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I had a pivotal life-changing dream many years ago, that I’ve never forgotten. 

I was in the middle of trying to find my true calling in life.  I had admitted that my work was not who I really was and I had decided to only do what felt deeply right for me.  I was at a point in my exploration that I was trying to decide whether to quit my job.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, some kind of facilitating or personal development work, but there was no job-title that I knew of that I could focus on.  I didn’t know who would pay me for doing what I wanted to be doing.  I was really afraid that if I quit my job, I’d have no security.  I was terrified of the unknown.

That’s when I had this dream:

I was in a subway station with many other people.  There was a huge explosion or noise and I knew that the tunnel was collapsing and it was imperative to get out.  Hundreds of people were waiting anxiously for the train in order to escape. I knew that we had to get out before our station collapsed too.     I was really worried that the train wouldn’t come or I wouldn’t be near enough to the doors to get on.

Then I saw this brilliant, blinding, warm, inviting light.  It was the train!   Doors opened up directly in front of me.  A conductor smiled lovingly at me and invited me to get on.  As my eyes were able to better focus, I noticed that this wasn’t a train.

It was a bus!

My mind started to process:  What is bus doing here? – It won’t be able to go on the tracks – The tracks are for trains – This isn’t safe- Maybe I shouldn’t get on.  So, in a collapsing tunnel, with a golden doorway opened directly in front of me, I didn’t get on the bus.  I was too afraid that the bus wouldn’t lead me out of the tunnel.

I was wrong.

I watched the bus pull away.  And it did something I had never considered; it got off the tracks, turned into a hidden pathway and followed a route I’d never even noticed.  I watched as it got up to the surface and out of the tunnel.

When I woke up, I was filled with regret at the choice I had made in the dream.  That dream and its message has stayed with me for over 20 years now.  Every time I feel stuck, or I don’t know what to do next, or how to do it, I remember that bus.  I call it my Soul's Bus.

One of the reasons that this dream showed up was to guide me.  That’s what dreams do – even if the image is scary it’s all for you – trying to support you and give you information that you need. 

Wisdom from your soul shows up in your dreams.

Here's my dream wisdom that may help you too as you're making a decision:

1.  When you think you’re waiting for a train to get to your heart’s desire, you are probably waiting for a bus.

2.  You don’t have to know the route; you just need to trust that it’s there.

3.  Just because you don’t see the path, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

4.  Something will always show up, to help you find your way.

5.  When it shows up, you’ll know its “right” by how it feels – warm, inviting and filled with light.

6.  When your bus shows up, jump on, even if it doesn’t look like what you thought it would.

In case you were curious, very soon after I had this dream, my whole life changed.  My job collapsed and I was downsized, I had a baby (he’s now 22!!) and my bus showed up:  self-employment as a Life & Career Coach – that I’d never dreamed of – but it was a perfect fit!


Big love,



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