Discover Your Sacred Work - the unique contribution that only you can make

You’ve had a successful career, and/or raised amazing humans but you’ve always known there is something else that is your destiny. You’ve done all kinds of personal development and training courses, probably even Life Coach training, but you still can’t figure out what else you were meant for.

This is SO frustrating for you because you’re a master problem solver and advisor – for other people, but for yourself, you’re lost!

You know there’s a unique contribution that you’re here to make, other than being a parent, but you have no idea what it is. Or, you have a glimmer of an idea, but you feel stuck at the starting gate.

I’m here for you.

First, let me explain what’s really going on.

You’ve spent your whole life trying not to make waves.

If you're like most women, by the time you were 11 years old, you stopped being unapologetically you, and started being who you were expected to be – nice, helpful, polite & invisible. The Be Nice, Helpful, Polite & Invisible Programming, that is placed on women, kicked in. And if you were a girl of colour, or from an immigrant family being invisible was what helped you to survive.

When you’ve spent your whole life trying to fit in and not be seen, you have no idea who you are. 

You don't know what makes you different. You don't know what you like or what you want, and you have real trouble making decisions - all because you don't know who you are. And that means you feel lost about what to do with your life, what would really make it meaningful, what would make you come alive.

Because it’s your difference that defines your sacred work, not your sameness.

Women have been programmed NOT to have a voice for generations. And when you’re busy trying to be who you are told you should be, it makes it so easy to forget who you are. It makes it easy to question whether you have any value outside of what you do for others.

And that’s what keeps you stuck at the starting gate trying to figure out your life’s work.

Discovering and doing your sacred work is not just the deep excavation work of remembering what you love – it also includes deprogramming yourself. Because if you haven’t been deprogrammed, even if you discover what you love, you won’t do it.

...Because you've been programmed to meet your own needs last.

...Because if you you've been programmed to deny yourself pleasure. 

...Because you've been programmed to hide your gifts or whatever makes you different.

...Because if you've been programmed to disbelieve your inner knowing and intuition and only rely on your intellect. 

...Because you've been programmed to follow and not to lead.

To shift to your sacred work requires a whole set of new skills.

You can't use the same methods that got you here, to get you to where you yearn to go. 

I help you to discover & claim your life's work and get past the fear and deeply embedded programming that is blocking you.

You'll learn how to navigate towards your soul's purpose rather than your programmed purpose.

Helping men and women who need purpose & meaning in their lives, to discover and claim their sacred work is what I've been doing for the past 25 years.

I can help you too.

“Can you guarantee that I’ll know what my thing is? I’ve been searching for so long. I’ve taken so many courses and trainings. It feels like I’ve been searching all my life for what I’m here to do. Can you guarantee that if I take your course, coach with you, put my heart into it, that I’ll know what my thing is? I’ve been SO disappointed before.”

I’ve been asked this question over and over again often paired with both yearning fearful hope.

Yearning – because of a heart felt need to know that you actually do have a purpose, that you are actually special in some way, that life isn’t meaningless.

And fearful hope – fear that maybe it won’t happen. Maybe you’ll be disappointed again. Maybe there is no unique reason you are on the planet right now. Maybe you don’t have sacred work – the work they were born to do.

Every single time, I answer the question, this is what I say,


Yes, when you work with me in my course or when you coach with me, you WILL discover your sacred work, your soul’s calling, your original medicine, your unique genius, your purpose-aligned niche.


It’s the strangest feeling for me, to be so sure. I’m rarely sure of anything. I always see the grey area. But not here. Not about discovering your sacred work. If you work with me, I know you’ll discover yours.

My conviction is deep.

I came here to do this. I've trained for years and I've worked with hundreds of people. I have a Master's Degree in the behavioural sciences, a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic Therapy, graduate training in Career Development & Group Facilitation. And, I'm a certified Master Life Coach through Dr Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach training. Aside from all that I developed my own robust and tested coaching process to help people shift from their survival work to their sacred work, and I've trained and certified Coaches to use this process. Helping you to discover and claim your sacred work is MY sacred work.

When you work with me, you WILL find the focus for your purpose-driven work. You WILL realize that your life was perfectly designed to give you exactly what you need to do what you came here for. Yes, you WILL feel relief and gratitude that you are YOU. Yes, this WILL give you direction and a solid foundation for the work that has been waiting for you to find her.

Yes, you’ll get confident. Yes, you’ll feel worthy. Yes, you’ll discover your personal power. Yes, you’ll tap into your intrinsic soul authority. Yes, you’ll claim the inner healer, helper, teacher, leader or guide you came here to be. Because your sacred work has been waiting for you to discover her. Your sacred work has been hidden in plain sight. I can show you the way.

I help purpose-driven women, who have hidden their gifts, and forgotten who they are, to discover their sacred work and reclaim their worthiness.



Dr. Martha Beck - Bestselling Author, Life Coach, and Sociologist

"Intuitive, insightful, and endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up and see the entire "forest" of your life, then zero in and find your way through the trees."

Dr. Martha Jo Atkins - End of Life Counselor, Teacher, Filmaker

"Don’t hire Bev unless you’re ready for change. For real. Want to get your groove on? Change your life? Change your client’s lives? Hire Bev. She’s a wicked awesome combo of wise + intuitive + compassionate. Her BS meter is off the charts. Your stories about what can’t do? She’ll blow ’em up and you’ll think to yourself, “What just happened?!” Once the dust settles, you will be onnnn fiyyyahh." 


Deep Dive:

You'll work one-on-one with me in hour-long sessions - 3 in our first month and 2 sessions a month for the next 3 months (9 sessions in total over a 4-month period). This work is a deep dive. It’s not just a superficial process of filling out a few worksheets, clarifying your options and then making a plan. Nope.

This is a deep dive into what makes you, YOU. And that means that we’ll be looking at your whole life, not just your work, or your business.

We'll meet on a Zoom video-conference and you'll take an intimate journey with me, in our private one-on-one sessions.

During each session, you'll feel supported, heard, motivated and deeply seen.

You'll get the full, undivided, loving attention that you need. You'll feel safe and nurtured. You'll have the freedom to creatively explore the possibilities for your life, your work, your business or your passion project. You'll leave each session feeling lighter and refreshed with renewed energy and inspirations about the new shape of your sacred work.

***Because I pay such close attention to each client I only take on a limited number of clients annually.***


Magical and Practical:

In our zoom meetings, you'll have a safe and fun, energetic container where we play. I use my empathic intuition to tap into your essence and the vision that your soul wants you to see. I reflect these insights back to you, weaving together what you say and do and checking in constantly to make sure that we are on track.

My intuitions and felt senses come through me, not from me – and I also use my analytical mind and everything I’ve learned from 25 years of teaching, coaching & facilitating personal development and transformation.

These coaching sessions are both magical and practical. You’ll feel uplifted and inspired after every session.


Process Driven:

I’ll be taking you through my trademarked soul’s calling® coaching process, based on my more than 25 years of work in this field and used by hundreds of clients world-wide. This process leads you from where you are now, to meaning and purpose. I'll expertly guide you through this process so that you can fall back in love your work. Here's some of what we'll do:

  • Unlock your Hidden Genius – you'll claim your difference - the light that you may dim, hide or be unconscious to, all so that you fully use your gifts that truly light you up!
  • Decode Your Body Wisdom – you'll practice trusting and relying on your body signals and soul wisdom so that you use this guidance for ALL your decision making!
  • Unpack Your Pirate World Programming – you'll unshackle yourself from the Pirate World values and roles that have unconsciously and willfully limited your choices, so that you find your freedom.
  • Unravel Your Purpose Thread – you'll discover the thread of purpose and your core soul message, that is woven into your life so that you claim your soul authority and leadership.
  • Rewrite Your Story – you'll take back your personal power by rewriting your story and creating your Purpose Story - so that you can fully step into your soul's calling.
  • Claim and Name Your Unique Contribution – you'll  summarize your unique contribution and speak it out-loud. You'll be crystal clear on your next steps and be re-inspired, motivated and re-sparked!


Resources, Tools & Surprises:

You'll get access to a treasure chest of worksheets, meditations, tools, recordings and more! These tools will support and enhance the results that you get from our work together. You'll do homework between sessions that we'll deepen on our live calls. Here are some of the materials you'll get access to:

  • The Soul's Calling® Roadmap Coaching Treasure Chest - this includes exercises, visualizations & meditations, all designed to help you to re-spark your calling;
  • The Soul's Calling Card Deck - coaching questions and prompts that help you to connect to your soul's guidance - mailed to your home. ($47 value)
  • The Complete Unlock Your Soul's Calling Course - this is a deep-dive, robust, program that you can follow at your own pace and work through between our session. ($1497 value)
  • My book - Roadmap to Your Soul's Calling - currently being revised, but you'll get the most recent copy when it's available! ($37 value)
  • A BONUS emergency call, whenever you need it!


$875*/mo (USD)  

*The initial coaching engagement is for a minimum of 4 months.

How long does this take?

Count on a 12-week (4 month) engagement. It takes at least that length of time to see tangible results, and so the minimum coaching engagement is 4 months. I’ll be able to give you an initial estimate of how long this process will take for you in our first free clarity call, and a better estimate as we get started working together.

This initial 4-month engagement can be extended, if our work together feels incomplete, all based on your specific needs. 



Jenny Shih - Private Consulting & Business Mentorship

"Bev showed me how I could frame my life and my business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success - and she was spot-on!"

Steph Lagana - Intuitive Business Coach

"Bev, is the safest coaching space on the planet. I know DEEPLY that you are going to provide me with the wisdom that I need to be my best in a way that will be kind, strengthening [as opposed to fostering a puddle-like collapse on the floor].  You helped me to see where I was holding myself back and where I was uncertain in the other training I've received.  You helped me to realize where my strengths were and the depth of the 'Stephanie difference'."


1. Fill out an application to coach with Bev HERE.

2. You'll be contacted within within 48 hoursish to set up a FREE 20-minute discovery session, if we're a good fit.

3. After this 20-minute session, and if we decide to coach together, you'll pay make your payment.

4. Once you've made your payment you'll receive a Questionnaire and Coaching Agreement to complete before our first session.

5. At the time of our session, grab a beverage, find a comfortable, private place, and click my zoom room link. (Use headphones if you can't be alone!)

That's IT!


Diane Douiyssi - Marketing Mentor & Coach

Bev's Intensive was magical. Bev guided me to push aside the veil of who I'd become, helped me remember who I am, and drew out the possibility of who I can be. I came to the intensive aching to do something, tentative and unsure about my life coaching business, and feeling my way blindly toward a purpose. I left with a deep knowing, an unshakeable understanding of what I was born to do. I can't thank Bev enough. She's changed everything for me. 

Linda Ford - Master Life Coach

I always come away feeling that you get me and believe in me.  Bev, when I work with you I feel a huge reassurance that you believe in me and my ability to connect with my soul, who I really am, and my ability to have the confidence to find and implement my real work.

You have always made me feel a resurgence of enthusiasm to keep going.  Many times I've felt as if I've strayed away from myself and my gifts, and you always seem to bring me back to myself.  

Megan Forrest -Toxic Relationship Support & Coaching

"Bev, what can I say - you were such an incredible support to me. I just can't ever, ever thank you enough. It was an absolute privilege to have worked with you. I still carry you with me all the time - your wisdom and insights continue to support me in daily life.