Soul's Calling®
Mentoring & Coaching with Bev

Unlock Your Hidden Genius & Get Out of Your Own Way



There’s an idea from the First Nations people, that each of us has a survival dance and a sacred dance. The survival dance is what we do for a living. It’s a necessary developmental step teaching us how to support ourselves physically, emotionally and economically. 

Once your survival dance is established, then your sacred dance – the work you were born to do, starts calling. I call this your sacred work - your life's work. It's an urge. It's a yearning. And the call gets louder when you're in transition - when one life stage has ended and the next has yet to begin.

That’s what’s happening right now. The old-world order is an erupting volcano and some people are ignoring this, waiting for everything to “go back to normal”.

But you’re different.

In the middle of this uncertainty and turmoil and anxiety YOU are getting a clarion call. You are being told, “It’s NOW.”

And yet you are the person who has tried to stay invisible, tried to fit in, tried to help everyone else cope and succeed.

YOU are the person that is needed now…and you know it.

Not the politician. Not the Social Influencer. Not the Celebrity.


The person with the huge heart.

The person who has always been sensitive and criticized for having a “thin skin”.

The person who is dazzlingly gifted but who hides that so that other people can shine.

The person who was born to heal, help, guide, lead and teach to help to renew our world.


You have a purpose.

You have a message.

You have a voice.

Now’s your time.

It’s time for YOU, hidden healers and helpers and leaders and teachers and guides to rise up and do your sacred work NOW.

I’m here to help you claim your dazzling brilliance your purpose & define and claim the work you came here to do!

That’s why I’m offering Soul's Calling® Mentoring & Coaching for you NOW..

Private One-On-One, with Bev.

In these luxurious sessions, you'll get all of my attention, insight, wisdom and intuition completely focused on YOU.

The reason that so many brilliant healers, helpers teachers and guides don't do the real, sacred work that they came here to do is because they are waiting for someone else to lead them. They've spent so much of their lives hiding and fitting in, that they feel like they are imposters if they stand out. They forget just how gifted they are and repress their deep knowing that they were truly BORN to for this time.

Your Soul has been nudging you towards your sacred work for all of your life. It's totally mind-blowing when you see how your whole life prepared you perfectly for your purpose - that has been hidden in plain sight. You'll unravel your life's purpose & you'll get out of your own way. You'll get my support you as you test & tweak, refine, explore & create the work that puts your genius on center stage!

When we're done, you'll have a special kind of confidence that ONLY comes from knowing that your specific and particular life, make you the absolutely perfect person to do what is calling you.

You'll STOP feeling like and imposter.

You'll rise up and do your sacred healing, helping, guiding, teaching or leading work that is SO needed NOW.

I’m here to help you unlock your hidden genius, & get out of your own way, so you can do what you came here to do!


You’ll take an inner journey with me, in intimate and private telephone sessions (via Zoom). You'll discover why you came here and the direction your life has been pointing you towards. In these sessions you’ll:

  • Get clear about the themes in your life and what that means about your soul’s purpose;
  • Notice what your soul has been nudging you towards, all your life;
  • Learn the core soul message that you were meant to share;
  • Identify your soul’s purpose which is the foundation for your sacred work;
  • Get coached to help you get out of your own way;
  • Take Action to test & tweak and get going on your soul's calling;
  • Get confident, enthused and inspired about your sacred work.




How it Works:

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll get my Client Welcome Package to review, sign and return to me and you'll also receive my Let to Your Life Speak Exercise Package in your inbox, to complete and return to me (at least 24 hours before our session).
  2. Next, book your Sessions on my scheduler. You’ll get a zoom link when you book your call. This is NOT a video call and it will be recorded.
  3. On our sessions, we’ll create a safe space and I’ll ask you questions, connect with your energy and liberally use my intuition, my training and background and my whole self to be your soul’s mirror to help you unlock your hidden genius and claim it and/or get out of your own way. We'll use my trademarked Soul's Calling Roadmap process and tools.
  4. You’ll receive the recording of our session via email.
  5. You’ll get going, in the right direction on your soul's calling.

When We’re Done:

  • You’ve clearly identified your soul’s calling;
  • You have the essence or your core soul message that you can massage and further refine as time goes on;
  • You have the foundation of your sacred work;
  • You are clear about your direction and have are taking steps on your soul's calling journey;
  • You have the confidence you to move forward in your sacred work
  • You have found new meaning for your life and your work!



 Soul's Calling Mentoring 3-month package Includes:

1.  Three months of private coaching.

You’ll get a maximum of 9 private, personalized coaching sessions over a period of three months.

During each session, you’ll feel supported, heard, and motivated. You’ll get the full, undivided, loving attention that you need. You’ll feel safe and nurtured. You’ll have the freedom to creatively explore the possibilities for your life and your business. You’ll leave each session feeling lighter and refreshed with renewed energy to continue your business creation.

Because I pay such close attention to each client, I only take on a limited number of clients.

2. Access to a treasure house of worksheets, meditations, tools, recordings and more.  

These tools will support your transformation and enhance the results that you get from our work together. Your biggest transformations happen in between the coaching sessions. This archive of tools ensures that you are fully supported between sessions. Here are just some of the materials you’ll get access to:

  • The Soul’s Calling® Roadmap – a visual map that details the steps to take to transition to your soul’s calling;
  • My book:  Roadmap to Your Soul’s Calling – this is currently being revised, but you'll get my most recent copy!
  • The Soul’s Calling® Card Deck – Coaching questions and prompts that will help you dare to decide to answer your soul’s calling and additional bonus recordings and exercises that fit your specific needs.
  • Soul's Calling® Roadmap tools & exercise - you'll have exercises and homework to support you between coaching sessions.

3. BONUS - ONE Crisis Session OR a Coaching Review/Feedback session for Life Coaches

Crisis Session: Life happens and sometimes things happen off schedule. If you need a short crisis session, just get in touch and I'll do whatever I can to respond and connect within 24 hours! You’ll get two 30-minute feedback sessions on your coaching style if you so desire, when you provide recordings of your coaching sessions.


Coaching Review/Feedback Session: One of the best ways to get confident about what you do is to let someone else listen to it and give you feedback. In one thirty minute feedback call, you’ll find out what your own coaching genius is, and what you need to keep working on, so that you become the best coach that you can be. You’ll get concrete suggestions that you can easily action.



1 payment of $3000 (USD)

**A monthly payment plan is also available!


Soul's Calling® Mentoring & Coaching are for you if:
  • You've decided to do the deep excavation work and take the risks necessary to do what you came here to do - even if you aren't clear. You are afraid AND excited!
  • You’ve been minimizing your gifts or hiding your voice for all of your life and you know that the world needs you now;
  • You’re creating a helping, healing, guiding, teaching or coaching business and you’ve done “all the things” but you still don’t have real clarity on what you’re here to do;
  • You’ve had a highly respected professional identity but that was your survival work and your sacred work is calling;
  • You’ve already tried figuring out your niche, what your strengths and assets are, and who needs what you have to offer, but you still can’t quite “get” what your thing is;
  • There’s an urgency that you feel to get going on your helping, healing passion project but you’re still fuzzy on what that’s supposed to be;
  • You recognize that a new world order is being built and that you came here (were born) to do this;
  • It both scares you and excites you at the same time to realize that now’s your time to be seen….and heard.


Soul's Calling® Mentoring & Coaching are NOT for you if:
  • You are trying to heal past hurts and you aren't willing to see past pain as a doorway to your purpose.

Let me explain, these are not coaching sessions to help you heal your past pain and suffering. I am not trying to "fix" you. My job is to help you "be" you, unapologetically and unflinchingly. Soul's Calling mentoring & coaching is to help you find the meaning and themes in you past life experiences and to discover your core message and soul’s purpose...that emerges from that! You'll definitely gain a sense of personal power and mastery, and even some healing, but the goal of the session is to shift your focus onto your purpose rather than heal your past. 

  • You think this session is something you “should” do, not something that you “ache” to do.

This session is for people who KNOW that they came here to do something and are ready to admit it.

  • You are stuck in the pain of what people did to you, that made you suffer all your life. You go over and over that in your mind, or you repress it, and you still have a lot of healing to do – likely through therapy. Right now, you believe that there was no deeper meaning for your pain and suffering.

Nobody wants pain and suffering. Before you look for purpose, you need to be ready to look at what your past experiences mean in your current life, without being triggered. If you can't then you need a therapist of trauma professional to work with and this is NOT for you.

I believe that life happens FOR you, so if you're ready to look at your life that way, these sessions will be really helpful to you, and will also help with your healing. But if you aren’t ready for that yet, and it's okay if you're not, these sessions aren't for you.