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At The Soul's Calling® Academy, we offer intensive workshops, courses, training & mentoring to help women stop hiding, claim their unique genius & do their soul's calling work!

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Hi, I'm Bev Barnes, the Founder of the Soul's Calling® Academy & Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & Coaching Process

I tried to fit into Pirate World for years. Pirate World – that world that only values accumulating loot and power over others. Pirate World – where Black people are the workers, but never lead. Pirate World where women are the prize but never the heroine. But I was the wrong colour and the wrong gender. So, I hid and tried not to make waves. But I was suffering. Because my genius, truly seeing the beauty and uniqueness of each person and helping them to see how much they mattered, wasn’t valued in my work. I was underutilizing the best part of me. And that led to a deep, deep dissatisfaction – a sense that I was wasting my life.

I vowed to do the work that was my soul’s calling, value it, and get well paid for doing it. I had no idea how to get from where I was, to where I wanted to be, but I decided to persevere, no matter what. And 25 years ago, I figured it out. I had no idea that I'd end up creating a business, that wasn't the plan, but I followed my soul's calling.

I shifted from who I pretended to be, to who I was meant to be, when I created work that fully utilized me! And then I created the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap, to give others a visual map of the journey from Pirate World to Purpose World – meaninglessness to purpose so that others could make the same journey I had.

I founded the Soul’s Calling® Academy – to place an emphasis on the Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator training, so that this work could be shared with more people than I alone could reach.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”   

Howard Thurman's famous quote is our rally-cry. That’s what we do at the Soul’s Calling Academy.  Along with the roadmap, I’ve created a Card-deck, courses, intensive retreats, one-on-one mentoring and our amazing boutique, small group, intensive Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator training. We help you to come alive. We give you the safety and the support to be unapologetically you, and we help you to unravel your Pirate World programming so that you can discover and do  your soul’s calling work!

If our work resonates with you, then you’re in the right place!

My background includes a Master’s degree in Psycho-education and graduate training in career counseling & brief & strategic therapy, Master Life Coach certification & certification in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and many other personality assessments.

I've worked in the corporate world, higher education, and extensively with First Nations communities in northern Quebec, facilitating personal and organizational renewal. In addition I was a Master Life Coach Instructor for the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach for almost 10 years.

Hi, I'm Nicole - Master Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator

I’m a 20 year strategic marketing lifer (soul sucking & exhausting) – turned marketing consultant & entrepreneur (even more exhausting) – turned life, equus & Soul’s Calling Coach (inspiring, energizing & finally loving what I do).

My entire career has been a quest to find my purpose, do something deeply meaningful, & feel happy, energized & inspired around my work.

But it wasn't until I found the Soul's Calling® Academy that I was  able to let go of what I "should" be doing - and finally do what I love, in a way I love. 

That's why today, I mix up all my experiences into my unique genius cauldron to support the strategic direction of The Soul's Calling® Academy - and help women like you finally see how amazing you are and begin a next chapter full of meaningful work that's completely aligned with who you are & how you naturally work best. 

I have a degree in Communication, specialized training in personality psychology, training, & career coaching, and am a Master Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator, Certified Equus Coach, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, and am Certified in Knowledge Based Coaching for the Workplace. In addition to my 16 year high corporate marketing career, I've worked as a recruiter, career coach, instructor, & university program manager. I am the founder of business consulting firm Corner Your Market & coaching firm Love Your Career Again. 

 Our Soul's Calling® Academy Programs

Become a Soul's Calling® Facilitator & Coach

Have you been seeking a concrete way that you can bring more goodness into the world? This 6-month intensive, intimate, boutique training experience for born healers, helpers, teachers & guides is the way. You'll master the soul's calling roadmap process so that you can competently lead others through this process. Once you're certified you'll be qualified to use all our tools in your practice or business.

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Take the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Course

Have you ever wished that you had a map that would just show you how to finally find your purpose & create your meaningful work? The Soul's Calling Roadmap Course is that map! If you yearn to do something you love, that helps the world, but don't know what that is, or where to start, start here and take this robust, deep-dive, self-study course. 

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Join the Unlock Your Unique Genius Intensive

Discover what make you different, unique and perfectly designed for your life's purpose. You'll dig deep into what makes you, YOU. You'll follow the clues in your life, and unravel the thread of your life's purpose and reclaim your disowned, hidden or under-valued gifts. In this intensive, you'll get clarity on your genius that has been hiding in plain sight. 

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Have you ever wished that you had a map that would just show you how to move from what you're doing now to creating meaningful work that's aligned with your genius & soul's purpose? The Soul's Calling Roadmap is that map!

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