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Unlocking your hidden genius is the key to getting unstuck, & overcoming fear, imposter syndrome and perfection paralysis. When you get clarity around the unique set of gifts and purpose you bring to the world, you'll re-discover your passion, your motivation and your calling. Start your journey to getting unstuck with this free guide!

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You're a heart-centered life coach with the vision of making the world a better place, but you're stuck...... 

And you're stuck because you're unclear on your vision, or how to make your vision a reality. Or something has changed - and something about your coaching no longer lights you up. And so you're hiding & not fully shining your light. Maybe you're stuck because you're struggling with self-doubt or the fear of being "out there", or you're just totally confused and don't know what to do next. Your motivation is like a roller coaster - either through the roof, or in the dumps. Something isn't right, but you don't know what that is. And you're feeling like an imposter. How can you coach anyone when you're feeling this way about yourself? 

My hunch is that you're purpose adjacent, not purpose aligned.

And this matters because purpose driven coaches CANNOT get inspired or move to action if they aren't lined up in the bullseye of their soul's calling. You aren't someone who can just power away, put your head down and get things done - if it's not for the right reason. And that's what makes you different from most entrepreneurs. 

And...a common place where empathic, intuitive, heart-centered, Life Coaches get stuck is by trying to fit in, trying to be part of the crowd, like every other life coach.

But when you spend your whole life trying to fit in, you forget what makes you stand out.

And if you don't claim what makes you different, you'll stay stuck, keep hiding & never unleash your full coaching genius and you won't have FUN doing your soul's calling. And what's the point of that? 

So how do you get unstuck?

That's why we're here. Our coaching club, mentoring and training programs are designed specifically for heart-centered, empathic, purpose-driven, life coaches like you - who want to get unstuck, stop hiding, unleash their genius, and get going on the work that makes them come alive! With our guidance and support, you'll gain the clarity, confidence and resources you need to stop hiding, unleash your coaching genius, have more fun, and make the unique, positive contribution to the world, that only you can make!  

Hi, I'm Bev Barnes, M.S.

I'm the creator of the Soul's Calling® Roadmap & coaching process - a comprehensive, tested process designed to help you get unstuck & get going in your coaching or healing work.

And I'm here to tell you that you can get unstuck, stop hiding and start shining your light…..even if you don't know where to start!

The world is crying out for you, a new kind of leader. A leader like you! The world needs bright, heart-centered people who can heal, coach, teach and lead -  who have a deep calling to transform world. Your sensitivity isn’t a curse, it’s a gift that the world needs.

I was just like you, so I know the pain of being stuck - not doing your soul's calling, and feeling unseen. I hid my light for most of my life - until I learned how to overcome my programming and claim my genius. And that's when my suffering stopped. Now I use my intuitive, coaching genius to guide you to get unstuck, and be the Coach, Healer, Guide or Teacher that you were meant to be. 

Along with my Master Life Coach certification, I hold a master's degree in the Human Behaviour Sciences, a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic therapy, & graduate training in Career Counselling.

My passion is to help you transform your stuckness, your confusion and your self-doubt to clarity, conviction and purpose-aligned action!

The Soul's Calling® Roadmap: A framework for unleashing your coaching genius so you can get unstuck and get going on your soul's calling!

Get the Soul's Calling® Roadmap Free training here.

The Soul's Calling Roadmap is a blueprint for getting unstuck as a purpose-driven healer, or coach. You'll get clear and get going on what you came here to do! Sign up here for immediate access to this mini-course, and receive regular messages right in your inbox!

I created The Soul’s Calling® Roadmap and coaching process specifically for empathic, creative, purpose driven women, like you - who don't realize that they're stuck because they're purpose adjacent, not because something is "wrong" with them.

.....Because you’ve learned to discount your inner wisdom rather than be guided by it.

.....Because you're blocked by deeply ingrained cultural and family programming that you need to "out" and overcome.

.....Because you’ve forgotten how to play.

.....Because you've been hiding your genius - even from yourself, and you don't realize how AMAZING you are!

.....Because you haven't unraveled your own thread of purpose, or the core message that you came here to share.

.....Because you don't realize that doing your sacred work will give you more & more joy.

And because you aren't taking all those steps above, outlined in the roadmap - you get stuck.

All of our Soul’s Calling® Academy programs are based on the framework outlined in the Soul's Calling® Roadmap. The roadmap takes you through the deep inner process that helps you to unlock your coaching genius and claim it. And that's how you get unstuck! 

If you’re a heart-centered, purpose-driven, creative Life Coach who wants to get going and bring more goodness and light into the world, but you feel stuck and confused, we can help.

The Soul’s Calling Roadmap is your pathway to unstuckness & your sacred work.

 The Soul's Calling® Academy Programs

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There’s an unanswered calling, a work of heart in your soul that is waiting to be fully expressed.

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