Why You Need Sisterhood

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Barbara Sher, the Godmother of Life Coaching, sadly passed away this year. One of her most inspiring and accurate sayings for me, is this quote: “Isolation is the idea killer.”

We’ve been programmed as a society by the myth of the lone-ranger entrepreneur. So much so that when intuitive and empathic women want to start their own coaching or healing or helping practice, they think they’ve got to do it on their own. But Covid-19 has made it painfully obvious that we can’t survive alone. We need connection. We are a village. We aren’t separate.

For me that’s the big message of this year, 2020.

If you’re an intuitive, empathic, creative woman who is creating or growing her helping, healing, guiding, teaching or coaching work then you need sisterhood. You need a village.

Here’s what Rebecca Campbell says about sisterhood in her 2016 book, Rise Sister Rise – A Guide to Unleashing the Wild Woman Within.

Genuine sisterhood is the capacity to truly be there for another without expecting anything in return. To rest into the raw, sacred, vulnerable power of being a woman and witness the same in another without feeling inadequate. True sisterhood is our capacity to greatly honor another. To hold and be held. To mother and be mothered.

True sisterhood is bowing our entire being to the lineage of women who came before us and made up the very thread of all of Life. It’s about owning the crazy, wild, and unpredictable parts of us and others without judgment. It’s about knowing that our innate power is never drawn by cutting another down. It’s about refraining from fixing and healing another, rather holding the space and their hand until they can find the courage to do it themselves.

Genuine sisterhood is more than merely supporting others through our worlds or mutual interest, rather it is measured by our ability to stay there in the raw, messy depths. Through the hurricanes, the floods and the fires. Genuine sisterhood is a powerful force. Untamable. Impenetrable. Unstoppable.

It comes from the soul. Age, family, country, colour, background, life experience, or success don’t matter. The heart recognizes a sister in an instant and the soul never forgets. A wild, raw, sacred, holy connection that cannot be forced or faked.

In every single program we run in the Soul’s Calling Academy, we create sisterhood. Because it’s the magic bullet, the secret weapon, the remedy to hiding and imposter syndrome that is hidden in plain sight. When you experience real sisterhood, you wonder how you ever powered yourself to anything alone. You realize you’ve been exhausted and discouraged NOT because something is wrong with you, but because you’ve been alone!

You weren’t meant to do this alone.

We were born to be connected. We need one another. It’s in our DNA. We suffer when we are apart.

So why would this be any different for you starting or growing a life coaching business?

Why would you keep trying to do it on your own when you could be FLOODED with the continuous input of a supportive Sisterhood?

We are opening the all-new Life Coach Sisterhood for applications this week.

If you are trying to crack the code of what it really takes to get going as a Coach, Healer, Guide, Teacher - you don't have to figure it out alone. This is what it takes:

  1. You need to make soul-guided decisions (which means you need to know how your soul speaks to you and TRUST her).
  2. You need to dare to decide to drop your old professional and or personal identity - which takes time especially if you had years of specialized training.
  3. You need to stop following anyone else's rule book. That includes the unconscious rules you've been following for generations. That includes everything that our society has told you that you should be. That includes getting out of the box that the world has put you in based on your race, your gender, your sexuality.
  4. You need to unlock and claim your hidden genius and put it in the center of the work you create - which means you stop hiding, stop diminishing yourself - and you claim that unique purpose that is hidden in your life. And you might have some wild and amazing intuitive or empathic gifts that you've been hiding that you really, really need to claim and use.
  5. You've got to take love-based action. That means understanding and heeding the messages of fear and consistently taking steps in the direction of love anyway (your soul's calling). That means taking action even when you don't know if you'll succeed, even if things aren't perfect, even if you don't see the whole plan.

But do you know what the real magic bullet is?

It's SISTERHOOD - a community of women, a sisterhood- that see you, that supports you, that helps you realize that you're not alone, that everyone has the same obstacles that you have ......that NOTHING is wrong with you, that you don't have to FIX yourself or wait until your life is perfect to offer your gifts to the world.

You don't learn this is Life Coaching School and you don't get this is business building programs. This is the hidden foundation for success.....true sisterhood. That's what we do in the Life Coach Sisterhood.

Get on the waitlist HERE.  We are opening up this program for applications this week and we're are accepting ONLY 14 people!


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