What's Your Next Life Chapter?


A 4-Day Immersive Workshop, Retreat & Coaching Program for women who want to find meaning for their next life chapter





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Do you feel like you’re at the end of one life chapter?

Maybe you feel like you've outgrown your old life and you're yearning to create a new one. Maybe your children are finally at an age where you can think about your own needs. Or maybe you have a passion project that wants to be born. You're either unsure of what you want, or crystal clear - but you're a little afraid and uncertain about next steps. And you need community. You need to connect live, and in person to get inspired and get motivated and get clear on what you want your next life chapter to look like, and feel like. And you need the company of honest, authentic women who aren't afraid to be vulnerable. 


What’s Your Next Chapter? The Immersive 4-Day Workshop, Retreat & Coaching Program was created just for you! 


I'm so excited to What’s Your Next Chapter? in the beautiful Ottawa/Gatineau area, Canada's capital region. You'll be working live and in-person with me, Bev Barnes and a small group of women (maximum 8 women), in a beautiful setting. You'll be guided through a powerful process of self discovery, that will naturally lead you to your sacred work for your next life chapter. You'll: 

  • End your last chapter and create space for the next one.
  • Tap into your body and soul’s guidance for your next chapter
  • Unlock the hidden gifts and dare to decide to showcase them in your next life chapter
  • Identify & overcome the blockages of your outdated cultural programming and find a truer story for your emerging life chapter
  • Create an inspiring vision or "felt sense" for your next life chapter that allows you to be congruent  - the same on the outside as you are on the inside
  • Create your own roadmap to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

And we don't end there!

You'll also get four private one-on-one coaching sessions with Bev to help support and guide you, post immersive as you create your new life chapter. We know this is a process, and with this post-retreat support and coaching, you'll keep moving towards your vision for your next life chapter!


By the end of our 4 days together you’ll have a clear sense of direction and purpose and the tools you need to create your next soul-aligned chapter. But more than that, you’ll have a community of like-minded women and a mentor & coach to  support and encourage you long after the workshop has ended.



Here's What We'll Do In this Immersive Workshop & Retreat 

You’ll arrive on Monday night Oct 2, and check-in at our Hotel, The British – in quaint Aylmer Quebec – in the National Capital Region. Painstakingly restored and renovated, the British provides modern comfort within the traditional beauty of a 19th-century stone building. beautiful setting, close to the Ottawa river and the Aylmer Marina. You’ll get set up for the night, and rest before we all meet the next morning. (We might get a chance to all meet briefly that evening!)

Day One: Your Last Chapter.

After breakfast, we'll meet in our private, bright, windowed meeting room at the British Hotel.

Every new beginning starts with an ending. Day one is designed to help you acknowledge what is ending so that you’ll have space for your new chapter. You’ll see where you are now in your life, and identify what is coming to an end and what is emerging. You’ll do an unflinching self-examination to discern what you want to bring into your new life chapter and what you want to leave behind.

The day is filled with honest conversations, exercises that may involve drawing, and sharing in pairs or small groups. At the end of day one you’ll be ready to start dreaming about what’s next.

In the evening you’ll have free time, with no organized activities. You can take a short walk to the waterfront at the Aylmer Marina and have dinner with the group, or time alone to reflect and rest.

Day Two: The Blank Page

On day two, we’ll focus on getting through your fears of creating a new life chapter and claiming the brilliance of YOU that needs to be expressed now. This might include excavating your cultural programming and multi-generational fears, as well as claiming your disowned or hidden gifts. You’ll be shining a light on the soul message that needs to be expressed in this new life chapter, and clearing the way so that your next chapter can emerge.  

You’ll get coached by Bev, either personally or through hearing someone else get coached. We’ll do guided visualizations individual exercises and share in pairs all to help your truth emerge.

Day Two is a deep-dive, and although it can be tough, it’s rewarding. You’ll have plenty of time at the end of this day to integrate and make meaning of what your new chapter could be!

Day 3: Dare to Dream, Dare to Decide!

When you wake up on Day Three, you’ll feel like a shift has happened. You’ve released something.  This is when you’ll have new visions for your next life chapter and have inspirations and ideas. We’ll be doing some group brainstorming on day three to help you to create momentum.

We’ll be spending the afternoon and early evening, on day 3, at the Nordik Spa Nature. This is a paradise in a natural environment that is powerfully welcoming and warm. Nestled in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea in the Outaouais region on the outskirts of Gatineau Park, Nordik Spa-Nature is the largest spa in North America. It is an outdoor paradise with 10 outdoor baths, 9 distinct saunas and a saltwater flotation pool. You’ll get a multi-sensory experience that helps you to embody the vision for your new life chapter. You’ll play, interact, get spot-coaching throughout the day. Outside, in nature is where your ideas for your new chapter will solidify.

We’ll end this day with an optional group meal to celebrate all that you’ve already accomplished.

Day 4 (half day): Integration & Your Next Chapter

Our final morning is a group celebration and integration of what you’ve learned so far where you create the vision for your next life chapter.  We’ll do a powerful visioning exercise and then, each person receives honest and loving feedback from everyone in the group. This experience is mind-blowing and transformative, as you allow yourself to simply receive.

Our final day ends after a late group lunch at about 2 pm. Our morning is a group celebration and integration of what you’ve learned so far and you’ll start creating your own roadmap for your next life chapter. You’ll make commitments in front of the group about your next life steps with a bone-deep knowing. 

Although Day Four is an exhilarating celebration, it’s also bittersweet because we must say goodbye to each other (for now!). The good news is that this doesn't have to be the end for the group. There will be opportunities to continue on as a group if you wish to do so!

Post Retreat: Four (4) Private Coaching Session With Bev

When you arrive home, you'll probably need to rest. You'll start integrating the insights and learnings you had in the Immersive Retreat. You'll get clearer on your passion project for your next life chapter and you'll start working on making it real. You'll have four (4) private coaching sessions with Bev to help you bring your passion project to life. In private coaching with Bev, you'll overcome the real-life obstacles you encounter - in real time, and you'll further define and create your passion project. Bev's guidance will help you to push aside the veil of who you've been, so that you can fully embrace who you're becoming. 

Meet Bev Barnes M.S., Master Life Coach, Coach Mentor, Hidden Genius Excavator, Self-Doubt Transformer &  Purpose Whisperer 

Hi, I'm Bev! I’m so excited to lead this transformational experience!

Since 2008, I've helped hundreds of purpose-seekers to get clear on their sacred work and get past their fear of doing it. I trained and mentored new Life Coaches for Dr. Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training for over ten years. I hold a master’s degree in the Human Behaviour Sciences, a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic Therapy, and graduate training in Group Facilitation and Career Development. In addition, I’m a certified Master Wayfinder Life Coach, a certified user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and a Certified Sparketype Advisor.

I help women who’ve spent their whole lives fitting in, to stop hiding, to unlock their hidden genius, & start a new life chapter, doing their sacred work - being who they were always meant to be.

What Our Past Participants Are Saying

You helped me to realize where my strengths were and the depth of the 'Stephanie difference'.

Bev, is the safest coaching space on the planet. I know DEEPLY that you are going to provide me with the wisdom that I need to be my best in a way that will be kind, strengthening [as opposed to fostering a puddle-like collapse on the floor. 

Steph Lagana

Bev's Intensive was magical.

Bev guided me to push aside the veil of who I'd become, helped me remember who I am, and drew out the possibility of who I can be. I came to the intensive aching to do something, tentative and unsure about my life coaching business, and feeling my way blindly toward a purpose. I left with a deep knowing, an unshakeable understanding of what I was born to do. I can't thank Bev enough. She's changed everything for me. 

Diane Douiyssi