The Best Fear-Busting Question For Sensitive Soulpreneurs

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I don't like mountains.

I mean I like looking at them, but I don't like being on top of them. I don't like climbing. I don't like being on the top of a cliff. It's beautiful, but it freaks me out.

I live on flat land. When I drove across Canada a few years ago, I loved the terrain of Saskatchewan more than the terrain of BC - thought they're both beautiful.

So where do I find myself for a month every year now? Crete. Crete, in case you didn't know is an island of mountains and cliffs and goat trails, surrounded by ocean. It is incredibly picturesque, and you are always climbing mountains. We - my husband, son and I planned to go to a beautiful hidden beach. However, in order to get there, you have to climb first, and then descend down a treacherous goat trail. (That's what I call it. Others may call it a path.)

When I was in Crete last month, I had a choice to make.

Are you willing to face your fear of tiny mountain trails to experience the beauty of a holy, isolated beach?

Initially my answer was "no". 

But then I started visualizing that beach and remembering how it felt to be there last year (before I realized that there was a treacherous climb and descent). And so I decided that I wanted to experience that beautiful beach, and the climb with my husband and son, more than I wanted to avoid feeling fear.

I often have this very same choice as a Soulpreneur - some who is in business to fulfill a calling rather than because of a love of business.

It's a constant challenge because you are always facing and overcoming your fears so that you can fully express your calling.

Often, self-help articles and coaches ask the question "What would you do if you had no fear?"

That question doesn't help me. I get some great, vision of what I'd love to do, but it doesn't motivate me to do it. It's a great question to help you to dream, but it's not a great question to help you to do.

The question that I find is the best for my clients, sensitive soulpreneurs is this one:

"What do you want so much that you are willing to face your fears to accomplish?"

Because it's a given that if you aren't a sociopath, you'll feel fear when you are reaching beyond your pre-established limits. You'll experience the fear of failure, of being seen, of rejection or criticism. This question acknowledges that. 

I often feel these kinds of fear. For me, it manifests as not being able to decide on my focus, what to offer, or my direction. It feels like I'm in molasses - just stuck and unable to move.

I expect this because I'm a Soulpreneur.

I'm only in business to express my soul's calling. That means that the work that I put out, comes from my heart and soul. It's a product that I love, filled with my care and deep personal meaning.

I fear that it will be rejected. I fear that no one wants it, or needs it, or values what my heart needs to give. And that can make me freeze and not take action.

But this question "What do you want so much that you are willing to face your fear to accomplish?" shreds that fear.

This question says Listen this thing isn't going to be easy for you because you're sensitive and you have a history of trying to fit in and be accepted.....and not everyone is going to like, want or need the thing that you are giving from your heart. But some people might. Are you going to choose NOT to give it, or is it important enough for you to offer it?

The choice you have is this:

* Are you going to avoid your fear by not deciding to offer this work? 


* Are you willing to face your fear - potentially feeling hurt, rejected, ignored or criticized and offer this work anyway?

Do you want this thing enough to feel through those feelings, to persist, to learn from your fears, to grow, and to keep trying to do this?

"What do you want so much that you are willing to face your fears to accomplish?"

When I hear THAT question, it helps me to decide what to focus on. It helps me to stop putting my energies into what no longer fuels me. It helps me to stop creating clutter and overwhelm so that I can avoid deciding. It helps me to cut through to the project or the creation that wants to be birthed first and dare to decide to do it. 

If you're a sensitive soulpreneur, this question might help you too.

What do you want so much that you're willing to face your fears to accomplish? Answer that and you'll have your next project.

And by the way, the hike required me to concentrate but it wasn't half as treacherous as I'd imagined. In fact I might do it again. I've included a picture of that hidden beach below.

Big love,


p.s. I'm planning an immersive workshop & retreat in Crete next spring - June 2024. Interest in joining me? Let me know.

p.s.s. I have openings for private coaching clients. Go HERE to apply and set up a free consult with me!

p.s.s.s. The beach that we discovered is called Agriomandra and it's a sacred cave of Crete.

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