Soul's Calling® Coach Training - NEW for 2024!

Individualized, private, 9-month training & mentoring designed for you to get competent & confident as a Coach. 

Learn our coaching framework and how to apply it, while incorporating your own unique coaching genius.  

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Private, Boutique Coach Training & Mentoring
on The Soul's Calling® Roadmap Process

Do you see the genius & beauty in others? Do you want to learn a proven coaching process to help others see their genius, find their purpose, and bring their important gifts to the world through work that really makes a difference?

The Soul's Calling
® Roadmap is that process.

As a Certified Soul's Calling
Coach, you'll be authorized to use this process with your clients - and access all of our Soul's Calling Roadmap tools and exercises.

This is a high-touch individual, private training & mentoring program where you'll get mentored by   Master Coach Instructor Bev Barnes.

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, Master Coach Instructor &  founder of The Soul's Calling Academy.

I developed the Soul's Calling Roadmap Coaching Process based on my more than 30 years of experience in career development, psychosynthesis (spiritual psychology), and training & mentoring hundreds of coaches as a Master Coach Instructor. 

If you're called to help people move from doing their survival work to their sacred work (while at the same time dismantling the systemic racism & discrimination of pirate world), then this is the coaching process and toolkit you need - and I'm so thrilled to share it with you! 

You'll learn how to help your clients see their genius, unravel their purpose threads, and move past obstacles & pirate world programming so they can finally get their important sacred work out into the world. And you'll be doing this for yourself too.


What is Soul's Calling® Coach Training?

You'll learn how to facilitate the Soul's Calling Roadmap process, created by Bev Barnes based on her more than 25 years of work in this area and used by hundreds of students & clients world-wide.

The Soul's Calling Roadmap outlines the phases and processes of transition that are needed in order to really see and claim your genius, move past social & pirate world programming that has been holding you back, find your purpose, and create a meaningful life and work that feels deeply fulfilling.

This is the process that will finally help your clients move from doing survival work - to creating their sacred work. 

Not only will you gain expertise in how to guide your clients through this process, but you'll also incorporate your unique coaching genius - your specific flavour of intuitive knowing, so that you aren't copying someone else's style, you are fully expressing YOUR unique genius.

This is an intimate, boutique style training and we only admit a small group with a maximum of 16 participants. That means that you'll get personally coached and mentored by Bev Barnes who is the hands-on lead in this training. You'll also get supported by Nicole Croizier, Master Soul's Calling Coach, throughout the training program.

Once you're certified you'll have access to all the Soul's Calling® Roadmap tools, to use with your clients! We WANT you to succeed. We WANT you to spread this work around the world. The world needs YOU!

Here's What We'll Do Together: 

Soul's Calling® Roadmap Process & Toolkit

Learn and master the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Coaching process, created by Bev Barnes, based on her over 25 years of work and used by by hundreds of students & clients world-wide. Our focus on discovering and using one's genius and overcoming pirate world programming is unique in the coaching world.

Bi-Weekly 90- minute mentoring with Bev Barnes

Each other week, over 9 months, you'll meet privately with Bev for 90 minutes. You'll get coached, and mentored. You'll dive deeply into the tools you're learning and the nuances of coaching. You'll get feedback on your coaching recordings and get a high-touch, personalized training - all designed so that you step into being fully and unapologetically YOU - as a Coach.

Rich Online Course Portal & Training Binder

Access our on-line training portal where you'll get new content, video demos and exercises every week throughout the training - along with a 200+ page binder full of exercises you can use with your clients. You'll get lifetime access and ongoing updates once you're certified. 

Is Private Soul's Calling® Coach Training For You?

  • When you're learning, you like being individually mentored - one-on-one.
  • You want to shift from your "survival" work to your "sacred" work.
  • You know that this is your third act calling.
  • You want help others uncover and claim their innate gifts, genius and purpose so they can finally do work that's aligned with their soul.
  • You want to develop your intuition and gain coaching mastery.
  • People have always come to you for support and advice and you love helping people "see" how amazing they are, but you never realized this was a "thing".
  • You want to use your ability to  “see” the essence of people as the core of your work, and to truly value that.
  • You love the Soul's Calling® Roadmap and want to get certified to use it, and master our effective, structured & soulful process and techniques as your coaching framework.
  • You're already a great Coach, Therapist or Healer, but you want to shift from focusing mostly on healing to focusing on discovering meaning and purpose.
  • You're ready to do your own work to decode your social programming and release the programming of white supremacy and the characteristics of that culture.

If this sounds like you - then you're in the right place!

What Does A Soul's Calling® Facilitator & Coach Do?

Soul’s Calling Coaching is a combination of three things: Career Development, Psychosynthesis (Spiritual Psychology), and Life Coaching.

A Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator helps people to rediscover their inner genius, spark & purpose, get out of their own way – past social programming fear and resistance and create their life’s work – what they were meant to do.

Helping people discover who they are, why they're here and what they're here to do is one of the most important transformations that you can help the world to make. The world was designed to work perfectly, but it's not, because we aren't taught how to access our soul's guidance. We aren't taught that we each have a purpose and we aren't taught how to discover it or even that we need to!

We each have a soul's blueprint, however, waiting for us to use it. Soul's Calling Coaches & Facilitators teach people how to access this inner soul's blueprint & uncover their true purpose.

Soul’s Calling® Facilitators & Coaches have one core goal, to help people to be themselves…unapologetically. Because you can only do your soul’s calling when you are being congruent – the same person on the outside as you are on the inside.

What’s so paradoxical is that the very people who have been suffering and seeking their purpose all their lives, often end up being passionate Soul’s Calling® Facilitators & Coaches. That’s because they know what it feels like to feel a lack of meaning and purpose and they don’t want anyone else to feel that way.

Soul’s Calling® Coaches add goodness to the world:

  • They heal, help, guide, teach and lead people to rediscover their often hidden unique genius, their soul’s purpose and core soul message.
  • They also help people to get out of their own way – past social programming, fear and resistance, and create their life’s work.
  • They have a deep understanding of the process of transition outlined in the soul’s calling roadmap – and what it really takes for people to shift from where they are to where they want to be.

Certified Soul’s Calling® Coaches have many different ways of working because they create their work around their own unique genius:

  • Some are Soul’s Calling® Career Coaches, or Soul’s Calling® Business Coaches or Soul’s Calling® Genius Coaches.
  • Some are “volcano” specialists – helping people to dare to decide to change their lives and connect to repressed emotions.
  • Some do in-person retreats and facilitate groups. Some work in non-profits or in education. Some create their own schools and on-line programs.

But they all are helping the world to transform by helping individuals see and claim their own dazzling brilliance, one person at a time.

As a Soul's Calling Coach, you will be helping to dismantle the systemic racism and discrimination created by Pirate world:

Soul's Calling® Coaches disrupt the status-quo of Pirate World. Pirate World is the artificial caste hierarchy, created by Pirates who colonized the world and value only the accumulation of wealth and power over others. It is the basis for white supremacy thinking, that we have all been programmed in. Pirate world has systemically excluded so many of us.

Soul's Calling® Coaches are creating Purpose World - one person at a time. This is a world where we all matter, where we help as many people as possible to do what they were made to do, not what they were programmed to do. That's the contribution we can make in this time of massive transformation and that's how we raise the frequency of love on the planet.   

Soul’s Calling® Coaches act as the lighthouse -  guiding, leading, teaching, healing and doing it in their own unique way, that fits them perfectly.

Helping people discover who they are, why they're here and what they're here to do is one of the most important transformations that you can help the world to make. The world was designed to work perfectly, but it's not, because we aren't taught to be unapologetically who we truly are. Instead, we are taught to fit in – which never leads you to your soul’s calling.

There’s a hunger for truth in the world right now. That’s what your soul’s calling is – recognizing the truth of who you are, claiming the truth of what you bring, and doing the work that you came here to do.

Soul’s Calling® Coaches and Facilitators discover first, who they are…..unapologetically and then help others to do the same thing.

If this lights you up, then this training might be right for you! 

Set Up a Call With Bev To See If This Is Right For You!

Betsy McLeod Ph.D

Certified Soul's Calling® Coach

I became a Soul’s Calling® Coach to help people step into their light and power with confidence and grace. Bev's work not only helped me feel seen but defined my genius in seeing other people. It was the piece that was missing from my understanding of coaching. The Soul's Calling Toolkit exercises gave me the confidence to run with what I already knew on so many different levels.

I love to help people recognize their own genius and I believe that these materials are the fastest way to get there.

Kris Franceschi, M.A.

Life Coach for Seekers of a Joyous and Purpose-Filled Life

I'm so grateful I decided to join the Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator training. Anyone who truly wants to live aligned with their very own soul need look no further. You and your programs are inclusive, challenging and lots of fun!

Thank you for reckoning with all the ills of Pirate World, and then sharing your genius so we can create our own purpose powered lives.

Alissa Davies

Artist & Coach
For as long as I can remember I have called myself an artist. But for years there has been this knowing in my heart that there is more I am here to do. I am also meant to work with others and guide them to remember their inner artists. Bev and Nicole create an incredibly safe, personable, and fun environment, a space that has allowed me to peel back layers of myself and my programming and come out of hiding. Now, I can proudly say that I am an artist and a coach. Thank you, thank you!

 How The Training Works

We Begin By Going Through Our Claim Your Third Act Calling Course And Getting Coached by Bev

You’ll go through our signature on-line course and get coached by Bev. That means you'll be starting with you. Learning our processes by using them first on yourself is expected from all our trainees - and this is how you'll define your start niche.

Then you'll learn the Soul’s Calling Coaching process, get access to all the tools and facilitation guides and you’ll deep dive into soul’s calling coaching.

You'll start your coaching practicum at about the six month point. You'll be expected to record your coaching calls and you'll get personalized feedback and input during your mentoring meetings with Bev. 

Over nine months you'll through our 8 core modules:

  1. Start With You
  2. Foundations of Soul's Calling Coaching
  3. Working With A Soul's Calling Client
  4. Coaching Basics
  5. The S.O.U.L Coaching Process - Part 1: Stop The Denial
  6. The S.O.U.L Coaching Process - Part 2: Out Your Pirate World Programming
  7. The S.O.U.L Coaching Process - Part 3: Unlock Your Unique Genius & Purpose (including a second three day intensive workshop to really immerse yourself in these important tools)
  8. The S.O.U.L Coaching Process - Part 4: Lead With Your Genius

You'll also get access to our practicum guide and begin working with your practicum clients. 

Over these nine months you will be:

  • Learning & practicing new tools and processes (including access to the complete Soul's Calling Coach Training online course with videos, exercises, demonstrations, powerful questions, and other resources)
  • Diving deep into your own soul's calling process, which includes excavating your programming and getting clear on your unique genius
  • Getting clear on your own intuitive gifts and unique style and way of coaching (and receiving guidance, feedback and mentoring along the way) and soul's niche
  • Getting out into the real world by developing your own tools, coaching clients and practicing tools
  • Identifying the tools and processes best used in your own soul's niche and coaching focus. 

Throughout the training, you'll be expected to take your own initiative, be curious and ask questions. The more you take initiative during these modules and bring your own curiosity and questions to the table around your clients, the use of the tools, your way of coaching, and using your intuition - the more feedback and mentoring you will get, which leads to confidence around your coaching. 

Once you've completed the training, you'll be eligible for certification and be licensed to use all of the Soul's Calling Tools. There is no extra cost for certification (see specific details in the certification section below). 

 Training Modules In Detail

Module 1: Start With You

Soul's Calling Coaching starts with YOU first. That's why we'll begin our training with our core curriculum outline in our Claim Your Third Act Calling Course.  Once you go through this course with coaching from Bev, you'll know exactly what your clients will be experiencing and more deeply understand this coaching process.

You'll get more clear on your own unique genius and purpose threads, which will help you as you work later on in this training to get clear on your own Soul's Niche and how you want to uniquely bring this work to your ideal people.

Module 2: Foundations of Soul's Calling Coaching

 In this module, you'll learn the philosophical and theoretical basis upon which Soul’s Calling Coaching is based, along with the basic S.O.U.L structure of The Soul's Calling Roadmap process:

  • S - Stop The Denial
  • O - Out Your Pirate World Programming
  • U - Unlock Your Unique Genius & Purpose
  • L - Lead With Your Genius 

You'll dive deeper into each of these four areas further along in the training.

In this foundational module, we'll also explore the five essential choices that people need to make to discover and do their soul’s calling work, and you'll dive deeply into the process of transition that the roadmap is based upon.

Module 3: Working With a Soul's Calling Coaching Client

In this module, you’ll learn what it's like to work with a Soul's Calling Coaching Client from start to finish. We'll explore:

  • The purpose of discovery sessions, intake forms, and client questionnaires, along with different approaches to consider, 
  • What to do in your first session to establish rapport, safety, and agreement on expectations, together, 
  • How to start and run a typical Soul’s Calling Coaching session, and options for action steps between sessions, 
  • What a Soul's Calling Coaching program might look like from start to finish, including the number of sessions, best practices, and common challenges.
  • Using the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap as an on-going tool and compass point for your clients.

You'll access video demonstrations in the course portal, and you’ll practice these techniques with practice partners and on coaching calls. 

Module 4: Coaching Basics

As you work with clients through the Soul's Calling Coaching process, you'll need to integrate some basic coaching tools and techniques. If you already have some coach training, this will be a chance to hone your skills and approaches and fill in any gaps. If you’ve never coached, you’ll learn and practice basic coaching tools and skills.

You'll learn:

  • What coaching is and isn't, different approaches to coaching, and how it's different from other modalities, such as therapy, consulting, and teaching,
  • The ethics of coaching and important topics around race, diversity, and trauma,
  • Specific coaching techniques, such as  Active Listening, Intuitive Questioning, Identifying Patterns, Discovering Limiting Beliefs and Outdated Stories, Accessing Soul Guidance, and Coaching for Genius.

You'll access video trainings and demonstrations in the course portal, and  practice these techniques with your coaching buddies and on coaching calls. 

Module 5: The S.O.U.L Coaching Process Part 1
Stop The Denial 

In this module, we'll begin diving deep into each stage of the Soul's Calling Roadmap (S.O.U.L) Coaching process with Step 1: S = Stop The Denial. You'll learn how to set the right expectations and baseline for your clients to do their deep soul's calling work and work through tools and exercises in three key areas:

  • Transitions: Where is a volcano erupting in your client's life? What is ending for them, and what is the transition process they'll need to go through?
  • Soul Connection: What regular practice can your clients set up to regularly connect to their inner wisdom?
  • Body Wisdom: What tools will your clients need to determine their truth and make important decisions as they move forward?

Because many clients who are attracted to Soul's Calling work are highly empathic, you'll also access a rich section of tools and exercises to help you support your clients to recognize and honor their empathic gifts while staying in their own energy and setting healthy boundaries.

Module 6: The S.O.U.L Coaching  Process Part 2
Out Your Pirate World Programming 

In this module, we'll explore the second step in the S.O.U.L coaching process: O - Out Your Pirate World Programming.

You'll learn the concept of Pirate World vs. Purpose World and how this prevents so many empathic & purpose motivated people from uncovering and doing their sacred work. Then, you'll explore other common obstacles that will block your clients, including:

  • Excavating social programming (the rules and expectations that have been placed on you by your family, culture & society that aren't your own) 
  • Understanding fear and how it can both help and block your clients. 

Module 7: The S.O.U.L Coaching Process Part 3
Unlock Your Unique Genius & Purpose 

In this module, we'll explore the third step in the S.O.U.L Soul's Calling Roadmap process: U - Unlock Your Unique Genius - which is one of the key areas that makes this training unique.

We'll spend a three-day intensive in order to dive deeply into the Unlock Your Unique Genius techniques and approaches which combine career development approaches and spiritual psychology. You’ll learn how to use your unique genius to help your clients discover theirs.

You'll also focus on your ability to connect with your intuition and inner knowing as you coach and facilitate this process with clients. You'll learn concrete and well-tested methods to help your clients unlock their unique genius including tools to:

  • Access the open self, blind self, hidden self, and unconscious self 
  • Mine life stories for genius and purpose threads
  • Connect to the core soul message that is connected to your purpose 
  • Create a unique genius blueprint and purpose summary - which will serve as a guide & compass point as your clients begin to take action in the real world.

Module 8: The S.O.U.L Coaching Process Part 4
Lead With Your Genius 

In this module, we'll explore the fourth step in the S.O.U.L Coaching process: L - Lead With your Genius.

Helping your clients to take action, connect with, trust and follow their soul’s guidance are the most important parts of this process. You’ll learn how to guide your clients from being purpose adjacent to purpose aligned. Some of the methods you’ll learn include:

  • Defining your Soul’s Niche,
  • Choosing a Boat (the way your clients want to bring their genius and purpose into the world),
  • The how of your art in creating your soul's work,
  • Outwitting fear and resistance that comes up as you take action and start putting your important work out into the world,
  • Leading with your genius and love-based action, rather than fear and pirate world expectations,
  • Remaining purpose-aligned every step of the way.

Practicum Details & Certification Requirements

You will be required to coach practice clients throughout the program, starting after the third month of this training, and record your coaching sessions. You’ll be supervised and receive both group and personal and individual feedback, suggestions and support. You’ll get clear insight from Bev Barnes about what makes you unique as a coach/facilitator and your development needs.   

A core principle of Soul's Calling® Coaching is to learn how to use your unique intuitive style and coach your own way.  As part of this module, you'll explore how to get more in touch with your own coaching genius & intuition, and explore how you uniquely apply the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap Coaching process. This is also how you begin gathering information around your soul's niche – who you love to work with and how you love working with them.

Certification Process:

There is no extra cost for certification. Once you have successfully completed all the elements of the program, you’ll be eligible for certification. There is no separate certification that you have to pay for. It is included as part of the training. However, certification is not guaranteed, and is pending the successful completion of the certification requirements, as determined by Bev Barnes. In order to be certified you must master, create and complete certain tasks

  • Attending our bi-weekly mentoring calls.
  • Working through 100% of the on-line portal
  • Paid or practice clients for six sessions each.
  • Demonstrating effective one-on-one coaching
  • Having a clear starter soul’s niche and being able to describe it succinctly
  • Designing at least one original tool or product to use in your coaching practice/business.

You’ll get lessons, templates, facilitation guides, videos, coaching & mentoring to help you to master all these tasks. 

Once you’re certified, you’ll be representing the values and beliefs of the Soul’s Calling® Academy in your own community, and you’ll belong to our vibrant and growing tribe. It’s a big commitment of both your time and energy.

When you’ve completed this training and have been certified you’ll be permitted to use all the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap tools and materials for your clients. You’ll also be a part of a dynamic collective of Soul’s Calling® Coaches & Facilitators who are facilitating renewal in the world from the ground up! 

  • You’ll receive a Certified badge to use on your website and in marketing materials - and have access to the 200 page Soul's Calling Roadmap Toolkit and the Soul's Calling Coach Resource Portal. You'll be authorized to use the Soul's Calling Roadmap and any of the tools in your own coaching. 
  • You’ll be confident about the way that you coach or facilitate, and you’ll have an engaged tribe of coaches and mentors to guide and support you.
  • You’ll also be clear on your soul's niche and soul service, and have your business basics in place - in a soul-aligned way.
  • You'll become a member of our Soul’s Calling Coach community – and receive updates, regular training and support and access to new material as it is designed.

When we’re done, you’ll be a confident and competent Certified Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator, working in your own unique soul’s niche, with a program you’ve designed and access to a treasure chest of tools and resources.

 Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, Master Life Coach Instructor & Mentor; Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap, Coaching Process and Toolkit.

My passion is helping empathic women who are born healers, helpers & guides who suffer if they aren’t doing meaningful work. I help them to see and claim their beauty and their gifts and to stop pretending that they are like everyone else. Because they’re not!

That's been my journey too! I needed to stop trying to be fit in, and start standing out as me! I love, love, love, using my intuitive radar to guide, facilitate and teach women to discover & claim their soul's calling. For 20+ years I've been guiding and supporting people to uncover their life's purpose, to make life & career transitions and to claim what they came here to do. 

I've trained and mentored hundreds of coaches & empathic women both through my own programs and in my 11 years as a Master Coach Instructor for the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach Training & Master Coach Training programs. I currently train and certify Soul's Calling Coaches & Facilitators to use my Soul's Calling™ Roadmap process.

My background also includes a Master’s degree in Psycho-education and graduate training in career counseling & brief & strategic therapy along with certification in many personality assessment instruments. I've worked in the corporate world, higher education, and extensively with First Nations communities in northern Quebec, facilitating personal and organizational renewal. 

I'm so excited you're here and are interested in my Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator Training. The world needs more of us right now than ever - and I can't wait to meet you.

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Sue Brady, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator

"I arrived in Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator training on a search to find out who I was and what I was called to do in this lifetime.  I had heard the quiet whispers of my soul, but I struggled to decipher them. I had an ache deep in my heart that I yearned to heal. After this training, it was like someone turned on the light in a room that had been in perpetual darkness. I gained the clarity I needed to pursue what called to me.   A path that now allows me to help others find their purpose, share their passion, and live their dream."

Lisa Catapano - Certified Soul's Calling® Coach

"Bev masterfully eased me on down the road toward my soul’s calling. Through her loving support and empowering wisdom, I discovered the mindfulness, love and courage to meet my soul and returned to home a compassionate force of love ready to inspire, honor, and heal the world."

Emma Veritas, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach, Writing Coach & Founder of The School of Wild Authenticity

"I signed up to figure out my niche as a coach and to really own it, and that happened for me! The retreat felt so safe and refreshing, I was able to open up in new ways around my coaching practice. I loved working with Bev. Her style was fun, light hearted and poignant. It was hands down the best retreat I’ve been on."

Wendy Farmer, Certified Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator

"In Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator training I learned to stretch myself, to test out my coaching skills and become more confident in my abilities. It provided a sisterhood of support. Others could see my gifts that I had previously assumed were no big deal. This training laid out a structure which includes the Roadmap and activities that provide growth opportunities for me as well as for my clients, all to help them lead a life closer to their inner truth."

Abby Wyers, Life Coach

"The training has given me both a framework and support to move forward with my own soul's calling, to integrate the many parts of me and what I love into something that's much more in tune with who I am. "

Frequently Asked Questions: