What's Essential For Your Life's Work

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Years ago I had a client. He was constantly busy in a highly demanding job. He was aching to create new, meaningful, fulfilling work, so he hired me.

He squished our appointments in-between meetings. He didn't do any of the homework that I assigned, and instead gave me old assessments he'd done with consulting firms. (I assume he thought he was saving time.) And that's when I learned something critical.

In order to create your life’s work, you need space.

You can't pile your life's work, your sacred soul work on top of everything else in your life. The seeds for your life's work won't grow on top of your old life.

You need space.

And if you have a deep calling to do something purposeful and keep ignoring the call and keep piling on other activities, you'll get sick.

I've seen that so often...diabetes, heart palpitations, painful joints, overwhelming anxiety, debilitating fatigue. It's not a punishment, it's your body trying to tell you that something needs to change.

You need space.

Space in your life.

Space away from people and their emotions.

Space from things.

Space to connect to God or whatever you call her.

You need space to get ideas.

Space to get inspired.

Space lives beneath the clutter.

Space is time unfilled with obligations.

Space is time to play.

Space is time to walk or bike or hike outside.

Space is time to draw or colour or do yoga.

Space is time to breathe.

You need space to hear your inner voice, because it is always guiding you and will tell you what to create. And the way you hear your inner voice is different than mine. Your inner voice might be a feeling or a image or a tiny unformed desire or even a whole downloaded picture. Your inner voice may not be a voice at all.

....And then write down all that you’ve been told right away because you’ll forget.

Big love,



Big love,




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