From Survival Work to Sacred Work

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Are You Doing Your Survival Work Or Your Sacred Work?


First. Nothing is wrong with you if you are doing your survival work not your sacred work.

We are programmed to do work that helps the world to survive – and most of us never even realize that. We are programmed to fulfill the roles that our culture has decided we should fulfill, and we're often blocked from the roles we deeply desire. Survival work is  how you make your living. It's how you pay your bills. It's not the work that feeds your soul.

We are told that work is hard, it’s labor, that’s why you call it work. That helps us to cope with our survival work - even when we feel unfulfilled. We are told that if you work hard then you’ll be rewarded. Long working hours and busyness are expected, rewarded and respected.

But the pandemic changed everything.

The space that you had, made you re-consider what was really meaningful to you. You started deeply questioning your choices.  And now you know that there is something else that is calling you, your sacred work. The work that lights you up, that you were born to do.

But, how do you shift from where you are now to where you want to be?

That's what we talk about in our free workshop!

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Roadmap from Your Survival Work To Your Sacred Work

Do you feel stuck and uninspired in your work? 

Do you long to do something that feels deeply meaningful, something that can positively impact the world, but you aren't?

Have you ever wished there was a map that would just show you how to move from what you're doing now to uncovering your unique gifts and creating the meaningful sacred work that's aligned with your genius & soul's purpose?

The Soul's Calling® Roadmap is that map & our free training is for you!

Getting from where you are now, to where you want to be is possible - and we have the Roadmap to guide you!

In this free workshop recording with Master Coach Instructor Bev Barnes, you'll learn:

  • The difference between Survival Work and Sacred Work (and why it's so easy to confuse the two),
  • Who really needs to uncover & do their Sacred Work (and what happens if they don't),
  • What blocks you from seeing and doing your Sacred Work (and how to get unstuck).

We believe that your gifts and Sacred Work are needed NOW more than ever before - and we hope this free workshop will be the inspiration you need to get started!

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