The Soul's Calling® Coaching Club

The Coaching Community for Women Who Are Discovering & Doing
The Meaningful Work That is Their Soul's Calling.

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Are you emotionally exhausted from trying to fit in to a world that wants you to be invisible?

Does this make it so hard to find clarity & stay on track with uncovering & doing your meaningful work - your soul's calling? 

Then you're in the right place, and I created the Soul's Calling Coaching Club just for you!

Does This Sound Like You?

You've spent most of your life trying NOT to make waves, to make it work, to feel better, to suck it up.

But you still aren’t seen. You still aren’t heard. You still don't get to make the contribution that you know you can make.

I think this calls for radical action.

It’s time to stop trying to BE better, to WORK harder so that you have a seat at the table...that you rarely get.

Let me lift the veil of illusion - this system was never made for you.

You have to create something new.

You need to use that genius that’s been hidden inside you.

It’s time for you to find your voice and use it.

The world needs people who have come alive.

Start rocking the boat and start making waves.

Unlock your genius. Use it. Create the work that makes you come alive.

That’s how you’ll answer your soul’s calling and that’s how you’ll change the world.

Join us in this new private coaching membership,  The Soul's Calling® Coaching Club.

It's for brilliant, creative, empathic & intuitive women who have been overlooked, ignored and marginalized, and yet they yearn to create personally meaningful work that makes a positive difference.

It's a place to connect with a diverse group of other women, who will help you to see yourself, heal from patriarchy and white supremacy, and understand and process your inner experiences, so that you claim the magnificence of who you've always been.

It's a place where you can  be yourself without trying to meet expectations of who you should be, quirks and all.

It's a place where you can finally navigate towards your own soul's calling and create your own soul aligned work while being supported by others who are making this same uncharted journey. 

It's a place for women who were born to be healers, teachers, guides, coaches & leaders to connect to support eachother and to belong.

I am on a mission to make this world a better place, one person at a time.

If you're tired of being overlooked, ignored and invisible, join us.

What you'll get in the Soul's Calling® Coaching Club:

1. A private, coaching community with weekly coaching, connection & deep dive clarity calls:

This is not an online membership group where most of your "connection" time happens in an online forum. This is a weekly live coaching club - where you can hop on to live weekly calls, including: 

  • Deep-dive Soul's Calling coaching with founder and Master Coach/Mentor Bev Barnes;
  • Exclusive Master Classes with Bev Barnes and/or Nicole Croizier to help you focus on an important element of unlocking your genius, unravelling your programming and finding meaning and purpose;
  • Bonus Live Virtual Pop-Up Workshops on specific topics and give-aways (for example: Boundaries, Soul’s Niche, Blogging, Body Wisdom; the 3rd Act etc.) with Certified Soul’s Calling Coaches
2. Access to our two core courses & curriculum around The Soul's Calling Roadmap:

The Soul's Calling Roadmap outlines the transition process from what you're doing now to a life & work full of meaning and purpose. This is the proprietary process developed by Bev Barnes based on her life's work:

  • Unlock Your Soul's Calling: The original course & curriculum on The Soul's Calling Roadmap process - perfect for you whether your meaningful work is a career, business, passion project, cause or something else.
  • The Soul Success Path for Life Coaches: Because so many aspiring or practicing life coaches are drawn to our work, we created this customized course on the Soul's Calling Roadmap process specifically for coaches & other empathic solopreneurs. 
  • You'll get access to both courses, each of which includes a robust and comprehensive curriculum that you can go through over and over again, at your own pace. Our on-line portal provides you with a treasure chest of resources to guide you including, videos, visualizations & exercises.
  • Connection, connection, connection, connection – which will help you to understand and see yourself and develop your own unique identity & soul’s calling;
  • Regular Q & A's to answer all your questions
2. Bonus connection, community & clarity:

In addition to the weekly calls and course access, you'll get:

  • Access to an online forum to communicate, share and connect around the weekly calls or course content;
  • A private, safe and inspiring Community of heart-minded women, creating work with meaning and purpose;
  • Opportunities to make off-line friendships;
  •  Bonus content, such as interactive book clubs at regular intervals;
  • First access to all future retreats, trainings and workshops


This is for women who are:

  • Doing world changing work and need support of like heart-minds;
  • All ages, of all colours or all nationalities who want to do something to make the world a better place and they know that they must start with finding their voice, claiming their genius and overcoming the programming that tells them they must put everyone else first, hide and fit in;
  • Intuitive & empathic women who need stop focusing on other people’s lives and start focusing on themselves and start creating their own "thing" without guilt;
  • On-line, empathic & intuitive solo-entrepreneurs, life coaches, healers, guides who are growing their soul-aligned practice;
  • Creating soul aligned work but they aren’t sure about what makes them unique;
  • Craving deep and honest connections with other women & a safe space to practice not hiding, using their voice and sharing their truth;
  • Wanting to get coached and gain the benefits of seeing others get coached;
  • Ready to get seen for who they really are, in order to see themselves and claim their brilliance:
  • Daring to decide to create their own work or business so that they can make a difference in the world;
  • Interested in transitioning to coaching and want to get coached through the soul’s calling® roadmap process;
  • In the middle of a volcano eruption in their lives and are looking for a roadmap & support;
  • None of the above but have a gut feeling that this is the right group for them!


NEW Master Classes with Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier

Weekly Group Coaching Call

2 Robust Courses Self-Study Courses

The destination is the journey! You'll constantly be navigating, changing directions, trying things out and clarifying your "thing" in the world...

 Meet - Master Coaches Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier

We are passionate about helping women to claim the truth of who they are so that they can do their soul's calling. The world needs us all.

And we love to laugh and play and make this work fun! We have deep dive content that requires the courage for you to be vulnerable and be seen.We are always looking for the joy behind the tears, the light in the shadow. We dance. We sing. We LAUGH and we model being unapologetically and unflinchingly authentic!

The Soul's Calling Coaching Club is opening SOON! Join the Waitlist here to receive a special invitation for our next opening! 

When you sign up, you'll also receive our newsletter & updates. You can unsubscribe at any time.