How Can You Follow Your Passions When You Don't Know What They Are?

Mar 14, 2022

From the ages of 16 to 35, I was lost. I had no idea what to do with my life, what work was right for me.

I spent years of my life trying to figure it all out – afraid of quitting my job because what else would I do?

My passion was hiding in plain sight. What truly lit me up was helping people to see their “real” selves, not the self that they were taught to be or pretended to be or were programmed to be. But I didn’t know that was my passion – because I needed to do this work for myself first. How ironic.

I needed to discover the me that hid under my programming.

Because when you discover the self that hides behind your programming, it’s only then that you can discover what work you were made for – your sacred work.

So many people have heard, “Follow your passions!” But suppose you don’t know what your passions are? Suppose you don’t have any passions? Suppose you don’t believe that you have any standout gifts?

I spent years trying to find the job that fit me, trying out new things, getting new opportunities and yet never finding the work that was right for me.

That’s because I had it all wrong. I was trying to find something out there, that matched the skills and talents that I had.

But that would never work.

Because I’m purpose driven.

If I don’t do work that is aligned with my core soul-purpose, I’m miserable. And so my sacred work wasn't "out there" in the imaginary job market, it was "in here" burrowed in my heart. That's where I had to look. And I hadn't been taught that.

I didn’t know that I’d need to create that work – because it didn’t exist.

I had to make up my work, and find a way to do it.

It’s a radical act – creating your own work. And it’s a radical act that we all need.

That’s what I’ve discovered over the last thirty years. I’m not an anomaly. I’m not a unicorn. More and more people are purpose driven – they have to do personally meaningful work or else they suffer.

And, more often than not, you’ll have to CREATE your personally meaningful work, because it doesn’t come pre-constructed, laid out on a platter for you.

And that means you have to get to know yourself.

Who were you before you were programmed to fit in?

That’s the person you’re trying to find. And she is hidden inside you, waiting patiently for you to discover her, burrowed inside your heart.

Find her and she’ll lead you to your sacred work.

In case you didn’t know, here’s a little more about me:

I hold a master’s degree in the Human Behaviour Sciences (Psycho-Education) and a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic Therapy. I’ve also completed graduate level training in Career Counselling & Development, and Group Facilitation and I’m a certified Master Life Coach. I did all this training AFTER I discovered who I truly was – not before – which is what we are all WRONGLY advised to do.

Currently, I train, mentor & coach purpose-driven women – healers, helpers, guides & coaches who are yearning to shift from their survival work to their sacred work.

You can find out more my work HERE. 

Big love,


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