Hi there Soul's Calling Alumni! 

You’ve been invited here because you’ve completed a course  -  Unlock Your Soul's Calling or Roadmap to your Soul's Calling, or my Intensive Unique Genius Retreat, in Tulum, Pismo Beach, Gatineau or on-line, or maybe you completed the Soul's Calling® Coach & Facilitator training. Some of you worked with us recently and for some of you it was years and years ago.

Nonetheless, I know that you are part of the Purpose Tribe - someone who has to do personally meaningful work or else you'll suffer. And I know that that now, you are on the soul’s calling journey….growing your sacred work.

It’s a big deal.

Big congratulations.

It means that you’re a trail blazer.  It means that you create work rather than find it! It means that you do what you were made for and not just what you get paid for. It means that YOU are the example that others follow. It means that you light the way for others who are just behind you on this path.

We all share this mission of bringing more goodness and light into the world.

But it can be hard to do.

Because we live in a world that was created by and for Pirates – people who believe that the purpose of life is to accumulate wealth, influence, and power over others.

That means that while you are creating or doing your sacred work, you’re also navigating the day-to-day pressures of Pirate World, AT THE SAME TIME.

And sh*t happens. You get knocked off course. Parents get sick. Spouses lose their jobs. Relationships fall apart. Adult children have mental health issues. …..

And when you’re a helper or healer how do you continue to take care of you, and nurture your sacred work, when you see real need in your family?

And then there’s the on-line world. Every single day you are told who you should be as an entrepreneur – which is NEVER WHO YOU ARE.

And suppose you aren't entrepreneurial, does that mean you can't do your sacred work?

There’s a lot to navigate as you create and grow your sacred work.

And you are probably doing your best to avoid the hustle culture, to trust your body and soul wisdom, to clear out your multi-generational “fit in, stay quiet and hide” programming, to claim your genius, to gain bone-deep conviction from your purpose, to share your voice and to take action and be the light in the world that you were born to be….

I’m exhausted just writing that. Ha!

But wouldn’t it be easier if you had a drop in community where you could get coached, hear others getting coached and feel resourced on a regular basis?

That’s why I created the Soul’s Calling® Coaching Club.

It’s a coaching club, so there WILL be coaching, every other week when we meet. It’s NOT a course. It’s a coaching club. I’ll be coaching you…and we’ll be talking about what comes up for YOU because of the coaching.

I created the Soul’s Calling Coaching Club because I know that once you’ve done the work to discover what you came here to do, you need a place where you can build your capacity to stand in your sacred work and claim it. And you need to apply all that you've learned about following your calling to yourself!

You need:

  • To get coached through your blockages, confusion and fear or hear other people get coached.
  • To recognize that you aren’t alone, that your body & soul wisdom is always guiding you.
  • To remember your why - and how important your sacred work is for you.
  • To keep showing up and taking action for as long as it takes to bring your important mission to the world!

I know how easy it is to be thrown off course – to think that what you’re doing isn’t good enough, or isn’t original enough, or isn’t world changing enough.

And all of that’s a lie.

You have a gem of genius that needs to be expressed in the world.

The Soul’s Calling Coaching Club is here to support you in doing that.


What You Get in the Soul's Calling® Coaching Club

Masterful Coaching by Bev Barnes M.Sc.

Get coached, and be part of the safe, energetic container that we create together,  every other week! Master Life Coach & Coach Instructor, Bev Barnes M.Sc., will be coaching about 2 people LIVE on each call. You'll get through whatever is blocking you. And you'll get downloads from your soul on these calls, whether you're live or listen to the post-class recording. This is the heart of the Soul's Calling® Coaching Club. Soul's calling coaching is life-changing.

An International Sisterhood of Support

You'll belong. Every other call we'll have an Idea Party or Soul Service Spotlight. This is brainstorming at its best. You'll share your idea OR your soul service and where you're stuck - and the entire group will brainstorm ideas & solutions. You'll share & receive the brilliance of this group. You'll get seen, and truly see each-other. You'll be with your Purpose Tribe sisters who’ve decided to stop hiding, to use their voices and to do their sacred work. You'll get inspired and supported.

Our On-line Hub, Course & Resources

You’ll get access to our on-line portal and private Facebook group. Bev’s new video training and resources all help you to stay purpose-aligned rather than purpose adjacent as you continue your lifetime soul’s calling journey. You’ll also get the NEW Soul’s Calling® Spiral & Playbook! And… we’ll be doing a deep dive into this process during the month of October with special additional group sessions!  (Surprise – dates and days to be determined!)

How the Soul's Calling® Coaching Club Works

Every live call has a theme, and you'll be invited to volunteer to get coached. We'll discuss the theme of the week, do a visualization or meditation, and two people will get coached. We'll follow up with a group discussion where you can share your insights. You'll have homework exercises that are related to the weekly topic, so that you can dig deeper between classes.

Bev will select 2 different people to coach on each class. And if you aren't coached no worries. You can benefit SO much by hearing others be coached. Often there's a message that comes through that is exactly what you need to hear - even if you aren't the person being coached. It's magical. And you'll learn by just listening to Bev's coaching style.

We'll spiral through the soul's calling roadmap coaching process - having a different theme for each call. This includes:

  1. Daring to Decide - deciding to live in your truth.
  2. Decoding your Body & Soul Wisdom & Unpacking your Pirate World Programming.
  3. Unlocking your Genius & Purpose;
  4. Facing your Fears & Resistance;
  5. Using your Genius and Creating your Sacred work;
  6. Discovering What You Need to Learn & Testing and Tweaking.
  7. Doing your Sacred Work. Taking action and constantly testing and tweaking!

After each call, you'll get a recording, and share your personal insights on our private FB group. 

Meet Your Coach & Facilitator Bev Barnes M.Sc.

Let me re-introduce myself! I'm Bev! I hold a master’s degree in the Human Behaviour Sciences, a graduate diploma in Brief & Strategic Therapy, and graduate training in Group Facilitation and Career Development. I’m passionate about helping women to claim their brilliance and do the work that they were born to do, especially women who've been hiding, or marginalized, because they were taught to be invisible.

I’ve led hundreds of personal and career development groups, and coached people from all over the world who yearn to transition from their survival work - the work they are paid for. to their sacred work - the work they were made for.

A certified Master Life Coach, I  trained and mentored new Life Coaches for Dr. Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training for over ten years. I’ve been training and mentoring Life Coaches in my boutique Soul’s Calling® Coach Training program since 2015.

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