What Old Story Keeps You Stuck?

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What painful story do you keep telling yourself over and over again that keeps you stuck?

Out that story and remember that it isn't your soul's truth.

And yes, the photo is me at about 3 years old.

We carry untrue stories about ourselves for a lifetime! That's what I'm talking about on today's blog.

Imagine that you came into this world as a light. That you are goodness and love wrapped up with special gift that is yours to give to the world, that adds love to the world.....your ultimate purpose.

But right away, you notice that something is off. If you are lucky enough to show up where you can get your basic survival needs (food, shelter, love) met, you start to notice that when you were exactly who you are, you’re criticized or shamed or someone else feels “less that” because you are so shiny.

So right away you start to dim your light.

So that you can fit in. So that you can be accepted. So that you can belong.

When I look at that picture of me at 3 years old, I see a quiet observer. I see a very, very cute child, I might add, who is observing everything and trying to figure out what is going on….so that she can fit in.

That’s the painful story I told myself for much of my life.

I’ve got to fit in.

That story kept me stuck in jobs that weren’t me, in relationships that weren’t mine, in locations where I didn’t belong, in situations where I wasn't seen, appreciated or cherished.

And that untrue story also led me to my unique life’s purpose.

Because my purpose is to help others see and claim where they stand out and shine - the opposite of the story that I told myself.

 So out your painful story. It’s not your soul’s truth. And it’ll illuminate your purpose.



Happy Sunday!


Big love,


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