Are You a Life Coach in the Purpose Tribe?

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Are You a Life Coach in the Purpose Tribe?


Note: Use of the word “tribe” is discouraged now. It’s a word that’s been racialized and was used by European colonizers to describe the people they colonized…meaning my ancestors.  Since I’m a racialized person, I’ve given myself permission to use the word. It signifies for me, belonging to a distinct group, that I’ve defined below.


The Purpose Tribe

You belong to the Purpose Tribe if you know that you showed up on this planet to help the planet – to facilitate positive change or renewal, to bring goodness. I actually think that we all came here for that, but most of us forget once we’re born. Some of us don’t forget, however. We know this viscerally. We’re generally highly sensitive, intuitive or empathic and we experience an aching dissatisfaction or yearning for much of our lives that we can’t understand.

When you’re in the Purpose Tribe, you don’t know that your yearning and divine discontent is due to a lack of purpose, you think that it’s because you lack something, or something is wrong with you. So you try all kinds of things to fix yourself. One of the complaints I’ve heard over and over again from clients who are miserable in jobs that other people would kill to have is this “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just be satisfied like my colleagues are?”

When you don’t know that you are in the Purpose Tribe you try all kinds of things to fix yourself - self-improvement, therapy, time management, discipline, fitness, study, job-hopping, relationships, all kinds of addictions and escapes, wine, shopping, video games, making lots of money, taking vacations. You get the drift.

Most people don’t know that they are in the Purpose Tribe until they’ve achieved the success they were told they should have, and they are still dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

If you’re in the Purpose Tribe, you will never feel peace unless you do the work that your soul came here to do.

It’s a relief when you realize that your misery is because you aren’t doing personally meaningful work, that you’re in the Purpose Tribe and you aren’t just crazy or destined to be a life-time malcontent. It’s a relief when you realize that you are part of the purpose tribe not living your purpose…because then, there’s a solution!

The work that your soul came here to do, your soul’s calling, is something that lights you up, is personally meaningful and adds something good to the world. No one is going to tell you what that is. They don’t know. Your genius is hidden inside you and you need to dig deep inside to unravel the threads of your genius which leads you to your purpose.

This is the work that everyone who is in the Purpose Tribe that is seeking some kind of relief needs to do.

And it usually takes a while. Unless you had a traumatic life experience at an early age, that forced you to rethink your life and not follow any of society’s rules (which never lead you to purpose) the soul’s calling journey usually begins in the early thirties – unless of course you’re a woman and have children – which means you put off your divine discontent to raise your children and so your angst shows up in your late forties, when your children are more independent.

So how does this affect Life Coaches?

Many people transition to a Life Coaching career because they are hoping to find the purpose they seek, but not all Life Coaches are in the Purpose Tribe.

If you’re a Life Coach who is in the purpose tribe you won’t be able to create your life coaching work UNLESS YOU ARE ALIGNED WITH YOUR PURPOSE.

And you won’t be able to get motivated, get going or get clients unless you are doing the work that your soul came here to do.

If you’re a Life Coach in the Purpose Tribe, you’ll observe your colleagues running programs when you’re not, and think that something is wrong with you – because you can’t get going.

  • You’ll think that you need to keep healing yourself so that you get confident enough to “put yourself out there”
  • You’ll think you need to learn more, so that you are competent enough to “put yourself out there”
  • You’ll start believing that you weren’t meant to be an entrepreneur, or you’re too introverted (they make the best on-line entrepreneurs btw), or that you’re too extroverted, or that you’re too right brained, or too left brained…..
  • You’ll compare yourself with others and you’ll fall into despair.

But nothing is wrong with you.

You’ve got to create work that is purpose aligned not purpose adjacent or else you’ll be totally unmotivated and uninspired.


And nobody tells you this.

So I am.

If you’re a life coach who is in the Purpose Tribe, you must unlock your unique genius.

...You must decode your body’s wisdom and discover your truth.

...You must excavate the programming that your culture, race, socialization, gender and family have placed on you.

...You must uncover the threads of your purpose and soul core message hidden inside your genius.

And you must make THAT the core of your coaching practice or business.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to create your work or get motivated to do it. Because you need purpose and meaning for motivation.

This process takes time, and you need the support of others that are in the Purpose Tribe, who “get” you. And you may even have to keep your survival work for a little longer to support you as you create your sacred work.

But I can tell you as a fellow Purpose Triber, that once you line up in the bullseye of your genius and create your work around that, all bets are off.

You can do things that you never thought you would. It’s mind-boggling, heart opening, soul strengthening.

When you finally claim YOU, unflinchingly and unapologetically and create your coaching work around who YOU are, you cannot be stopped.

Big love,


p.s. That picture above, was hand-drawn by me in a moment of creativity!


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