Secrets to Being a Great Life Coach

I’ve often told my grade 8 math class story when I’m teaching new Life Coaches and I want to share that with you here because it pretty much demonstrates one of my secrets to being a great coach.

Before grade 8, math had been pretty easy, pretty straightforward.

Then came Algebra.

It was a foreign language and totally non-sensical.

I remember going into math class every day and being taught something new.  At the beginning of class, it was total confusion.  I would just let that be, knowing that by the end of the class it would make sense.  As expected, about 10 minutes before the end of class, everything suddenly made sense.  It always felt like being hit by a wave of clarity.  As long as I didn’t panic at the beginning of class, by the end, I’d learned something new.

I actually started to love to sit in the confusion, not understanding anything, not panicking but having the absolute certainty that by the end of the class I’d get it.

That, in a nutshell, is my approach to great coaching, and it’s what I teach Life Coaches.

Sit with the client, through their confusion and wait until you “get it” and things become clear.  Trust.  It always happens.

You’ll “know” exactly what to do and how to proceed to help that client find her truth.

Sitting in the uncertainty and not worrying about what you think you are supposed to be doing – just patiently waiting for that clarity to come and trusting that it will, is the action that you take.

Trust yourself, trust your clients, trust the process, trust the Divine.

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