the values in my industry. I didn’t agree with the way that people were treated. I felt like everybody was wearing a mask and nobody was authentic. And I was pretending too – pretending that all was well.

I was seeking a deeper connection with the truth of who people were and this job was never going to help me get there. I could no longer deny that I didn’t fit in. I had to claim it. Was I going to spend my life pretending? Was I going to spend my life ignoring my ache, my yearning for something else, even though I didn’t know what that something else was?

So, in an act of rebellion, I left. I snuck out.

I ended up at a self-help bookstore with acoustic music playing in the background and I could finally exhale. I finally felt like me.

That was the day that I dared to decide to discover what I was meant to do.

I dared to believe that there was something I was meant for, and I dared to decide to discover it. Even though I was scared that there was no work I’d ever love that paid enough. Even though it meant that I wouldn't fit in anymore, with friends who were interested in climbing the corporate ladder. I couldn’t pretend any longer to be someone I wasn’t. I had to discover who I really was and start being her.

It was a calling from my soul.

And that’s where my journey to my soul’s calling began. I’ve been on this voyage for 25 years now – letting my soul lead (most of the time). Daring to decide to discover and then do what I was meant to do was THE most important first step. And don't get me wrong, it's not all been nirvana since then. There have been ups and downs, stops and starts, because it's so, so easy to fall off the soul's calling track. The world is not set up to support people who take this less trodden path.

I discovered that my purpose in life is to help people to discover and claim their own beauty, and that my bigger life mission is facilitating the renewal of the planet.

  • I discovered that I was born to help people make the same journey I had.
  • I discovered that my pain was not to be ignored or repressed, but was actually an essential signpost leading to my purpose.
  • I discovered that I had to stop fitting in, stop hiding, and stop denying my truth to do my calling.
  • I discovered that I couldn't fake my calling, and that callings don't last forever - so I had to keep listening to yearnings of my soul and keep following them.

As I continued my journey, I gained even more clarity and discernment about my soul’s niche. I discovered that I was deeply called to help highly empathic and highly intuitive, natural born healers, helpers and guides…to help them to value their truth, their innate gifts, their inner wisdom  and start doing this healing, helping and guiding work in the world....their way!

And that's why I created the Soul's Calling® Academy!

And then 2020 happened....

2020 crystallized and shifted the focus of my calling.

I spent much of 2020 and 2021 emotionally exhausted from explaining what being Black meant to people who had never seen me - and suddenly were curious. During the pandemic, the world got smaller. It became crystal clear how Black people all over the world, have to prove that we have a right to exist. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many other killings in the US; racial epitaphs hurled at Black athletes in the UK; an innocent Black grad student thrown in jail without a trial in Montreal. I stopped the denial. I saw how much I'd been "othered", invisible and ignored in the workplace. I remembered how I had to prove my worth at every step, how I had to be "better" and never had the luxury of making a mistake - even in Life Coaching communities.

And so I was called to shift my focus - to intentionally work with Black Life Coaches. That's why I started the Black Life Coach Sisterhood.

I needed to share my gifts with women like me, who've been successful, but they are usually the only Black face in the meeting, or workshop or workplace. These women are whip smart and have worked so hard in a world that doesn't see you and doesn't acknowledge you. These are women who have huge hearts and a huge desire to make this world a better place. An they never get to share their true vulnerabilities or their bold truth-telling, or acknowledge their hurts because Euro-centric coaching spaces mute their voices. Women like me. Life Coaches who are racialized and marginalized and have never felt like we belong.

We need to step up, stand out and disrupt the status quo.

I believe that our collective mission isn’t to help people cope with Pirate World - one that only values power over others and accumulating wealth. Pirate word values are killing our planet. I believe that our collective mission is  to create a new world and a new story for the world - Purpose World - where everyone matters, everyone has a purpose and collectively we raise the vibration of love on this planet. That's how we'll renew the world. That's how we'll all survive.

But in order to do your life mission, you must stand out.

Your mission to shake up the Status Quo. You can’t keep trying to belong to Pirate world while at the same time doing your world changing mission. It won’t work. You have to dare to decide to stop fitting in. You’re here to be a disrupter to create a new world. You’re here to take all the skill and education and background that you have and apply it in some fiercely powerful ways that only YOU can. And that's what the Soul's Calling® Academy is here to help you do!

Here are my professional (Pirate World) credentials, experience and training:

  • a Master’s Degree in Psycho-Education;
  • a Graduate diploma in Brief and Strategic Therapy;
  • Graduate training in Career Development and Group Facilitation;
  • Past membership in the Professional Order of Guidance & Career Counselors of Quebec;
  • Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification from Dr. Martha Beck;
  • Certification as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator user as well as a variety of other self-assessment tools.

I’ve worked at the management level in quasi-government organizations - creating national programs in Disability Management and Organizational Transition, which required obtaining funding, training and staffing. On First Nations Reserves (both Cree & Algonquin) I've run healing, organizational & professional development & coaching and training programs. In addition, as a Sessional Instructor for the Indigenous Studies program, at the University of Quebec, I taught courses in Management, Human Sciences, Career Development and Education - always receiving mention for my teaching excellence. I was a Master Coach Instructor who taught in the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training program for 10+ years and consistently received positive feedback again for my leadership, authenticity, teaching and compassion.

In addition I've run my own on-line business specializing in Career, Business & Life Coaching, mentoring & training since 2008. (I'm not a newbie). I’ve created and led retreats, workshops and training programs and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of people finally find their direction in life and get on their own soul's calling journey.


And I know it’s possible to do what you came here to do.

If you're a woman and particularly if you've been racialized or marginalized and you've found Life Coaching, and have world changing work to do, we are here to support you.

YOU came here to help shift the world from one that's made for Pirates to one that is powered by Purpose.

Meet Nicole Croizier - Master Soul's Calling Coach & Chief-Puzzle Cracker for the Soul's Calling® Academy

Hi, I'm Nicole

I’m a 20 year strategic marketing lifer (soul sucking & exhausting) – turned marketing consultant & entrepreneur (even more exhausting) – turned life, equus & Soul’s Calling Coach (inspiring, energizing & finally loving what I do).

My entire career has been a quest to find my purpose, do something deeply meaningful, & feel happy, energized & inspired around my work. But it wasn't until I found the Soul's Calling® Academy that I was  able to let go of what I "should" be doing - and finally do what I love, in a way I love. 

That's why today, I mix up all my experiences into my unique genius cauldron to support the strategic direction of The Soul's Calling® Academy - making sure that everything we do in the Soul's Calling Academy helps and help women like you finally see how amazing you are and begin a next chapter full of meaningful work that's completely aligned with who you are & how you naturally work best. 

I have a degree in Communication, specialized training in personality psychology, training, & career coaching, and am a Master Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator, Certified Equus Coach, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, and am Certified in Knowledge Based Coaching for the Workplace. In addition to my 16 year high corporate marketing career, I've worked as a recruiter, career coach, instructor, & university program manager. I am the founder of business consulting firm Corner Your Market & coaching firm Love Your Career Again. 

  Soul's Calling® Academy Programs

Find Your Purpose As a Coach - A Self-Study Course for Life Coaches.

Are you unclear about your soul's niche and your unique genius?

In this intensive course, you'll dig deep into what makes you, YOU. Release your Pirate World programming, unravel the thread of your life's purpose and reclaim your hidden gifts. You'll get clarity to create a solid foundation for coaching work - one that is firmly situated in Purpose World, not Pirate World.

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The Black Life Coach Sisterhood - See Your Significance & Fulfill Your World Changing Work.

Are you hungry to be seen, inspired & championed?

This mentoring and Mastermind group is for experienced Black Life Coaches (in business for at least 2 years) who have a world changing mission. Imagine being in a group of your peers? You'll get the coaching, the connection and the inspiration that you seek, to get into the bullseye of your soul's calling.

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Become a Certified Soul's Calling® Facilitator & Coach - Shine Your Light.

Have you been seeking a concrete way that you can bring more goodness to the world? 

Develop your intuition & gain coaching & facilitation mastery in this 9-month boutique training experience. You’ll master the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Coaching Process. Once you're certified you'll be qualified to use a treasure chest of our original Soul's Calling® materials in your business or practice.

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Have you ever wished that you had a map that would just show you how to move from what you're doing now to creating meaningful work that's aligned with your genius & soul's purpose? The Soul's Calling Roadmap is that map!

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