What's Your Slap Upside Your Head Message?

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Do you know your “Slap Upside Your Head” message, aka your core soul message? What do you stand for? What do you want your people to truly know? Your people. Not all people – because you aren’t here to connect with everyone, just those people who are on your energetic frequency – who need to hear what you have to say, in the way that you say it.


Your “Slap Upside Your Head” message is the thing that you MUST tell people. It’s the thing that you want to say to shake people up. When people hear it, it feels like a slap – a wakeup call. It’s not flowery and oozy. It’s like having a pitcher of cold water thrown at you. This message is what you deeply believe. It defines you and it explains why you do what you do. When you unmask this message – because you don’t craft it – you uncover it, you get the confidence and clarity about what your real work in the world actually is, your soul’s calling.


Most people have never discovered their core soul message. Or they make it into a marketing exercise and line it up with the “right” words and craft it carefully, so that they can sell something.


But the core soul message is more valuable than just a marketing message. It defines the reason your soul showed up on this spinning ball, hurtling through space. And when you unmask that core soul message, your whole life makes sense. It feels like a sigh of release. I’ve seen people go into the ugly cry, letting go of a life time of stress when they unmask their core soul message.


I help people to do this using an exercise that I call “Let Your Life Speak”. I named this exercise in honor of the scholar and teacher, Parker J. Palmer who said “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.”


Your “Slap Upside Your Head” message comes from the lessons you learn in your life. This is mine:


You weren’t meant to be invisible.

When you were overlooked and ignored and deemed unworthy, it had nothing to do with you.

You do not need fixing.

Nothing is wrong with you.

Something is very right with you.

You are a huge light of love.

You came here at this time, to be a lighthouse, to shine your light, to give something that the world desperately needs, but can’t see.

You can’t wait for the world to see you, you must see yourself.

It’s time to share your dazzling brilliance.

When I claim my core soul message, everything in my life makes sense. It becomes clear that all my life experiences led me to this message. It is the foundation of everything I do and create as my life’s work – and the people who are called to work with me deeply understand my message and relate to it.

Discovering your core soul message, and learning how to do this for your clients is just one of the things you’ll learn in the Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator Training. This is the back-end of the roadmap – the part you don’t see. It’s the “how”.

In the Soul’s Calling® Coach & Facilitator Training you learn HOW, not just what, not just why, but how.

Are YOU ready to stop being invisible?

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