Your Purpose Wants You To Find Her

all subjects all topics Jun 16, 2021

Today, I’m inspired to send you this message about your purpose. This is especially for you if you’ve been struggling to figure out what your soul’s calling truly is.

Here’s what I want you to know:

Your Purpose Wants You to Find Her

Think of your purpose like a child who is playing hide and seek.

She finds a pretty obvious place, hides her head, and hopes that you can see her.

As she gets older, the hide and seek becomes more sophisticated. She chooses spots where she’s hidden in plain sight, where she might blend into the scenery, or out of way places that you might not look at.

But she wants you to find her.

Have you ever been the last person who was found in hide & seek? Will they never find me? Have they quit playing? Is no one even looking for me?

You fall into despair. That’s just like your purpose.

She wants you to find her. She wants you to feel so joyful and so thrilled that you found her. She wants you to say, I can’t believe I didn’t see her before, when she was right in front of me!

She wants you to embrace her and be thrilled with the unique hiding place she found.

It’s all a game.

It’s all play.

Don’t take it so seriously.

Your purpose thread is written throughout your life. She is hiding in plain sight.

Embrace her when you find her. She’s right there!

Big love,





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