You Have To Say Goodbye To Find Your New Hello

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My coaching has had a theme this week. I feel called to share that with you. If you're a Coach, you need this message for you - AND YOUR CLIENTS. Here's the theme of my coaching this week:

You have to say goodbye to find your new hello.

What a bummer. You have to let go of something to discover the path that's been waiting for you .

Even though you've gripped on to that old thing like it was your life-line for years.

And you didn't hold onto it because it was so great. You held on to it WITH THE HOPE that it would get better.

You held onto it because you thought it kept you safe.

You held onto it because you learned as a child that you should, that it was the right thing to do.

You held on to it because even if it caused you pain and suffering it was better than the alternative - being alone.

But suppose you are more alone with it, than you'll ever be without it?

Suppose it isn't your lifeline? Suppose YOU are?

Suppose it will kill your hope?

Suppose it is keeping you trapped in a box, not keeping you safe?

Suppose the rules you learned as a child were wrong?

Suppose it's better to be alone than to be in constant and unpredictable pain & suffering?

Suppose it's better to let go? Suppose when you let go, everything that you were always hoping to find will find you?

Suppose that letting go makes you realize that you were never really alone?

You have to say goodbye to find your new hello.

What do you need to say goodbye to?

Big love,




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