Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator Training 2020


A 6-month intensive, intimate, training experience for born healers, helpers, teachers & guides who are called to help people unlock their genius, discover their calling and claim their personal power.

September to February 2020 


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Is Soul's Calling® Coach/Facilitator Training calling you?

  • Are you part of the Purpose Tribe - someone who needs to do work that feels personally meaningful, or you suffer?
  • Are you a born helper, healer, teacher, guide, leader or coach who isn't doing what you were meant to do?
  • Do you deeply know that your job in life is to help people claim their light, find their voice and share their innate gifts?
  • Do you want to do work that is deeply meaningful and makes a difference?
  • Are you tired of not using your voice, not being seen and not doing what you came here to do?
  • Do you want to learn effective techniques and processes that are structured yet soulful to help people discover and do their soul’s calling?
  • Are you ready to do your own work to decode your social programming, to uncover and release the programming of white supremacy and the characteristics of that culture?

  • Do you ache to belong to a tight community of Soul’s Calling Coaches & Facilitators who are deeply passionate about this work?

Then become a Certified Soul’s Calling™ Coach & Facilitator!

What is a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator?

A Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator helps people to rediscover their inner genius, spark & purpose, get out of their own way – past social programming fear and resistance and create their life’s work – what they were meant to do. A Soul’s Calling Coach/Facilitator helps people shift from lost to found, from meaninglessness to purpose, from ego driven to soul sourced.

Helping people discover who they are, why they're here and what they're here to do is one of the most important transformations that you can help the world to make. The world was designed to work perfectly, but it's not, because we aren't taught how to access our soul's guidance. We aren't taught that we each have a purpose and we aren't taught how to discover it or even that we need to!

We each have a soul's blueprint, however, waiting for us to use it. Soul's Calling Coaches & Facilitators teach people how to access this inner soul's blueprint & uncover their true purpose.

Imagine if you could help people access their soul's calling and start creating their true life's work? Imagine a tribe of dedicated Coaches and Facilitators doing this work? Imagine the difference that this would make in the world?

We are a community of Healers, Guides, Teachers & Leaders who can competently and confidently help people to dare to decide to discover & do their own soul's calling. We are sharing our light with the world.

Are you one of us?

Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator Training Overview




Who is Soul's Calling Coach Training for?

Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator training is for born coaches, healers, teachers & guides who are passionate about helping others to discover and use their unique genius and the purpose they were meant to fulfill.

If you are currently a coach, this training will enhance your competency and help you to add to your services or shift directions completely.

If you aren’t a coach, you"ll learn everything you need including tools, methods and practices to and start your business or practice as a Certified Soul’s Calling™ Coach & Facilitator.

If your work involves teaching and training or group work rather than traditional one-on-one coaching, you’ll learn how to use the Soul’s Calling™ facilitation process with groups for training and retreats.

Here's What We'll Do, Together:

You'll learn how to facilitate the Soul's Calling Roadmap process, created by Bev Barnes based on her more than 25 years of work in this area and used by hundreds of students & clients world-wide.

Here are the 6 core modules we'll work through together:

Module 1: Soul’s Calling Foundations

This module introduces you to the why of soul’s calling coaching and facilitation. You’ll learn the psychological, philosophical and spiritual foundations and approaches for this work. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the different approaches to purpose, calling and vocation.

You’ll learn the Soul's Calling Roadmap in detail as well as the transition process that underpins the roadmap and provides a framework for this training. You'll also learn the basic soul’s calling coaching process steps.

We'll also discuss ethical issues around soul's calling coaching.

Module 2: Race, Trauma & Soul 

In today's world, it's important as a coach to recognize any of your own social programming from living in a white supremacist culture, which may create blind spots and obstacles for both you and your clients. 

In this module, you'll be required to excavate and release your social programming with respect to the white supremacy culture that we live in, that negatively impacts everyone and leads both the coach and the client away from any connection to soul, and blocks the ability to see your purpose & soul's calling. 

Soul's Calling Coaching deals with finding the threads of purpose that often lie behind pain and trauma. We'll be discussing the ethical issues around trauma, and how you, as a coach, may deal with trauma when it shows up for you or your client.

We'll also discuss ethical issues with respect to the impact of trauma and race.

Module 3: The Soul’s Calling Roadmap Toolkit 

This module outlines the Soul’s Calling coaching, facilitation, tools and processes. You'll learn how to expertly guide your clients through the transition from angst and yearning to a soul-inspired calling. Original tools, processes and demonstrations are included each step of the way.

This process is all about congruence, and you can't teach someone else until you've gone through the process yourself. This means that we must start with you first in terms of examining your own programming, impact of race & trauma in your own life, as well as your unique genius, and empathic & intuitive gifts.

Then, you will learn specific coaching and facilitation skills, including specific exercises and powerful questions for each step of the Soul's Calling Roadmap. You'll also review demonstrations of key exercises & other important resources in your online portal. 

You’ll receive the Soul’s Calling Coaches Toolkit & the Soul’s Calling Coaches Facilitation Guide – and you’ll learn how to apply these tools with your clients for both one-on-one and group processes. Tools include visualizations, drawing exercises, questionnaires and worksheets.

Once you’re certified, you can use any of these tools with your clients and/or modify them to create your own branded tools!

Module 4: Soul’s Calling Experiential Practicum & Mentoring: Part 1 Coaching

In this module you’ll learn the soul’s calling coaching methodology, experience it yourself, and practice it with clients. You’ll learn both theory and practical application. You are required to experience these tools personally and be clear on your own soul’s calling and the obstacles that arise from your programmed purpose.

Coaches will be required to coach practice clients throughout the program and record their coaching sessions. You’ll be supervised and receive both group and personal and individual feedback, suggestions and support. You’ll get clear insight from Bev Barnes about what makes you unique as a coach/facilitator and your development needs.   

The way you connect to and use your intuition is unique to who you are, and a core principle of Soul's Calling Coaching is that you learn how to use your unique intuitive style and coach your own way.

As part of this module, you'll explore how to get more in touch with your own unique genius, intuition, and way of coaching - and explore how to uniquely apply the Roadmap Toolkit to your unique style & way of working.  

Through this process you'll begin gathering information around your soul's niche – who you love to work with and how you love working with them, as well as how to make the soul’s calling coaching process your own. You’ll also start defining your own personal coaching & facilitation philosophy and examine how you want to bring this work to life.

Module 5: Soul’s Calling Experiential Practicum & Mentoring: Part 2 Facilitation

In this module, we'll move from focusing on one-on-one coaching to facilitating groups. You’ll learn the basics of facilitation processes and techniques. You’ll also learn how to facilitate effectively. You’ll be required to create and deliver your own class, webinar or live workshop that is aligned with your soul’s niche as well as at least one original tool or product.

You’ll be supervised and receive both group and personal and individual feedback, suggestions and support. You’ll get clear insight from Bev Barnes about what makes you unique as a coach/facilitator and your development needs.   

You’ll get ultra-clear on the specifics of your niche – who you work with and how as well as how to make the soul’s calling coaching process your own. You’ll also start defining your own personal coaching & facilitation philosophy and examine how you want to bring this work to life.

Module 6: Soul’s Niche & Soul Service Support

In this module you'll get clear on your own soul's niche & soul service, and set up your soul business basics in a way that fits you perfectly.  as a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator. set up your soul business in a way that fits you & your unique genius perfectly. In order to get certified, you must establish a business or practice.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • You'll get clear on YOUR soul's niche as a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator - this means you will know exactly WHO you want to start working with - and the TRANSFORMATION you want to help your people make. 
  • You'll create your soul service – a program or offer aligned with your soul’s niche – both WHAT you do, and HOW you do it.
  • You'll craft your soul message themes and turn them into the core content you will use to communicate with your people, including basic copy for your website. 
  • You'll bring your soul's niche & soul service to life through a simple website and tools to manage your client processes. 
  • You'll connect to your business & marketing genius and learn how set up, run & market your business in a way that matches your unique genius & the way you naturally work best. 
  • You'll create a simple marketing plan that feels authentic, natural & easy - so you can start sharing your voice & building your tribe in a way that feels completely in flow with who YOU are.

By the end of your training as a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator, you won't just have the knowledge & tools to facilitate clients through the Soul's Calling Roadmap Process - but you'll be clear on the work YOU want to do as a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator - and have your soul service & business basics in place so you can start taking action in the real world. 

Soul's Calling Facilitator & Coach Certification

Certification as a Soul’s Calling Coach or Facilitator requires the following:

  • Demonstrating effective one-on-one coaching or group facilitation.
  • Having a clear soul’s niche and being able to describe it succinctly.
  • Creating your own class, webinar or live workshop aligned with your soul’s niche.
  • Designing at least one original tool or product to use in your coaching practice/business.
  • Creating a business with your soul service, your unique message and a simple marketing plan.

In this part of the module, you’ll refine your soul’s niche. You’ll learn how to teach and facilitate a class, webinar or live workshop. You’ll also learn the basics of designing a tool or product and you'll finish setting up your business.

**Once you are certified as a Soul’s Calling Coach, you’ll be permitted to use all the Soul’s Calling® Roadmap tools and materials for your clients. You’ll also be a part of a dynamic collective of Soul’s Calling Coaches & Facilitators who are facilitating renewal in the world from the ground up! You’ll belong an on-going community that shares ideas and supports one-another and receives regular training and program updates including regular in-person meet-ups!

"Intuitive, Insightful, & endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up & see the entire “forest” of your life, then zero in & find your way through the trees." Martha Beck

Meet Bev Barnes

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, Master Life Coach Instructor & Mentor; Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap, Coaching Process and Toolkit.

My passion is helping empathic women who are born healers, helpers & guides who suffer if they aren’t doing meaningful work. I help them to see and claim their beauty and their gifts and to stop pretending that they are like everyone else. Because they’re not!

That's been my journey too! I needed to stop trying to be fit in, and start standing out as me! I love, love, love, using my intuitive radar to guide, facilitate and teach women to discover & claim their soul's calling. For 20+ years I've been guiding and supporting people to uncover their life's purpose, to make life & career transitions and to claim what they came here to do. 

My background includes a Master’s degree in Psycho-education and graduate training in career counseling & brief & strategic therapy along with certification in many personality assessment instruments. I've worked in the corporate world, higher education, and extensively with First Nations communities in northern Quebec, facilitating personal and organizational renewal. I've also been a Master Coach Instructor for the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training & Master Life Coach Training programs. I currently train and certify Soul's Calling Coaches & Facilitators to use my Soul's Calling™ Roadmap processes.

I'm so excited you're here and are interested in my Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator Training. The world needs more of us right now than ever - and I can't wait to meet you.


We Begin With a Virtual Five Day Intensive Workshop

You’ll learn the Soul’s Calling Coaching process get access to all the tools and facilitation guides and you’ll deep dive into soul’s calling coaching. You’ll get connected to this community of passionate healers, guides, teachers, coaches and leaders, feel like you belong and finally find your tribe. This connection will nourish you throughout the rest of the training and you’ll develop soul friends, partners and colleagues for your work as you move forward.

Six Months of Training & Mentoring 

Following our five day intensive workshop, we'll meet weekly (three weeks per month) over six months to work through our six core modules:

  1. Soul's Calling Foundations (continued)
  2. Race, Trauma & Soul
  3. The Soul's Calling Roadmap Toolkit
  4. Soul's Calling Experiential Practicum and Mentoring: Part 1 Coaching
  5. Soul's Calling Experiential Practicum and Mentoring: Part 2 Facilitation
  6. Soul's Niche & Soul Service Support

Over these six months you will be:

  • Learning & practicing new tools and processes (including access to the complete Soul's Calling Coach Training online course with videos, exercises, demonstrations, powerful questions, and other resources)
  • Diving deep into your own soul's calling process, which includes excavating your programming and getting clear on your unique genius
  • Getting clear on your own intuitive gifts and unique style and way of coaching (and receiving guidance, feedback and mentoring along the way)
  • Getting out into the real world by developing your own tools, coaching clients, practicing tools, and running workshops
  • Setting up your practice as a Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator by getting clear on your own soul's niche & soul service, and putting your business basics in place.

Throughout the training, you'll be expected to take your own initiative, be curious and ask questions. Two of the modules will require you to take the lead as you go out into the world and begin coaching & facilitating. The more you take initiative during these modules and bring your own curiosity and questions to the table around your clients, the use of the tools, your way of coaching, and using your intuition - the more feedback and mentoring you will get, which leads to confidence around your coaching. 

When you’ve completed this training:

You’ll have access to the 200 page Soul's Calling Roadmap Toolkit, and a facilitation guide for workshops and coaching. You'll be authorized to use the Soul's Calling Roadmap and any of the tools in your own coaching. 

You’ll be confident about the way that you coach or facilitate, and you’ll have an engaged tribe of coaches and mentors to guide and support you. You’ll also be clear on your soul's niche and soul service, and have your business basics in place - in a soul-aligned way.

We WANT you to bring this work to the world and we’re committed to providing you with everything you need to do so.

We’ll be co-creating a community of mentors, coaches, guides, leaders and healers all passionate about helping people to be who they were born to be and do what they were meant to do.

Once you’re done, you’ll also be a member of our Soul’s Calling Coach community – and receive updates, regular training and support and access to new material as it is designed.

When we’re done, you’ll be a confident and competent Certified Soul’s Calling Coach, working in your own unique soul’s niche, with a program you’ve designed and a clear marketing plan!

We are NOT offering this training annually. There are no future plans at this time for another training cohort.

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