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You know what they don’t tell you in school?

That a career is something you create, not something you find.

You’ll have to create your own career….and keep creating it over and over again.

Even if you have a buisness.

No one is going to take care of you and make sure that you love your work.

No one is going to see what great work you’re doing and then parachute you into the job of your dreams. I mean it might happen, but not very likely.

You’ll need to create your career over and over and over again.

You’ll get downsized.

You’ll get bored.

You won’t find a job that fits you perfectly.

You’ll move.

You’ll have children.

You’ll get passionate about something new.

You’ll change your mind.

You’ll make a wrong choice and want to make it right.

We grow up learning that there is some “thing” that we want to be when we grow up, and our job is to find it. The lucky ones know what they want to do at 4 or 17 years old and they have the support to follow that dream and do it.

The other 99% of us think something is wrong with us because we don’t know what we want, what we’re good at or what we should do.

So we pick something usually that someone else thinks is a good choice – or we don’t pick, and end up doing something that we never knew existed and would never have picked – if we’d known any better.

And we’re told that we should make the best of it – especially if the pay is really good; especially if we’ve paid for lots of specialized training to do it; especially if it’s a noble endeavor and is supposed to help people…….even if we feel like we’re betraying our soul when we’re doing it.

Nobody tells us that we’ll need to create and recreate and recreate our careers all our lives.

No one tells us that we’ll grow and change; that boredom and lethargy are signs that the job is wrong for you; that nothing is wrong with you if you hate what you do; that you are so much closer to what you want when you acknowledge what you don’t want.

If you’re a young person, feel underemployed and can’t get the job you think you want – create your own career.

Even if you never thought you’d be self-employed or have a business – life is pushing you to create your own career. You can’t wait around for someone to pick you for a job that you have no experience in while you get more and more discouraged and disheartened.

If you’re bored in your job and you know that you aren’t doing what you were made for create your own career.

Even if the pay is amazing and you trained long and hard for your profession – it’s up to you to listen to that boredom signal and re-create your career so that it lights you up. You might need to start your own thing, become an entrepreneur, create a micro-business.

If you’re self employed and you’ve lost your spark and your business feels like a job without the benefits, then you too need to re-create your career.

No matter what people think, no matter how many followers you have or how many people want you to keep doing what you’ve always done.

If there’s no spark for you, it’s up to you to re-invent, recreate, your own career.

That’s your job. It’s nobody else’s.

Dare to decide.

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