Your Purpose Is Your Truth!

all subjects all topics Apr 15, 2021

I woke up with this flash of insight the other other morning. I knew what purpose was in the simplest of terms. I saw this flashing banner.

Your Purpose Is Your Truth.

Yes I wake up with downloads of information. I actually asked my guidance to stop sending information in the night, because then I’d wake up, or try to remember it all night without waking up – which of course made me wake up. So I asked my guidance to send information as I was waking up. (I also asked guidance to give me downloads at the end of a walk not during a walk.)

Anyhow, what I got the other morning is: your purpose is your truth. And because it was like waking up with a flashing banner, I knew I had to share this!

Its not a complicated formula.

Your purpose is to be the truth of who you are.

And when you are the truth of who you are, any work you do, or create will represent the truth of who you are.

And then, you’ll be being who you were meant to be and doing what you were meant to do.


Now for the big butt...

Our whole world is based on lying.

Take television for example. When as a Canadian, I watch American television, I believe that the world in the US actually looks like the diversity of Grey’s Anatomy.

But it doesn’t. The US has a segregated society.

I learned that when I was 22 and went to Long Island NY to visit my cousins. I asked them where all the white people were. They said that they’d moved out of their neighbourhood when they bought the house.

It made me pause.

But television has a powerful influence and the lie of racial integration lives on US television.

From the moment we are born we learn to lie.

We learn that some emotions are good and others are bad, so we shouldn’t feel them.

But emotions are signals and lead us to our truth.

So we cut out any signposts that can help us find our truth.

And then there’s the programming that is heaped on us by society, by our gender, by our families, by religion……

We have rules that we learn to follow about who we should be.

No wonder so many people feel like they are pretending in lives that don’t feel real and then wonder what’s wrong with them….why they are so anxious, why they are so stressed….

Throw in a global pandemic, mix it all up and we have an erupting volcano.

ALL the people that I’ve talked to lately as part of my coaching & mentoring practice, guiding people through their life transitions to purpose, involves the crumbling of what is not true in their lives. Work and relationships are the biggie.


People have lost their jobs in the pandemic.

And they have started to question – fighting against the desire to have a stable (?) income, and the desire to finally explore…do something that they’ve been yearning for – even though they aren’t clear about what it is.

This is the desire for truth. This is the ache we all have when we allow ourselves to feel it. The yearning for a life with a foundation of truth. No more lies. No more pretending that what is is okay.

When it isn’t.

Could we be having a revolution of truth?

Your purpose is your truth. Are you living yours?


Big love,



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