How Do You Get Guidance?

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How do you connect to your inner wisdom?

How do you know what to do next? Do you get creative inspirations that you know you must follow?

One colleague and friend gets clear visions of what's next. I'm SO jealous. Another colleague gets regular downloads while she meditates. Suddenly she has a clear idea what wants to happen. She just follows the next step that is always right in front of her. Another colleague hears the voices of her guides. She seems to channel wisdom, instructions and decisions. She gets answers -  the solution to a problem that she's been ruminating.  

I've seen so many people get information from the universe, the cosmos, life, God, like this, that I thought that to get guidance, I had to connect with my spirit guides and I had to hear them talking to me. Even better if I could channel or go into a pseudo trance and see a vision of the future.

It's never happened for me that way.



When I try to connect with my spirit guides, I always feel like I'm making things up. And yes, I know that's what all the teachers say "It might feel like you're making it up." That's how it feels for me. I hear no voices. I feel like I'm an Imposter when I'm trying to listen for the voice of my spirit guides.

My definition of Imposter is trying to be what someone else has defined that you should be. 

When I try to be like all the spiritual, woo-woo, magic types - I fail spectacularly. I have to remind myself that I can connect to my guidance. I just don't hear voices, channel or get downloads when I meditate.

I can't keep trying to "talk to my guides" to get answers, because I don't get answers that way.


Until I go for a walk.

When I go for a walk, outside, for at least 40 minutes, then, I get downloads. Then, I get ideas. Then I get inspired. I can put on my running shoes, and leave the house with a question, and without fail - about 45 minutes in - the answer shows up.

My guidance comes through when I have an elevated heart-rate, when I am doing something physical, when I'm outside in beauty, when I'm doing heart pounding exercise, or walking or dance. I get guidance when I'm moving. 

I'm sharing this because you might be like I was, trying so hard to meditate your way to a connection with your spirit guides and coming up blank.

Don't despair. This might not be your way.

When I get a download as I'm walking, it feels like electricity around my heart. My body starts buzzing. It's like my body is saying "Pay attention. This is it! This is the answer you've been praying for." And then it feels light - not constrained in any way. 

My guidance is kinesthetic. Not auditory. Not visual. It's a feeling, a full-body buzzing that means "Yes! Do it! This is your direction!"

And I can't force it. It has it's own timing.

When I get an answer or an inspiration, it requires that I take action.

It's the way I've dared to decide to hold every single immersive retreat that I've led. I had a full-body "Yes" about the location. And once I had that, it had to happen - in the place that "felt" right. And I took the steps to make it happen!

You see if you don't take action on your clear guidance it gets quieter. That's because your guidance is like a shy animal. She'll only show up if she trusts she'll be safe with you.

I also get guidance though people, synchronicities and connections. I see invisible patterns that confirm my walking download. I run into someone I was thinking about contacting. A coaching client asks the question that I just discovered the answer for. An animal shows up, and when I google the animal totem message, it's exactly what I need to hear to take the next step. That's guidance for me too.

There is no "right" way to get guidance.

Find YOUR way - and trust it.

Big love,


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