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Does This Sound Like You?

You've always helped people. Even though you weren't officially a coach or therapist, people always came to you for help, anyway. You've been a hidden healer, quietly helping people while doing your unstimulating, well-paid, professional work.

And then you decided to stop hiding your gifts and get trained as a Life Coach - because you were sure that this was your calling.

Initially, you started building a coaching practice. You may have even created a website and had a few clients.

But it didn’t work. You lost your steam. Life got in the way. You got stuck.

And you’ve been beating yourself up, filled with regret, disappointment, and self-doubt ever since.

You’ve been coached to “get out of your own way” to stop "self-sabotaging". You’ve taken business and marketing courses. You've done lots of self-healing and personal growth work, to "fix" what you think is wrong with you. But you're still stuck at the starting gate.

You're still stuck doing your survival work, the job you wanted to get out of, when you took life coach training.

Your biggest fear is that you don't have a purpose, that you don't have a contribution that you can offer to the the world, outside of being a parent. You ache for something more.

Breathe. We're here for you.

Hi, I'm Bev Barnes, MSc.

I'm a Coach Mentor, Sacred Work Coach, and the Creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & Coaching Process.

I've trained, mentored and coached empathic, sensitive & intuitive, purpose-driven Life Coaches for about 15 years.

I can tell you categorically -

Nothing is wrong with you.

You don’t need healing or fixing. You aren’t a saboteur. You aren’t standing in your own way.

Your inner wisdom is trying to guide you in a different direction….outside of the box, not doing what you “thought” a Life Coach should do. There's a million ways you can use your life coach training.

You haven't found YOUR unique way, and that’s why you’re stuck.

You can discover and claim your sacred work, and I'll help you do that!

Get out of the traditional Life Coaching box.

Can you imagine what it would be like to get going, to be unstuck, inspired and clear on your sacred work?

Can you imagine telling other people what you do - sharing it proudly and unapologetically?

Claiming your unique creative spark and creating a business that fully reflected who YOU are?

Finally knowing what your sacred work is, and joyously creating it?

Knowing that you didn’t make a mistake by investing in life coach training, and that it led you to your calling? 

Finding the perfect way to use your life coach training - without being a "traditional" life coach? 

The Soul's Calling® Roadmap: Your Pathway to Your Sacred Work for Empathic Life Coaches, Creatives, Healers, Helpers, Teachers & Guides

Get the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Free training here.

The Soul's Calling Roadmap is a blueprint for discovering and doing your soul's calling - what you were born to do! Sign up here for immediate access to the course, and receive regular messages right in your inbox!

When you’re highly empathic, you’re skilled at fitting in, and reading other people.

You shape shift to make others comfortable. It's your gift. It’s what makes people come to you for help and advice. It’s what makes coaching feel so natural for you. But that gift of being able to fit in and read others, doesn't help when you are trying to discover your own sacred work. Because your sacred work requires that you define, claim and share what makes you different not what makes you the same.

And that means you must learn to stand out - as who you are, unapologetically- rather than fit in and not be seen.

This is a place where so many empathic, creative, purpose-driven women get stuck. And that’s why some of the programs you’ve taken to get going on your coaching business haven’t worked for you.

You haven’t addressed what is truly keeping you stuck – that you are still trying to fit in. And now you’re trying to fit in with other Life Coaches.

And that feels totally inauthentic for you. So you freeze. This isn't self-sabotage. This is guidance from your inner wisdom.

I created The Soul’s Calling® Roadmap and coaching process specifically for empathic, creative, purpose driven women, like you!

.....Because you’ve learned to discount your inner wisdom rather than be guided by it.

.....Because you're blocked by deeply ingrained cultural and family programming that you need to "out" and overcome.

.....Because you’ve forgotten how to play.

.....Because you've been hiding your genius - even from yourself, and you don't realize how AMAZING you are!

.....Because you haven't unraveled your own thread of purpose, or the core message that you came here to share.

.....Because doing your sacred work will give you joy, and the world needs more of that!

All of our Soul’s Calling® Academy programs are based on the process of transition outlined on the Soul's Calling® Roadmap. The roadmap takes you through the inner process of transition so that you can make the shift from your survival work to your sacred work. It’s fun and playful and backed up by rich, robust processes that work!

If you’re an empathic, purpose-driven, creative Life Coach who wants to bring more goodness and light into the world, but you're used to fitting in and now you need to learn how to stand out, as YOU, we can help.

The Soul’s Calling Roadmap is your pathway to your sacred work.


 Our Soul's Calling® Academy Programs

The Soul's Calling® Method

An 8-week, small-group, high-touch, course & coaching program for Life Coaches, Healers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Say goodbye to self-doubt, imposter syndrome & perfection paralysis!

Do the inner work required to shift from self-doubt to self-belief. You’ll learn, get coached, and be truly seen. And you’ll be supported, sistered and championed. When we’re done, you’ll be fully showing up. You'll get past your fear, get clear and get going on your sacred work!


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The Soul's Calling® Coaching Club

By Invitation Only 

Are you a soul's calling® alumni hungry for connection with women on the soul's calling journey too?

 Doing your sacred work means you’re always navigating the demands of a world that wasn’t made for you. You need a place where you can build your capacity to stand in your sacred work, your soul authority & your leadership.

Imagine having a space where you belong? Where you can show up unapologetically, as you? That’s our promise.

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Become a Certified Soul's Calling® Coach - Be The Lighthouse.

Have you been seeking a sound and soul-centered methodology for coaching?

 In this 6-month boutique training you'll master the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Coaching Process. You'll gain coaching & facilitation mastery, get mentored and unlock & use your own coaching genius.  Once certified, you'll be qualified to use our original Soul's Calling® materials in your world changing work and join our community coaches, healers, teachers & guides!

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