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Come to the Unlock Your Hidden Genius Coaching Call!

Get coached, excavate your hidden genius, & get your questions answered!

Overcome fear, perfection paralysis and imposter syndrome and get going on the coaching career that makes you come alive!

Did you get the Guide To Unlocking Your Hidden Genius? If you didn't, grab it HERE. Go through it and then come to the coaching call and get your questions answered, get coached and learn more about YOUR hidden genius and why it's essential to name it and claim it, especially if you're a Life Coach or a born Healer, Helper or Guide.

This work is overlooked because only 16.5% of the population are motivated to action by meaning and purpose.

However, the majority of purpose-driven Life Coaches who want to make a difference are motivated to action by meaning and purpose. Without it, they get stuck in fear, perfection paralysis, self-doubt and imposter syndrome because they haven't connected who they are to what they do.

And, if you've haven't claimed your hidden genius lately, then what you think is resistance may just be telling you that you aren't quite aligned yet, with your true calling.

When your gifts aren't discussed on performance appraisals or in the mainstream, it's even more essential for you to define your special gifts and purpose - CLAIM them and NAME them. It's the the foundation for your sacred work and will lead you to your soul's niche - the focus for your coaching practice.

Your genius is hidden in your blind spot. And that's why I'm doing these coaching calls - to give you the opportunity to see yourself and get inspired by seeing others! 

Claiming your genius will help you to overcome fear, self doubt & imposter syndrome. Because when you can see and claim your special gifts and your purpose, it becomes so obvious why YOU are the only person who can do what you do - and if you don't, the world will miss out. And as a helper, healer, guide or coach - that's where your motivation lies - helping others in the best way that you can. 


We don't learn how to do this is school, so your genius is probably hidden from you too. And it takes time. It's not one and done. Your genius grows and develops. That's why I'm offering this coaching sessions on unlocking your hidden genius.

We'll be meeting Dec 8th, on zoom!

I'll be holding 2 sessions on December 8, one at 1pm ET and the other at 7pm ET. Each session will last from 90-120 minutes Pick what works best for you - or come to both!

Cost: $27

You'll get the call in information once you've registered for the class.

Yes - it's not expensive! I decided to charge a minimal amount, to cover the cost of my time and setting this up and to give you some real value. If you've ever wanted to work with me or join one of my programs, here's your chance!


Who is this for?

Women who are Life Coaches, Healers & Creatives who are creating or want to create work or a passion project that makes them come alive - but they are overwhelmed or confused or stuck. You could be anywhere on the entrepreneurial journey -  just starting out or well into your sacred work - stuckness doesn't just happen at the beginning of this journey. Excavating and claiming your unique genius helps you at any point. And now, in our post-lockdown world, it might be a great time for you to take another look at your genius. 


Who isn't this for?

Women who aren't open to learning about themselves - who believe they've done this work before, so they won't learn anything new. This is not for you if you don't like being on group coaching calls and you triple task or turn off your video. If you aren't willing to be honest, authentic and vulnerable - these coaching calls are NOT for you.


What do we do on the Call?


Bev will help you to apply the material in the Guide to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius.  You'll also be able to access BONUS exercises that she's only used with her private clients and trained coaches. Each call will consist of some teaching around hidden genius, coaching as many people as possible, and then a Q&A to answer questions that you might have as you are making your way through the Guide.

Unlocking your Hidden Genius is the first step you need to step take to stop hiding your special gifts and purpose, and step into your soul authority and your leadership! 

When you truly connect to your genius you overcome a lifetime of being who others want you to be or have trained you to be, and you step into your own light and make the contribution that is yours to make. You'll feel like you're coming alive, and that's what the world needs from you.


This work one of the first steps my Soul's Calling® Method - a comprehensive and tested method of overcoming your fears and doing your soul's calling.

In this Coaching class, you'll:

  • Get coached using genius focused, innovative, positive self-assessment exercises
  • Look inward at you & your needs, instead of outwards at everyone else
  • Share your genius and get seen on the calls
  • Learn about how this work is foundational for your coaching or healing practice or your passion project
  • Get community support & inspiration.
  • Start narrowing in on your niche.
  • Ditch compare & despair & imposter syndrome. 
  • Lay the foundation for your niche and service business.
  • Get the class recording sent to your email.



Hi, I’m Bev!

Since 2008, I’ve trained, mentored and coached with hundreds smart, professional women shifting to professional coaching as a career – because they want they want to make a difference in the world.

I quickly discovered that often the most talented, natural born healers, coaches and guides were the ones that were most stuck. Their heart’s desire was to coach, guide, teach or heal others but something was stopping them, and they didn’t know what.

I knew that it was fear.

They were afraid to show, on the outside, who they were, on the inside. And often their genius was hidden – even from themselves.  The problem was that they’d spent their whole lives “fitting in” not making waves and so it was excruciatingly difficult for them to be themselves unapologetically as a Life Coach.

I get it.

I’ve travelled the same path – from self-doubt to self-belief. I know that the absolute first step is excavating your hidden genius – seeing it and claiming it.

Now, I teach what I’ve learned. I combined my career development, psychosynthesis (spiritual psychology), life coaching & leadership training, created my Soul’s Calling® Roadmap, and then boiled it all down into the essential steps that I’ve been teaching for the last 7 years.


Unlocking Your Hidden Genius is a key step to shift from self-doubt to self-belief and  to action on your soul’s calling.