Pirate World or Purpose World? What Do You Choose?

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Luckily, I never fit in. I’m a Black woman who was raised in a white society. So I felt the pain of being ignored and being undervalued. As I’ve shared before, one of my own personal dark nights of the soul was my catalyst for creating my own body of work and leaving Pirate World. 

I think that the world is at a shift point and because we are having such a collective dark night of the soul, renewal and transformation is possible. But we are stuck in Pirate World – where accumulating loot and power over others is the only goal. And if we stay stuck in Pirate World, no renewal will happen, and the world will slowly erode. 

Part of the problem is that we’ve been programmed by our society to see Pirates as romantic, swashbuckling, strong independent thinkers. That’s the big illusion. Pirates have only one intention – to get – more loot and more power over people. Pirates, who put their flag up on foreign lands, claim the land, enslave the people and take the rich resources. Pirates, who believe that women are the prize and Black people are the workers never the leaders. Pirates, who have created and maintain an invisible caste hierarchy where they are at the top and everyone else is assigned a role to maintain their power.  (Read Isabel Wilkerson’s brilliant book Caste, The Origins of Our Discontent, for more on this.)

But I have a new vision for the world. And it’s the one that so many of us are being called to create right now. I call it Purpose World. In Purpose World every living being is important and has a purpose and adds beauty to the world. Every living being has value and matters. Purpose World is a world that is powered by purpose, not Pirates. 

In Purpose World, no one is pretending to be who they are not. It’s inconceivable. We are all being who we were meant to be. And we are thriving and growing. We are interdependent and proud of that. Each child knows that their real job in life is to be who they are, and our educational, business, spiritual instruction and parenting systems are all designed to help people grow into who they were meant to be. When we do that we’ll also do the work that we were meant to do. And when everyone does that, we’ll drop our Pirate World programming and find our freedom.


And the freedom to be who we were born to be, is our birthright – the birthright that Pirate World has taken from each of us.


Which brings us back to right now. What can we do, right now, to shift from Pirate World to Purpose World?


To get out of Pirate World, you have to see and claim what you’re blind to about yourself – your gifts, your talents, your energetic signature, your perspective, the thread of your unique purpose that is woven throughout your life, everything about you that you’ve disowned or kept hidden because of your Pirate World programming.

I call that your unique genius. And then you’ve got to create your life & work by using your unique genius as the core and central element.

Big love,




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