Stop Rowing

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I get guidance from my coaching sessions. Wisdom bubbles up in that sacred container and it comes through me (not from me) when I coach. I always get guidance when I coach - and not only for my client, but for me too.

Maybe you need this message too. That's why I'm sharing it here. 


My coaching theme this month is an oldie that keeps coming back. It's so easy to think that you can control everything - when you can't. That's why this message is one that I hear over and over again in so many different ways.

In all my coaching sessions, underneath the topic that we're talking about, this is what I've been hearing and my client needs to know: 

"You are being guided."

By an unseen force.

That only wants the best for you.

You aren't alone.

Allow those unseen forces to help you.

You can let go of the reins and things won't fall apart.

You can stop trying to push and force things into being the way they you think they should be - and when you do, everything will shift into something even better.

Stop rowing.

You are rowing against the current.

Let the water take you.

Let go of the oars.

Your boat will turn around and go the way it was supposed to go.

Do only what feels like a full body "YES".

That's how your guidance speaks to you.

Big love,


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! 

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