An Easy Exercise to Help You See Yourself!

all topics Apr 17, 2019

A few years ago, I offered one of my first programs for Life Coaches. A Master Coach who I didn’t know, but had a lot of respect for, called me up about the program.

I assumed that she just wanted to chat. I didn’t think that she was considering taking my program. Years later, she and I became friends. She told me “You know, I’d wanted to take your program back then, but you discouraged me.”

I was flabbergasted.

I’d assumed that she already knew everything that I was teaching.

I’d undervalued my own worth, couldn’t see how much she needed what I offered and so I unconsciously turned her away.

Do you do that? Do you underplay your own genius? We all have a genius even though we aren’t all geniuses.

Michael Meade, renowned storyteller and scholar, defines the genius as “The original resident spirit of the soul that gives each person inner purpose and a unique way of perceiving life.”

Genius. Superpowers. Original medicine. Mojo. Unique talents.

Do you know what yours are?

If you don’t, no amount of business, marketing or sales programs will help you to get momentum in your coaching business, because you won’t know what you’re marketing or selling.

If you don’t know who you really are and what you do, it’ll be really, really easy for your resistance and fear to stop you from committing to your emerging business.

Dr. Herminia Ibarra, who has extensively researched mid-career transitions says that why people have such a hard time shifting careers is NOT because of the financial risk, the uncertainty or the fear, it’s because they know what they don’t want, but they aren’t clear on what they do want.

How you figure out what you want?

You connect to your soul.

You first let go of old beliefs about you that don’t serve you. You discover your soul’s truth, and you unlock the unique and innate genius that lives inside you. Then you use your genius in some small way, feel the fear and do it anyway. From that action, you get clarity on what you want.

Here’s an exercise to help:

Ask someone close to you, this question:

– What do you see as the thing that stands out about me? –

When I did this exercise many years ago, my friend Susan said, “You see other people’s world-view.” She totally nailed part of my genius. I’d been down-playing that because I assumed every else did the same thing.

Try it! Other people see your gifts so much more easily than you do.

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