Who Needs What You Do?

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Today I’m starting a series of posts where I pick a card, randomly, from my Soul’s Calling Card Deck and answer that question. Here’s today’s question:

“Who Needs What You Do?”

To answer this question, you need to connect to your soul – your inner knowing, the part of you that is quietly nudging you towards the life that was meant for you. Your soul knows who you came here to earth to be, and what you came here to earth to do. And your soul nudges you throughout your life, hoping that you’ll listen.

My soul doesn’t speak to me in words, it’s not a voice in my head. I get “felt senses”.  I get feelings, yearnings, my heart expanding or contracting. My biggest sign that something is for me, is when I get a yearning a deep ache. It’s the feeling I get when I hear music that is so beautiful that it grabs you deep in your heart and it hurts, but you want to hear more and listen to it over and over and over again.

So, let’s break this question down. “What do you do?”

What do you do, doesn’t mean - What is your professional title? It doesn’t mean teacher, lawyer or doctor. It doesn’t mean claims adjudicator or web designer. It doesn’t mean life coach or on-line marketer.

I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again because I think it helps to understand what this means. When I was in my corporate job, many moons ago now, my job title was the National Manager of Rehabilitation. That meant that I designed programs and policies to help people who were ill or injured recover and return to work.

Stop yawning.

But what I really did was encourage my staff, 3 new university grads, to develop and see their gifts and really claim what was unique about them and get out of their own way. I thought this would help them do their best work – and if their best work ended up not being for our company, then that’d be okay too, because they’d find themselves. And that was what was most important to me!

This was the part of my job that I loved. I loved laughing with my small staff. I loved inspiring their creativity. I loved helping them to sidestep the traps of corporate life in a highly political environment.

So, what did I really do?

I helped people to see and claim their gifts and get out of their own way. And I did that by creating fun activities, laughing and playing.

Me and my staff were told once – I kid you not – that we were laughing too hard and people couldn’t concentrate on work!

When it came time for my performance review, I expected my boss to comment on how I was helping my staff to develop. She said, “Well that’s great Bev, but it’s not in your performance review because this isn’t part of your job.”

I knew she was wrong.

I decided not to believe her.

The reason that job wasn’t right for me is because what I really do, wasn’t valued.

I know now, that this was a message from my Soul….a whisper…..don’t listen to that. It’s not true. People need what you do. Find them.

When you claim what you do and find who needs what you do, you’ll find your soul’s calling – what you came here to do.

Here’s what I want you to consider:

What do you really do? Beyond your job title? What nudges are you getting from your soul?

You can share your genius TODAY. You don’t have to wait until you’ve left the job that no longer fits. When you start sharing your genius wherever you are, you get happier and you’ll help others get happier.

Your genius – what you really do – is contagious and magic and your soul’s gift.

Big love,

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