Work One-On One with Bev


To do what you were made for, you need to be fully, unapologetically, unflinchingly, YOU.

It's not magic. It's not woo-woo. But it goes against every single thing we women are taught in the world - especially Black women and women of colour. We aren't taught to express our unique difference.

We're taught to fit in, to conform.

And when you spend your whole life fitting in, you don't know what makes you stand out!

And that means that you're stuck, before you even get started.

But it IS possible to shift from not making waves to riding the wave of your soul's calling. I'll help you do that when we work together privately.


Is this you?

  • You describe yourself as a healer, teacher, coach, leader or guide;
  • You must to personally meaningful work or else you suffer;
  • You need help seeing and avoiding your blind spots;
  • You're tired of doing everything alone and want on-going support;
  • You need help connecting the dots of your soul's work;
  • You want to be challenged and called out if you are falling back into your social programming;
  • You feel like you may be purpose adjacent;
  • You need to feel completely safe and with a Coach that you deeply trust;
  • None of this applies to you but you know in your soul that you're supposed to work with me.

If any of this describes you, then we might be a great fit to work together!

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What I Want You To Know....

I spent my whole life trying to fit in, trying not to make waves.

I believed that is wasn't safe to be seen and I grew up having a lot of evidence that this belief was true. Being a Black woman who was raised in a white society, I'm a seasoned hider. It kept me safe, but it also kept me from claiming my own genius. In spite of that, I've created my own body of work, and this business! I know that you can do it too! Here's what I know for sure:

  • You weren't meant to be invisible.


  • If you were overlooked and ignored and deemed unworthy and that had nothing to do with you!


  • You don't need fixing. Nothing is wrong with you. Something is very right with you.


  • Your essence is love. You came here at this time with something to give, that the world desperately needs, but can't see.


  • You can't wait for the world to see you, you must see yourself.


  • Even if you can't name what you have to give, you can sense it. You aren't crazy.

It's time to share your dazzling brilliance! Liberate yourself from the judgement of others, be the lighthouse and let your beacon shine!

Dr. Martha Beck

Bestselling Author, Life Coach, and Sociologist

"Intuitive, insightful, and endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up and see the entire "forest" of your life, then zero in and find your way through the trees."

Jenny Shih

Business Coach for On-line Entrepreneurs

"Bev showed me how I could frame my life and my business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success - and she was spot-on!"

Two (2) Options to work One-on-one with Bev

1. Soul's Calling® Message Clarity (2 Sessions)

This is for you if you're shifting the focus of your soul's calling work, or you're unclear about your core soul's message. You love what you do, but you have trouble explaining it so that it makes sense to people. That means you're hiding, and you know you've got to share your work! In this 2-session package, you will:

  • Unravel the purpose thread that runs through your life;
  • Name and claim your hidden gifts;
  • Identify your core soul's message;
  • Define the next steps of your soul's calling journey!

When we're done, you'll be confident, enthused and inspired about your next steps on your soul's calling journey.

Cost: $997USD


2. Soul's Calling® Mentoring & Coaching (3 month intervals)


If you're a Healer, Teacher, Coach, Leader or Guide who does amazing work but gets stuck because you can't see into your blind spots, then this package is for you. You need to be seen and understood by someone with wisdom and experience, someone who's life's work is seeing the seers. When you are someone who is gifted at seeing the essence or others, you get stuck because you can't see yourself. That's where I can help.  I won't tell you what do do, I'll help you connect with your inner guidance. I'll also challenge you when you are drifting into your programmed purpose, not your soul's purpose.  In our work together, you will:

  • Stop trying to fit into Pirate World;
  • Stop hiding your brilliant gifts;
  • Make only soul-guided decision;
  • Follow your own rule-book;
  • Claim and use your genius;
  • Stay aligned with your soul's purpose;
  • Test and tweak what you do;
  • Use your genius;
  • Find or create your tribe;
  • Get through personal or professional storms;
  • Gain the confidence, clarity and personal power that doing your soul's calling brings!

Cost: $997/ month US (Initial 3-month commitment is required)


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Soul's Calling® Coaching and Mentoring with Bev

When we work together, you'll take and inner journey with me, in an intimate and private telephone sessions (via Zoom).

During each session, you'll feel supported, heard, motivated and deeply seen.

You'll get the full, undivided, loving attention that you need. You'll feel safe and nurtured. You'll have the freedom to creatively explore the possibilities for your life and your business. You'll leave each session feeling lighter and refreshed with renewed energy to continue creating and growing your soul's calling work.

***Because I pay such close attention to each client I only take on a limited number of clients annually.***

You'll get access to a treasure chest of worksheets, meditations, tools, recordings and more!

These tools will support your transformation and enhance the results that you get from our work together. They ensure that you are fully supported between sessions. Here are just some of the materials you'll get access to:

  • The complete Soul's Calling® Roadmap Course - this is a deep-dive robust program that you can follow at your own pace.
  • The Soul's Calling® Roadmap and exercises that detail the steps of your Soul's Calling journey.
  • The Soul's Calling Card Deck - coaching questions and prompts that help you to connect to your soul's guidance.
  • My book - Roadmap to Your Soul's Calling - currently being revised, but you'll get the most recent copy when it's available!
Set up a Free 20 Minute Session with Bev to See if We're a Fit!

Megan Forrrest, Life Coach for Relationships

"You gave me permission to coach in accordance with my strengths/gifts and I was able to reconnect to myself and my own wisdom. I was struggling with being in my head and trying so hard to remember and follow 'tools' that I had cut myself off from what I already knew and my ability to dial into my own inner wisdom/intuition. I now have my own approach and way of coaching that is 100% aligned with me. Bev, you were such an important and incredible support to me, I just can't ever, ever thank you enough."

Steph Lagana, Business Coach

"Bev, is the safest coaching space on the planet. I know DEEPLY that you are going to provide me with the wisdom that I need to be my best in a way that will be kind, strengthening [as opposed to fostering a puddle-like collapse on the floor].  You helped me to see where I was holding myself back and where I was uncertain in the other training I've received.  You helped me to realize where my strengths were and the depth of the 'Stephanie difference'."

Linda Ford, Master Life Coach

"I always come away feeling that you get me and believe in me. Bev, when I work with you I feel a huge reassurance that you believe in me and my ability to connect with my soul, who I really am, and my ability to have the confidence to find and implement my real work. You have always made me feel a resurgence of enthusiasm to keep going.  Many times I've felt as if I've strayed away from myself and my gifts, and you always seem to bring me back to myself."    

Michelle Reinhardt, Weightloss Coach

"Where do I start? I found my voice and started listening to my heart--you taught me how. You helped me find my passion(s) and gave me permission and support to consider following my dreams. I built my confidence up and my belief in myself. I learned how to deal with fear and doubts. You provided me the space to explore possibility and you were brilliant at tapping into what my natural gifts were and taught me how to honor them. Pretty incredible Bev!!!!! Merci beaucoup.”