Guess What Card I Picked This Sunday!

coaching dare to decide find your purpose purpose soul soul's calling roadmap transition Feb 03, 2020

Happy Sunday. I picked another card for you this Sunday. I think I might start calling this Soul’s Calling Card Sunday! I promised my soul that I would write a blog post on whatever card showed up. So what happened?  I picked the only card in the deck – aside from the instructions card, that doesn’t have a question on it!

I picked the Soul’s Calling Roadmap card.

If this was a Tarot Card deck, the Soul’s Calling Roadmap card would be the Major Arcana. This card is referring to the big picture of your life, rather than the daily guidance that the other cards offer. This card gives you a message about the bigger picture of your life and its long-term direction.

Remember that the most important part of the card’s meaning is reflecting on what it means for you. Take the time to read through my explanation of the card, then ask yourself the questions I’ve listed at the end of this post and find for your own answers.

What is the Soul’s Calling™ Roadmap? And what does this mean for you?

First, let me tell you a story about how the roadmap came about. It starts about thirty years ago. I was working – in a “helping” job. It sounded like it helped people, but it really didn’t. I was a cog in the bureaucratic wheel. I’d see people in my office and I always felt like I wanted people to change more than they wanted to. I wondered why I was even trying to convince people of what would be better for them. They didn’t follow my counsel. It was an uphill battle that seemed absurd.

And that’s when I had this image of a volcano erupting on an island and people had to get off the island or else, they’d be engulfed with lava and die. I drew a sketch of that here:

To get off the island you have to get down to the beach, get on a boat and go. You don’t find another island to go to, you become a sea-dweller. You completely transform everything about the way you used to live and leave it behind.

I imagined that I had been trying to help the people who were in the volcano and didn’t want to leave. I was trying to help people who didn’t want help, who didn’t believe they needed to change, who were in denial about their world imploding….who were going to keep coping with the misery that they were in….no matter what. I realized that I was bashing my head against a proverbial wall trying to convince people that they their world couldn’t continue as is.

I needed to make a transition…..not them.

I need to shift my focus to another group who could hear what I was saying.

I needed to work with people who knew that the old world was imploding and needed help to find their way to a new world.

That’s what inspired the Soul’s Calling Roadmap, but it went on to have many more meanings than that. Let me give you an overview:

The Soul’s Calling Roadmap is referring to the huge transformation that we all need to make because the old world – that I like to call Pirate World – is in self-destruct mode. The thing that is valued the most in Pirate World is loot. Your purpose is to get more loot and more power over other people, and he has the most loot when he dies, wins.  Notice I said “he” because “she’s” aren’t really acknowledged in Pirate World.

Trying to cope to change things, or working harder to make Pirate World kinder and gentler is a losing battle. It’s Pirate World people! It’s not going to get kinder and gentler. It’s going to eat you up and burn you out.

So, what do you do?

You dare to decide to leave the volcano, to shift from Pirate World values and find Soul World where you follow love, not fear.

It’s a big transition.

It means you stop coping with misery and stop repressing emotion. It means that you unwind and unravel all the warped programming that you’ve adopted because you grew up in Pirate World. It means that you dare to decide that you are unique, that you have a purpose, that you have gifts to share with the world, that you actually can do what makes you come alive, and in fact that’s your only real job! And then you’ve got to dare to decide to lead your life following love, not fear – even though the fear of Pirate World is all around you.

So the questions to ask yourself with the Soul’s Calling Roadmap card are these:

Where are you in the journey of transition from Pirate World to Soul World?

....What transition is taking place in your life right now?

....What are you letting go?

....What is emerging?

When you think about what a huge shift the world needs to make it can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone.

If each of us does our bit – what we’re here to do, then that’s enough. I always think of the 80:20 rule. Imagine if only 20 percent of the world’s population were living their lives, doing what they were meant to do, leading their lives with love and not fear?

Imagine what the world would be like?

Happy Sunday,

Big love,

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