The World Needs Your Voice

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I wrote this post at the end of 2018. I just reread it an thought it was an important message for right now....2020. It's a love letter to the people that I came here to serve - to help and heal and guide and lead.

My heart wants to burst with gratitude.

My people are the hidden healers, teachers, guides, and leaders.

They have a vulnerable underbelly that they’ve hidden for much of their lives. It’s where their beauty and magic lies. I’m so humbled that they share that with me.

They’re smart and have off-the-charts people skills.

They are deeply empathic, so they feel deeply. They feel the pain of others and are driven to transmute it.

They are me. I am them. I believe in my bones that we all came here to earth by choice and we were supposed to meet again.

We wanted to bring something to the world – we wanted to bring love to help the world shift from an ego driven patriarchy to a soul-led matriarchy.

Because the world needs that to survive.

I want you to know that the world needs your voice.

All of your voices. Especially if you’ve been marginalized, or hiding or made to feel small and not important.

The world needs you to do exactly what you came here to do.

The world needs you to survive.

So claim your uniqueness, unleash the genius that lies within you.  Rise up and be the powerful force of love that you are.

Stop hiding.

Stop fitting in.

Stop pretending that you don’t know your own value.

Don’t be afraid. You were born for this.

I’m so happy we’ve reconnected and I am helping you to remember who you really are…..

Fill yourself up with goodness.

2020 and beyond is going to need you to stand in your power.

Big love,

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