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Learn how to use the Soul's Calling Roadmap as a blueprint to uncover & do your soul's calling.

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Learn What You Really Need to Discover
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Do you feel stuck & uninspired in your work, your business or your life? Do you long to do something meaningful if only you could figure out what that was?
Then our free Soul's Calling Roadmap Mini-Course is for you!

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Do You Ache to Finally Do Something Deeply Meaningful - If You Only Knew What That Was?

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The Soul's Calling Roadmap
free mini-course
Get the roadmap to meaning & purpose in your work, business & life in this free three part video training series (including worksheets, exercises & the Soul's Calling Roadmap PDF download) with Bev Barnes.

The Soul's Calling Sisterhood
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Connect with other coaches, guides, healers & teachers just like you as you get started on your path to discover & do your soul's calling. Share your own stories & get ideas & inspiration from Bev & Nicole.

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The Soul's Calling Roadmap: A Blueprint for Finding & Doing Your Soul's Calling

There's a reason you've stayed stuck in a soul-sucking job, business or life when every fibre of your being yearns for something more. And that reason is because you simply don't know what you were called here to do. You simply don't know your purpose. You simply don't know exactly what to do next. And not knowing is so deeply painful. 

What would it mean to finally be clear on your purpose? What would it mean to finally have a blueprint, a roadmap outlining exactly what to do to finally uncover & do your soul's calling?

In this free mini-course you will finally be able to access the roadmap to finding & doing your soul's calling.

In this free mini-course, you will download The Soul's Calling Roadmap, and then work through three training videos & exercises to:

  • Discover common invisible blockages that prevent you from finding & doing your soul's calling, identify yours and learn how to get unstuck;
  • Learn how to use the Soul’s Calling Roadmap™ as a guide & blueprint for finding and doing your soul’s calling;
  • Start working through some exercises to orient yourself on the Soul's Calling Roadmap & identify the immediate next steps on your journey.

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes – Master Life Coach Instructor & Soul's Calling Mentor. 

I created this free training to help you get on your path from meaninglessness to purpose. I hope you'll join me in this free training and share any questions or aha moments that come up for you in my Soul's Calling Revolution Facebook group (which I'll give you access to as soon as you sign up). 

If you believe that you are supposed to make a difference in the world, but can’t seem to get any momentum in your work, business, or life - then this free training is for you. 

Big love, Bev

p.s. When you sign up for this class, you’ll get a free download of the Soul’s Calling Roadmap™, access to our Soul Sisterhood Facebook Community, and our weekly Soul's Calling Newsletter + Updates !