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Soul's Calling™ Sisterhood

Is your soul calling you to show up completely and make the difference you were meant to make?  This Retreat, Mastermind and Coaching program is your answer!


Coaching & Mentoring

Are you re-inventing your career and creating a soul-based coaching business? Imagine what you could do if you had your own personal coach and mentor?


Soul's Calling Cards

Do you want to hear and follow your soul? The Soul's Calling Card Deck has questions and prompts to help you dare to decide to answer your soul's calling.


Academy Classes

The Soul's Calling Academy offers courses to help you discover your calling.  If you are called to do Soul's Calling™ work you'll find the training and support that you need.


Roadmap to your SOUL'S CALLING - BOOK

Roadmap to Your Soul's Calling

Essential Exercises to help you discover why you came here.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you were doing what you came here to do?

Roadmap to Your Soul's Calling offers concrete, tested and unique exercises that will guide you to your life's work.  Whether you're a purpose seeker stuck in a soul-sucking job or an entrepreneur buiding a soul-based business, this workbook will help you to find the clarity you need to get your soul, your life, and your work aligned.


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"Don’t hire her unless you’re ready for change. For real. Want to get your groove on? Change your life? Change your client’s lives? Hire Bev.She’s a wicked awesome combo of wise + intuitive + compassionate. Her BS meter is off the charts. Your stories about what can’t do? She’ll blow ’em up and you’ll think to yourself, “What just happened?!” Once the dust settles, you will be onnnn fiyyyahh. "

Martha J. Atkins Phd
LPC-S – Master Certified Coach – Licensed Professional Counselor

"Bev showed me how I could frame my life and my business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success… and she was spot-on! There is no one better who can help you find what makes you unique, special, and talented. "

Jenny Shih
Jenny Shih – Coach and Consultant for Creative Solo-Entrepreneurs

"Intuitive, Insightful, and endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up and see the entire “forest” of your life, then zero in and find your way through the trees. Because she pays such close attention to every client, she helps them see themselves more clearly, in ways that lead naturally to the understanding and fulfillment of their individual destinies."

Martha Beck Phd
Author, Life Coach and Monthly Columnist for O the Oprah Magazine

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