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Training, Coaching & Mentoring for Racialized & Marginalized Women who are Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Consultants & Guides, and Who Have a World Changing Mission!

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 You weren't born to be invisible.

You were born to be a world changer, a disrupter, a threat to the status quo.

You're bright, well educated, with deep empathic & intuitive abilities. People love you and want to be around you, and learn from you. And yet, you've never felt like you belonged anywhere.

That's because you weren't supposed to fit in. You came here to stand out.

And you had some success in Pirate World - the world that only values loot and power over others. But you are called to create Purpose World - one where everyone matters and has value.

Purpose World, where each person's job is to discover and use their gifts so that collectively, we can raise the energetic vibration of love on the planet. 

You refuse to play the Pirate World game any longer. You came here to blow up that game, and create one that values each living being.

YOU are who you've been waiting for.

And you are drawn to  life coaching because it gives you the freedom to use your amazing gifts and do your soul's calling without following other Pirate World rules.


The earth is calling those of us who can hear her call to help. Especially women - and particularly racialized and marginalized women. You have been uniquely designed to so something that the world needs. And you aren't like every other Life Coach - who just wants a 6 or 7 figure business. Yes you want financial independence, BUT you also have a bone deep calling - and you want to achieve both!

But it’s hard to find or fulfill your soul’s calling when you’ve been programmed by Pirates for all of your life.

Because before you can fully bring your world changing mission to life, you must unravel your Pirate World programming; being taught that you aren’t good enough; feeling that something is wrong with you; learning that you need to hide and be invisible to stay safe. And if you were racialized, or othered by the Pirates, this programming was systemically enforced – invisible to the naked eye but felt by you at every turn.

And you repressed, ignored or compartmentalized the pain this brought because you didn’t want to be angry or sad all the time.

But that also dimmed your light. You couldn’t see your dazzling brilliance. You weren’t really sure whether you had anything of value to offer the world – even though you’d achieved so much already in Pirate World.

Here’s what I want you to to know:

In order to fulfill your world changing mission, to facilitate this transformation from Pirate World to Purpose world, you must do your own work first. You must drop the shackles of Pirate World, and this will be a constant battle, because the desire to belong is part of your human nature – and fitting in, will keep you purpose adjacent, not purpose aligned.


 You'll need a sisterhood - women to travel this journey with.

 You'll need a kick-ass Mentor, a coaching ninja, who truly gets what it's like to stop hiding in world that wants you be invisible.

 And you'll need a roadmap.


The Soul's Calling Roadmap Is That Map.

 I created the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap to take you from Pirate World to Purpose World. It’s the pathway to follow, to create and do your world changing work. 

You weren't born to fit in. You were born to stand out. The world needs your difference.

Were you born to be a world-changer, a disrupter, a threat to the status quo? 

Then sign up for my weekly messages for racialized and marginalized women - and access my free course to take the next step to doing your soul's calling:

 Our Soul's Calling® Academy Programs

Find Your Purpose As a Coach - 6-Week Intensive & Self-Study Course for Life Coaches.

Are you unclear about your soul's niche and your unique genius?

In this intensive course, you'll dig deep into what makes you, YOU. Release your Pirate World programming, unravel the thread of your life's purpose and reclaim your hidden gifts. You'll get clarity to create a solid foundation for coaching work - one that is firmly situated in Purpose World, not Pirate World.

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The Black Life Coach Sisterhood - See Your Significance & Create Your World Changing Work.

Are you hungry to be seen, inspired & championed?

This Mentoring and Mastermind group is for Black Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Consultants and Guides who are hungry to be seen and to fully embrace their world changing mission. Imagine being in a group where you don't have to hold your brilliance back? Imagine rising up to the full expression of you? That's our promise. 

Learn More

Become a Certified Soul's Calling® Facilitator & Coach - Be The Lighthouse.

Have you been seeking a grounded framework & foundation for coaching or group facilitation?  

 In this 9-month boutique training you'll master the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Coaching Process. You'll gain coaching & facilitation mastery, get mentored and unlock & use your own coaching genius.  Once certified, you'll be qualified to use our original Soul's Calling® materials in your world changing work!

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Meet Bev Barnes

Master Coach Instructor and Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & Coaching Process.

Soul’s Calling® work is a new paradigm for life coaching.

Our focus is helping you to unlock your innate genius and use it, rather than “being better”. We don’t assume that something is wrong with you, that you must fix to be happier. We don’t help you to achieve goals defined by our cultural programming. We help you to be unapologetically YOU, and do what you came here to do.

I'm a SEER & an Intuitive Empath.

I see the full essence of people - the beauty and genius of their inner selves that they try to hide or cannot see. And I feel truth in my body. I can't NOT feel & see people's truth and what is blocking them from being who they could be - the full expression of who they truly are. I reflect that back to them and help them to see themselves and claim their uniqueness. 

I'm an Energy Weaver.

I create safe spaces and play with unseen energy to provide a bone-deep safety for all my clients and groups. That's what you need to tap into your deepest truth, to connect to your genius, your truest desires and your deepest soul's calling.

And I'm a Kick-Ass Intuitive Coach & Group Facilitator.

At the Soul's Calling® Academy you'll get mentored, trained and coached so that you stop hiding, stop fitting in and rise up and do what they came here for - because this world needs women - particularly Black women, to be STOP being invisible.

Find out more about Bev and the Soul's Calling® Academy HERE!

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