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 Is a Chapter in Your Life Ending?

Are you approaching retirement age and wondering “What's next?”

You’ve navigated a successful career and raised incredible humans and now you’re at a crossroads. Society says that it’s time to fade into the background, but your heart says otherwise. You crave the space to focus on your visions, create your own work of “heart” but you feel like an odd duck in your circle of friends – who are all winding down in their lives.

There’s an unanswered calling, a work of heart in your soul that is waiting to be fully expressed.

And you know that this is your last opportunity to get it out, to fully express what you came here to share.

You’re in the right place. We’re here for you!

The gift of your third act is freedom.

Freedom to be who you were always meant to be. Freedom from meeting other peoples' expectations of who you should be.

Freedom to be YOU.

Unflinchingly. Authentically. Unapologetically.

And when you do that, it leads naturally to your work of heart - that creative endeavour or passion project that you've been dreaming about.

Think of me as your midlife midwife.

My work is to help you re-discover YOU, reclaim your calling, rewrite your story, and live your 3rd act being who you were always meant to be!

 Your Purpose in Life is to be Fully, Authentically, Unapologetically YOU.

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 Ways You Can Work With Me


Transform your next life chapter, rediscover who you are now, & drop outdated identities. Work in-person with Bev and a sisterhood of purpose seekers to discover your "work of heart" & ignite your third act!  

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Course & Community

Claim your work of heart in your third act in this 12-Week Course & Community. More than just a course - it's a sisterhood where you'll gain clarity & conviction for your 3rd Act passion project. 

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One on one Coaching 

Work privately with Bev to create your next life chapter being who you were meant to be. Get personal guidance to navigate this life transition, stop hiding, fully show up, and claim your next calling. 

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Hi I'm Bev Barnes M.S. - Coach Mentor, Hidden Genius Excavator, Midlife Midwife, & Purpose Whisperer 

I'm the creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & Coaching Process - a comprehensive, tested process designed to help you to shift from your cultural programming to your soul’s purpose.

And I'm here to tell you that it’s not too late to start shining your light. You aren’t in decline; you haven’t outlived your usefulness. Invisible? So, what! It’s time to see yourself!  

I help you shift from playing your roles; professional, mother, spouse - to following your soul - shining that light that is hidden inside you. Because your third act calling is to be fully and unapologetically you. And this can be the most magical and meaningful chapter of your life – if you start now!

Here’s a bit more about my background.

For the past 30 years, I’ve coached, trained, counselled, taught, and guided people at all life stages, through purpose discovery, and life and career transitions. I trained and mentored Life Coaches for Dr. Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training for over ten years. 

Along with my Master Life Coach certification, I hold a master’s degree in the Human Behaviour Sciences, a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic Therapy, and graduate training in Group Facilitation and Career Development. In addition, I’m a certified user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and a Certified Sparketype Advisor. 

The Soul's Calling® Roadmap:
A framework for creating your meaningful 3rd act

I created The Soul’s Calling® Roadmap specifically for heart-centered, purpose-seeking women, looking for meaning and purpose, but they don't know how to find it.

And they don't realize that you need to be congruent - the same on the outside as you are on the inside, to find life purpose & meaning....

.....Because we’ve learned to discount our inner wisdom rather than be guided by it.

.....Because we're blocked by deeply ingrained cultural and family programming we they need to drop.

.....Because we’ve forgotten how to play.

.....Because we've been hiding our genius - and we don't realize how AMAZING we are!

.....Because we don't realize that our purpose thread is woven throughout our lives, and we don't know how to unravel it. 

.....Because we don't realize that we need to follow joy rather than usefulness.

The Soul's Calling® Roadmap framework takes you through the deep inner process that helps you to unlock your unique genius and claim it. You re-discover you as you follow the roadmap's path. 

And when you start being you, you'll feel alive again, and you'll start doing, using your genius - following what feels like love. And you'll claim your third act calling.

Because your purpose in life is to BE YOU, fully, authentically, unflinchingly, unapologetically.


If you’re a heart-centered, woman, who wants to get going on a third act full of purpose and meaning, but you're confused and don't know where to start, we can help.


The Soul’s Calling Roadmap is your pathway to a magical and meaningful 3rd act.

 Your Purpose in Life is to be Fully, Authentically, Unapologetically YOU.

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