Is Your Coaching Practice Purpose Adjacent?

Dec 16, 2020

Is Your Coaching Practice Purpose Adjacent?

Adjacent means being close to something or near to something. It’s actually really good to live adjacent to the park, particularly if you have a dog, or children or if you like green spaces.

But adjacent to your purpose is something else entirely. When you are purpose adjacent you are close to your purpose, but not quite there.

Close but no cigar.

It means that it looks like you are doing something purposeful, but it isn’t YOUR purpose. And if you’re part of the Purpose Tribe, those of us who must do personally meaningful work or else we suffer, when you’re purpose adjacent you are miserable, unmotivated and start to believe that something is wrong with you.

...Like the ex-marketing professional who becomes a life coach and decides that her niche is marketing with new entrepreneurs….but she hates it. She’s purpose adjacent.

...Or the ex-lawyer who becomes a life coach and ends up becoming a Business Coach helping entrepreneurs with intellectual property, but she’s not motivated to promote her business and just wants to read fiction. She is also purpose adjacent.

...Or the midlife woman who got her life back when she divorced her husband and ends up being a relationship coach…..but she just can’t bring herself to tell anyone what she does. She is purpose adjacent.

...Or the ex-therapist who decides to start a coaching practice and she’s designed so many different programs but none of them have ever seen the light of day and she isn’t motivated to offer them. She too is purpose adjacent.

...Or the self-esteem and personal healing coach whose clients have amazing success, but she has no energy, and spends most of her days playing video games and hoping that no one books an appointment with her. Purpose adjacent.

When you are purpose adjacent you totally lose your motivation, passion and desire for your coaching work. It’s easy to drift off your purpose path or never find it. If you consistently ignore your body’s wisdom and listen to what the experts say that you “should” do, like designing your practice around a problem you’ve overcome, for example – then you’re sure to be purpose adjacent.

But if whatever you are doing doesn’t light you, up or stir up your motivational juices, you are close to the park, not in the park. You are purpose adjacent.

Purpose driven Life Coaches absolutely need to do the deep work to unlock their genius and design the work they do around who they really are not who they think they should be.

When you don’t design your work around who you are unapologetically, this is what happens:

  • You get super busy helping everyone in your life solve their problems but have no time to work on creating your coaching practice;
  • You avoid your work by engaging in addictive behaviours – shopping; screen time; wine, video games….;
  • You create incredible programs and services that never see the light of day – and not because you’re a perfectionist;
  • You quit trying to create a Life Coaching practice because you don’t have a deeply meaningful reason why you do this work and so you stay stuck in your unfulfilling day-job!  

 You are purpose adjacent when your work doesn’t light you up.

For Life Coaches, whether experienced or newbies – getting purpose aligned takes work. It takes a deep dive into who you truly are, and it takes courage to release who you are not – including outdated identities and the safety that hiding has given you! This takes time and you’ll need support.

Unlock Your Unique Genius – the Virtual Retreat and 4-Month Coaching Group, was made for YOU to help you get purpose aligned!

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As a result of unlocking your unique genius, you'll get the clarity, the confidence and the deep motivation to claim your soul's niche, do your purpose aligned work, and stop hiding!

You’ll finally be IN the park not staring at it from your window.

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