Drop the Burden of Purpose

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There’s this whole notion of purpose and calling and, the burden that, people that feel like they came here to make a difference, carry. I know this well, because I’m one of those people. And I “get” the irony, since all my work is about helping people discover and do their purpose.

But today I want to share with you something that you need to know to lift this burden of purpose and completely change your definition of finding and doing your purpose.

When you are purpose-driven, you put a burden on yourself, that whatever you do for your work, must be a calling, and it must make a difference in the world.

And you’ve got to find that “thing” you’re here to do. And if you don't, you’re miserable and unhappy constantly seeking and risk being divinely discontent, miserable and upset forever.

So, there's the first burden – the burden of finding this calling.

Then there’s the second burden – your thing has to serve the world.

So you seek a problem that needs fixing in the world, and then decide it must be your calling, and you have to do it, to serve the world.

And then, you lose yourself, and focus on serving others.

And if you’re a woman or a person of colour, this is a continuation of what you’ve been programmed to do – lose yourself to serve others. So you have one more burden on your shoulders.

That’s the burden of purpose.

I've fallen into this trap more times than I can count. And it’s easy when you see the world’s problems. As a Black woman I’ve seen and lived inequity and discrimination. I decided that equity and inclusion must be my sacred work years ago. So I worked in that field. And hated it.

I was serving others and having absolutely no joy.

I want you to throw out the whole notion that your purpose is to fix a problem in the world.

You see, you’ve defined your purpose wrongly. Your purpose isn’t to sacrifice yourself to help someone else.

Your purpose, from my controversial point of view, is to BE YOU.

That’s it.

An oak tree gets to be an oak tree. A bee gets to be a bee. A dolphin gets to be a dolphin. You get to be you.

Your purpose is to be you, to use your gifts, to share your genius.

And that means, just to be you in the world.

Share your gifts with others, do what lights you up. 

Your purpose isn’t to serve other people.

But when you use your gifts, it gives other people pleasure – and that’s what serves them. When you share your gifts, stop hiding them inside you, and just start being you, you raise the frequency of love on the planet.


And so, serving is not something you try to do, it's a result of using your gifts.

So, when Julene makes art, she is being who she is, and when we see her art, her creations, we feel joyful. Julene is being who she is. She was born to create and create art – in her whimsical, love filled way.

She’s not helping to people to gain knowledge or overcome a problem. She's expressing herself creatively.

But when people see her art, it lifts them up. It gives them joy. It brings them love. The result of her art is the service she provides. But she makes art because it lights her up – it gives her joy – it heals HER soul.

Your calling is YOUR medicine. It heals YOU.

When you do it, you feel like you’ve come alive, like you have a reason for being. It heals YOU and it heals who receives it.

And the magic is that this is EXACTLY what serves the world. You don’t have to dream up some burdensome purpose where you sacrifice your life to be of service.

Do what gives you joy.

Because if you do, you’ll have purpose – and you’ll be serving the world.

See Yourself . Be Yourself . Do Your Thing. (That used to be my tagline, btw)

Be who YOU are, which is not the same as everyone else.

Your thing comes out of being yourself. Keep being yourself and it’ll lead you naturally to your thing. You don't have to think about it or plan it. You don’t have to agonize and keep wringing your hands in despair.

You’ll stumble over your thing while you’re busy being yourself.

See yourself, be yourself do your thing.

Your purpose is to be you fully in this world.

That's it.

And that’s how you serve the world, and that’s how you drop the burden of purpose.

Big love,


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