How to Find the Deep Soul Focus For Your Business

Are you a life coach, guide, healer & helper starting or growing a passion driven business? Do you keep getting stuck on your path forward because you just aren’t clear on the true soul purpose & focus for your business?

I’ve spent my life coaching & mentoring people just like you – and what I know for sure is that when you don’t know the true deep soul focus for your business, everything feels hard.

So when you’re just starting your business, you struggle to create your website, write your copy, tell people what you do and market your business.

And if you’re already running a business, you constantly feel like something’s off or wrong, so you keep changing stuff. You change your website copy, you change your programs, you change your offers, or you keep completely changing directions.

Do either of these sound familiar to you?

The truth is that until you finally know the deep soul focus for your business, you’ll never feel truly inspired, motivated & energized around what you do. You’ll never stop that constant searching for what feels right for you.

And you’ll never know what it’s really like to have a business that’s aligned with your soul.

Like so, so many aspiring coaches, you’ll stay stuck in a constant pattern of searching for your right thing and never really getting your business off the ground in the way you want to.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The reason why so many coaches never connect to their true thing, the reason why so many coaches never really do what they were born to do, is because finding the true soul focus for your business is deep work.

It’s a process that takes time, and requires working through some specific steps - and you need support & mentoring along the way so you can:

  • Really see yourself, your true gifts, your life story, and what’s truly amazing and unique about YOU
  • Move past all of the programming from your parents, your family, your culture & society that constantly steers you off track
  • Understand how fear, doubt & resistance come up for you so you can STAY on track
  • Turn the soul-focus for your business into something really tangible – so you can see it and remember it – this is your program outline, your messaging, your fee offer, your copy.

And this process can't happen overnight. It can't happen just in your head. Because all of that fear, resistance, doubt and programming will get in the way. 

But that's what most new coaches do. They finish coach training and skip right over this important step and start business building and marketing. And then they get stuck. Then stuff doesn't feel right. Then they never really get their businesses off the ground. 

Because they've skipped over the most important step - doing the deep work to excavate your fears/doubts/resistance, uncover and really see your gifts & genius, and move past all that programming to really know & remember your true business focus at a soul level.

And that’s what we do in my intensive retreats. That's what we do in my new course.  

In Discover Your Soul’s Calling, you will uncover the central purpose around which to orient your coaching/healing/guiding work/business. This is what you’ll do:

  • You’ll stop pursuing your false purpose, which has been programmed by society, or gender or culture or multi-generations of family.
  • You’ll uncover your Soul’s Niche (the niche that has chosen you) which includes WHAT you do, HOW you do it and WHO you do it for;
  • You’ll craft your Core Message – your rally cry, what you’ll share with your clients and the message that expresses your core purpose and describes what the underlying motivation for your business really is;
  • You’ll finally know what makes you an original, unique and different – your Unique Genius - and you’ll claim your special gifts and put them on center stage in your work or business;
  • You’ll face your fears and doubts by discovering how fear shows up for learn how to decode your fears and follow your soul’s counsel;
  • You’ll create your Soul Program Outline and a related free offer that you’ll be able to launch or re-launch your business around.

You will leave this course finally knowing the true direction & purpose for your business.

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