The course & community for coaches & empathic women who ache to know their purpose, uncover their soul's niche and do work that feels deeply meaningful.

May 18 to August 17, 2020 


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Do you long to do something that heals, helps or transforms the world, but aren't clear on your soul's niche?

If you know deep down that you are being called to make a difference in the world, but you've been hiding, and you can't do that anymore, then this course and community is for you.

If you don't know what your deepest, truest purpose & soul's niche is, and you’ve been aching to find that all your life, then this course and community is for you.

If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, but you don’t know how, or if that's what you were meant to do, then this course and community is for you.

If you are a life coach but you can't get going on the business part and frequently question your worth and your value, then this course and community is for you.

If you're NOT a coach and you want to create a business or a passion project, that you love, that fits you perfectly, but you don't know what that is and don't have a niche, then this course and community is for you.

If you’re a soul-driven entrepreneur, but you just can't get motivated to do anything and you aren't getting clients, then this course and community is for you.

If you are making a life transition, but you feel like you’ve lost your purpose and passion and need a new life focus, then this course and community is for you.

If you’ve spent most of your life hiding, fitting in and meeting other peoples’ expectations but you’re sick and tired of doing that and yearn to find your power, your voice and your passions, then this course and community is for you. 

Helper, Healer, Teacher, Seeker, Guide, Life Coach:
If you're sighing in relief because you know that finally, someone gets what you're going through - then you're in the right place. 
The Business Quick Start for Empaths & Life Coaches Course
"Unlock Your Soul’s Calling was the best investment I ever made in me! I remembered so much of who I had forgotten myself to be and discovered not only what I’m here to do and serve in this life but how to do it as an honest reflection of me. Bev & Nicole pushed my edge, gently and with compassion, and the connection to other like-hearted women gave me the courage to show and be seen. I have been truly transformed by the experience." Siobhan Nash

You’ve been hiding in plain sight...

You always felt like you were different, that you didn't really belong anywhere.
It was easier to just fit in. To hide your brilliance, to minimize your talents and to hide your deep, deep need to do something meaningful with your life. To pretend that you were like everyone else.
But you’re not like everyone else...

You’re bright - both artistic and intellectual. Creative and strategic. Pragmatic and intuitive. And you were born with a great desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world - beyond being a parent. But because you learn easily, you’ve been successful doing almost any career you chose. And yet there’s always been something missing in your work, that you can’t describe.

So you’ve done lots of exploration. You’ve meditated, done some personal healing, tried to find a cause you believed in, tried to be the perfect parent, changed jobs, tried self-employment, and finally, found life coaching. 

And yet, there’s still an aching dissatisfaction. You might be stuck, not knowing exactly how to apply your life coaching skills. You might be going around in circles trying to figure out who you're supposed to help, what you're supposed to offer. Or you may be taking business after business course but never actually getting going on your coaching practice. Or.... maybe you've launched your business but are still feeling bored or unfulfilled....

And now you're afraid that maybe there isn't any meaningful work for you. And that scares you more than anything.  And at the same time you feel guilty for your misery - because you have so much that others would kill for. You wish that you could just be satisfied with your work and focus on the other parts of life... like other people do. 

In fact, you’ve been secretly wondering if something is wrong with you. You've been wondering why you’ve never been satisfied in any job or any work that you've created.
And you've been considering that maybe you don't have a purpose.

I want you to know that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Being dissatisfied doesn't mean that YOU are the problem.

You ARE different. You and a whole bunch of us came here to earth, with the deep desire to do meaningful work. We came here for this time, when the world really needs our goodness.

But we all came without a map to help us figure out what we're seeking or how to find it, and without society's support to help us on this quest. All you have is this deep yearning, reminding you that something is "off" and you wonder if that is YOU.

But this deep yearning is your reminder that you have a deep need to make a difference, to do something deeply meaningful and if you don't do that, the ache won't go away. Until you do what you came here to do, you'll suffer.

And if you trained as a life coach - what they may not have told you is that life coaching is not a purpose - it's an amazing skill. But you still need to figure out what your purpose is as a life coach.

And this isn't true for everybody. But it's true for YOU. 


And people born into the purpose tribe are miserable until they create, find or do work that is personally meaningful.

You have a purpose. There is deeply meaningful work for you, that both gives you joy and helps the world. And the reason you've been suffering is because you've FORGOTTEN who you are, what you were born to do and why you came here in the first place.

You do have a purpose. It is possible to find your soul's niche, it is possible to create meaningful work you love. And that's what we'll do together in Unlock Your Soul's Calling.

You'll finally remember who you are and what you came here to do. You'll get the support you need to get on  your purpose path, and start creating your meaningful work.

You'll feel like you've finally come home, to you.

Why Finding Your Purpose & Uncovering Your Soul's Niche Is So Hard....

It's hard to stand out, when you've spent your whole life fitting in...

Women who ache to know their purpose & crave deep meaning in their work tend to be highly intuitive, empathic - and therefore, face unique obstacles that aren't often acknowledged when it comes to uncovering or creating soul-aligned work that's uniquely yours (whether that's a business, career or passion project). Here's why:

Maybe you’ve likely spent a life-time supporting others and letting others shine - your spouse, children, family & your boss. So, you habitually put your needs last. You don’t have any time to focus on you, and you feel guilty when you do – so creating or discovering work that is deeply meaningful becomes your last priority.

Maybe you're empathic, so you see the gifts and abilities of others and CAN’T see yourself. You are focused on others, not yourself, so you often ignore and doubt your amazing talents and abilities and feel uncomfortable, or like a braggard when you talk about yourself or your gifts.

Maybe you’ve always tried to be good at everything other people value. You thought you had to be beautiful, fit, a great parent and a successful professional. And you’ve tried really hard to do it all. That’s what everyone in your generation was told they “should” be. But you’re exhausted and lost and can’t remember who you were before you were trying so hard to be all things for all people.

Maybe you're so used to fitting in or hiding that this is your comfort zone. You have trouble “getting out there” and feel waves of resistance and anxiety at the thought of being seen or known – particularly on-line which is where work is these days.

Maybe you're continuously learning - but still think you’re an imposter. 
You read. You take classes about everything. You have a deep wealth of knowledge, but you think that the only knowledge that counts is a PhD.  You discount what you know and all that you have learned because you don’t have a PhD from Harvard.

Maybe you’ve been told all your life that your real job in life is to be a good mother and a good wife. So you feel guilty for wanting something different than that, and you’re afraid of being left out of your social group, or disappointing people that you love if you want something different.

his course fills the gap between DECIDING to create your own meaningful work & GETTING GOING on your healing or helping practice... a gap that very few people talk about.

"I started Unlock Your Soul’s Calling in a state of resigned desperation. Having plowed through countless books, exercises, and courses about finding one’s purpose, I still didn’t have an answer that felt right. Well, I have come full circle and finally unlocked my soul’s calling. I’ve found my mojo. I’ve reclaimed my power. I’ve come home to me. Thank you so much, Bev and Nicole, for your wise leadership and for the great hunches, questions, insights, and laughs we’ve had along the way."  Cori Syke Sanders

The Four Big Reasons You're Stuck:

1. You don't know what your "thing" is, so....

  • You can't quit your soul-sucking job:
  • You get overwhelmed with possibilities and choices because you are multi-passionate and don’t want to limit yourself;
  • You don’t pick any niche because you are afraid to pick the wrong one;
  • You keep changing your work or business direction, starting with one path and then moving to another and you aren't getting anywhere;
  • You freeze not taking any action or you “tornado” doing lots and lots but getting no-where;
  • You don’t know what to write on your website and what programs to create;
  • You don’t know how you want to use your life coaching skills or even if you want to be a life coach.

2. You don't know your own value and worth, so....

  • You've been hiding, fitting in and not sharing your voice;
  • You have no idea what your special gifts and talents are and whether you have any;
  • You keep doing more personal healing and training and you wonder if you’re ready yet;
  • You get stuck wondering if you can even do this, make a living from doing something that you love and you’re passionate about;
  • You think you aren’t a good enough coach or you don’t have enough experience.

3. You are purpose adjacent, so....

  • You've created a business that doesn't fully express your highly spiritual purpose, because you're scared to put it out there;
  • The business you are creating feels slightly “off” and you have lots of resistance to moving forward, but you don’t know where you are off-track;
  • You keep trying to dilute your message so it’s accessible to everyone but that squashes your enthusiasm;
  • You don’t have the “right” clients or enough clients;
  • You’ve outgrown your old niche and it no longer fits who you’ve become;
  • You have an inner knowing that you haven’t found your thing and you wish you could.

4. You are stuck in fear, doubt and resistance so....

  • You worry that you’ll never get clients or make a living;
  • You are afraid of putting yourself “out there”;
  • You don’t know what makes you unique and you’re afraid that maybe you aren’t;
  • You want your coaching career to be meaningful and purposeful but you have no idea how to make that happen;

Imagine the joy, peace, confidence & clarity you'd feel knowing that you'd found & claimed your soul's niche?

"Bev showed me how I could frame my life and my business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success… and she was spot-on!" Jenny Shih

Unlock Your Soul’s Calling....

helps you to examine what is truly stopping you from claiming your unique genius, and then moves from being purpose adjacent, to purpose aligned. You’ll fill the gap between FORGETTING and NOT CLAIMING who you truly are & GETTING GOING on CREATING AND DOING your deeply meaningful work....a gap that very few people talk about.

Hello! We Are Master Life Coach Mentors Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier. And we're so glad you're here!

We designed Unlock Your Soul's Calling specifically for coaches and meaning-driven women like you who ache to know their purpose & finally know what they are meant to do in the world.

In our 12-week course with dedicated support, you'll dive deeply into who you really are, unlock your unique genius, uncover your soul's calling, deal with fear & resistance and turn your unique genius & purpose into a clear & concrete focus for your soul's work! This is not superficial work, filling out a few worksheets and compiling your answers. This is a DEEP DIVE. And if you dare to decide to embark on this course journey, you WILL discover your soul's calling.

That's our promise!

Then, you'll get lifetime (for as long as the course is offered) access to this course and materials, including any and all additions and updates. This means that if you need more time to work through all the course components, you'll still be able to retake the live course for as long as you need to.

Unlock Your Soul's Calling is a safe space where you will get the guidance & support you need to remember who you are, embrace your unique genius & create meaningful work you love around your true soul's purpose. All with the support of TWO master life coach mentors & your fellow soul-sisters.

Finally, The Guidance, Support & Community You Need 

...to remember who you really are, to stop hiding, be seen & claim the unique gifts that are yours to give.

Here's What We'll Do, Together:

Did you ever wish you had a map that would just show you how to finally find your purpose & create your meaningful work?

Well, here it is! In Unlock Your Soul's Calling, you'll learn the Soul's Calling Roadmap process, created by Bev Barnes based on her more than three decades of work in this area and used by hundreds of students & clients world-wide.

Over 12 weeks, we'll work together through six core modules that will help you move through each stage of the Soul's Calling Roadmap to connect to your soul's purpose, overcome your outdated programming, fear & resistance & define your soul's niche - which will become the foundation of your soul-aligned work.

This comprehensive process gives you the deep confidence that ONLY comes from knowing that your specific and particular life, make you the absolutely perfect person for your calling.

Here are the 6 core modules we'll work through together:

Module 1. Dare to Decide to Get on Your Soul's Path

In this module you'll dare to decide to discover your soul's calling and create meaningful work. You'll get oriented, learn the Soul's Calling Roadmap, and learn shore up your ability to deal with transition. You'll get prepared for the journey to your calling. You'll clear space and create a powerful intention for this work and your life and you'll have the tools you need to succeed in this program.

By the end of this module you’ll create a powerful and personalized inspiring intention for your life that guides your work during this course.

Module 2. Excavate Your Programmed Purpose

In this module, you'll dare to decide to dump your outdated programming, stop hiding and face your truth. You'll discover the rules you've been unconsciously following in your life, including why you've been hiding your truest self, and release these old rules. You'll learn how your body says "yes" and how your body says "no", and start trusting your body, soul and intuitions.

By the end of this module you’ll have a new definition of success that inspires you rather than depletes you.

Module 3: Unlock Your Unique Genius

In this module, you'll dare to decide to discover what make you different, unique and perfectly designed for your life's purpose. You'll dig deep into what makes you, YOU. You'll follow the clues in your life, receive & discern soul messages and do an unflinching life-inventory to discover your natural gifts (and shadow gifts) talents, your essence, and your values & passions that have been hiding in plain sight.

This includes connecting to your imagination in order to receive clear and direct soul message - so that you can bring this magic into your life and work!

By the end of this module you’ll uncover your soul's purpose. 

Module 4. Face Fear, Resistance & Doubt

In this module you’ll learn when and how fear and resistance show up for you. You’ll identify your top fears as well as your fear style, not so that you avoid moving to action but so that you can distinguish between resistance and soul guidance. You’ll have opportunities to get coached and see live coaching sessions on the calls, and you’ll receive some powerful recordings and visualizations to help you to deal with the resistance, fear and doubt that you encounter.

By the end of this module you’ll have several strategies to help overcome your fear.

Module 5: Uncover Your Soul's Niche & Personally Meaningful Work

In this module you'll dare to decide to stop hiding, uncover your soul's niche, & define the work that feels personally meaningful to you. You'll get clear on the deep soul focus for your work, one that is completely aligned with your soul's purpose.

You'll learn how to connect all the threads of your genius & purpose to get a concrete focus for your work - whether that's a job, a career, a business, a passion project or something else! You'll discover the people, the tribe that you are meant to serve, and get clear on the transformation you ache to help them make - and the way that fits you best!

By the end of this module you'll have completed your Soul's Work Blueprint.

Module 6: Get Going On Your Soul's Calling

In this module you’ll choose a starting place for your personally meaningful work and start testing and tweaking it. You’ll spot opportunities and unmet needs, learn more about how to bring your calling to life and tweak your focus so that it feels the most fun and the most inspiring.

You’ll craft your Soul’s Calling Summary which articulates your personal vision, genius, soul’s niche and the passion project that you are working on.

By the end of this module, you’ll have shifted from confusion to clarity and be taking action! 

In Unlock Your Soul's Calling, You'll Get:

Online Course & Core Curriculum

You'll work through our signature course & core curriculum, The Soul's Calling Roadmap, including 6 core modules (with video trainings & exercises to help you move from where you are now - to knowing the deep soul purpose for your important work. 

Weekly Coaching Calls

Join weekly group coaching calls with Master Coach & Instructor Bev Barnes or Nicole Croizier. You'll work through the course exercises, be inspired and supported by your soul sisters, and gain insight into your genius, purpose, and soul's niche. 

Sisterhood & Connection

A private sisterhood community to connect, celebrate & share - so you stay soul-aligned and connected to your right path & purpose. And Bev & Nicole will be in the group to support you every step of the way.

"Intuitive, Insightful, & endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up & see the entire “forest” of your life, then zero in & find your way through the trees." Martha Beck


Are you ready to finally see yourself, connect to your soul's purpose, and create personally meaningful work you love?


When you join Unlock Your Soul's Calling - you will also get The Business Quick Start Course for Empaths and Life Coaches FREE! Details below. 

Registration Ends May 17 at Midnight PT/3AM ET - Grab Your Spot Now!

THE COURSE BEGINS ON MAY 18, and runs for 12 weeks until August 17, 2020. 
Our Live Class Call Dates are Wednesdays at 12:00 PT / 3:00 ET:
May 20, May 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24, (break July 1), July 8, 15, 22, 29 Aug 5, 12.

Your Course Includes:

  • The Unlock Your Soul's Calling Signature Course with 6 comprehensive and structured modules with videos, exercises, guided visualizations and downloads for each section
  • 12 90 minute Q&A/Coaching calls with Bev (that's three calls monthly on Wednesdays at 3pm ET/noon PT. All calls will be recorded so don't panic if you have to miss a call!)
  • A structured, high touch online group forum with both Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier.
  • Guidance and support through this process and exercises and coaching through your roadblocks.
  • Daily prompts, check-ins and office hours to give you the support you need and to answer your questions.
  • ***NEW BONUS*** The Business Quick Start for Empaths & Life Coaches course that you can access immediately following Unlock Your Soul's Calling. Details below. 
You do have a purpose. It is possible to find your soul's niche, it is possible to create meaningful work you love. And that's what we'll do together in Unlock Your Soul's Calling. We can't wait to see you in the course!

Join Unlock Your Soul's Calling Now!

Registration Ends May 17, 2020 at Midnight PT/3 AM ET:

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The Unlock Your Soul's Calling Online Course

12 Live Group Coaching Calls

A Private Sisterhood Community

Two Master Coach Mentors

The complete Business Quickstart for Empaths & Life Coaches Course




All prices in US dollars.
You pay $444 now, and then three additional monthly payments of $444 - all payments are required


The Unlock Your Soul's Calling Online Course

12 Live Group Coaching Calls

A Private Sisterhood Community

Two Master Coach Mentors

The complete Business Quickstart for Empaths & Life Coaches Course


**Note: All prices are in US dollars and no refunds are allowed. Canadians with proof of residency can pay at par - email [email protected]

Business Quick Start for Empaths & Life Coaches

Join Unlock Your Soul's Calling today - and get The Business Quick Start for Empaths & Life Coaches course for FREE!

  • Seven core modules
  • Video trainings, worksheets & templates
  • Specifically designed for Empaths & Life Coaches!

We're SO thrilled to add this exciting new bonus - FOR FREE - when you join Unlock Your Soul's Calling!

As soon as Unlock Your Soul's Calling ends, you will get access to this bonus course - including seven core modules (with video trainings, workbooks & templates) to help you to take the purpose driven business steps you need!

For many life coaches, getting your meaningful work out into the world often means creating your own practice - your own business.  But as a purpose-driven and soul-aligned life coach, this can be a challenge. Why? Because for you, creating a business & marketing is likely not really a passion area - it's more of a necessary evil to getting your important work out into the world. Sound familiar? 

To make matters worse, there's a lot of confusing business advice and programs out there for life coaches. Many of the programs are simply too advanced for most new coaches - and are nearly impossible to implement when you don't yet have the important basics in place. Or they teach you someone else's set system - which might work amazingly well for them - but when staying authentic & aligned to your purpose is so important, it's really hard to use someone else's set system if even just one minuscule piece doesn't align with YOU. 

And that's why we're including our Business Quick Start for Empaths & Life Coaches course as an amazing FREE BONUS with this community. 

This course was designed by our very own Nicole Croizier specifically for soul-aligned life coaches who are new to business and marketing. And this is the same program she has used in her group and one-on-one coaching programs with countless coaches & soul-aligned small business owners.

It includes all of the foundational marketing best practices from her 20 years experience as a marketing executive & Master Certified Marketing Consultant, combined with Soul's Calling Coaching principles. This means - you'll learn all the best practices marketing & business basics for where you're at in your business right now - and you'll learn how to make everything YOUR OWN. So everything you do fits your unique genius & values - and you discard everything else. This is the key to feeling aligned, in flow & energized around your business & marketing. 

Your Business Quick Start Course includes seven core modules that include a video training and workbook with exercises and templates:
  • Your Business Journey as a Soul-Aligned Coach/Solopreneur
  • Define Your Starter Niche
  • Find Your First Clients
  • Set Up Your Basic Coaching Tools
  • Create Your Copy & Core Messages
  • Outline Your Super Simple Marketing Strategy
  • Running Your Business as an Empathic Entrepreneur
By the end of the course you will: 
  • Understand how business & marketing works for life coaches at a big picture level
  • Learn the unique challenges empaths & coaches face (and how to overcome them!) when it comes to business & marketing 
  • Know where you're at right now in your coaching journey - and the business & marketing approach you need right now as a newer coach
  • Make your best guess right now so you can choose a starter niche & set up your business basics & start coaching, taking action & testing and tweaking!
You'll get access to this bonus course immediately following Unlock Your Soul's Calling so you can continue your purpose-driven journey and getting your important work out into the world.

Join Unlock Your Soul's Calling & Get This BONUS Now!
"Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier are DYNAMITE! I've spent a lot of time & money trying to figure out how to earn a living being 'me', & these two helped me do just that. Bev helped me pinpoint my soul's purpose & Nicole taught me HOW to create it all in the real world while in full alignment with myself & needs. I've had a transformational year. Just do it. You won't regret it!" Kaliopi Nikitas

Meet Your Unlock Your Soul's Calling Mentors

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, Master Life Coach Instructor & Mentor; Creator of the Soul's Calling™ Roadmap, Coaching Process and Toolkit.

My passion is helping empathic women who are born healers, helpers & guides who suffer if they aren’t doing meaningful work. I help them to see and claim their beauty and their gifts and to stop pretending that they are like everyone else. Because they’re not!

That's been my journey too! That's been my journey too! I needed to stop trying to be fit in, and start standing out as me! I love, love, love, using my intuitive radar to guide, facilitate and teach women to discover & claim their soul's calling. For 20+ years I've been guiding and supporting people to uncover their life's purpose, to make life & career transitions and to claim what they came here to do. 

My background includes a Master’s degree in Psycho-education and graduate training in career counseling & brief & strategic therapy along with certification in many personality assessment instruments. I've worked in the corporate world, higher education, and extensively with First Nations communities in northern Quebec, facilitating personal and organizational renewal. I've also been a Master Coach Instructor for the Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training & Master Life Coach Training programs. I currently train and certify Soul's Calling Coaches & Facilitators to use my Soul's Calling™ Roadmap processes.

Hi! I'm Nicole Croizier, Master Soul's Calling Coach, Certified Equus Coach, Wayfinder Coach Instructor & Master Certified Marketing Consultant. 

I specialize in helping coaches and empathic women like you connect your unique gifts & soul's calling to a concrete focus for your business or career (your soul's niche!), and bring it to life in a way that feels 100% authentic, inspiring & energizing for who you uniquely are.

My background & training includes a degree in Communication, certification as a Master Marketing Consultant, completion of three coach training programs, & specialized training in personality psychology, marketing, training & curriculum design. I've  also worked as a recruiter, career coach, instructor, & university program manager. After 16 years in the corporate marketing world, I launched & ran my own marketing consulting & coaching business for five years. I currently run my own coaching company, partner with The Soul's Calling Academy, and am an instructor for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Life Coach Training. 

Questions? Sign up for a 20 minute call with Bev!

Do you have questions, or wonder if this course is right for you? I'd love to talk! Sign up right now to book a free 20 minute call:

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