Can You Hear Your Soul Calling?

Are you going back to work after a long summer vacation? Are your kids going back to school after the summer holidays? How does it feel? Do you feel like you are walking backwards, a heaviness in your chest, brain fog, distress, frustration, angst, and discontent?

That’s your soul calling.

Or do you feel your heart opening? Relief? In flow with the energy of the universe? Peace, joy and a glimmer of excitement?

That’s your soul calling.

Your soul is your inner, grounded GPS. It helps you navigate your life. Your soul calls you to move towards heart opening experiences and away from angst filled experiences.

It doesn’t judge what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing. It just tells you what’s right for you, through your body sensations and emotions.

Your soul is constantly nudging you and trying to direct you, but if you don’t listen, your world tumbles down, and your life erupts – like a volcano – so that you’re forced to change something.

Your soul is a deeply, earth-centered connection to the truth of who you are. It is connected to Source/God energy. Hidden inside your soul is your unique and innate genius. Michael Meade, renowned story-teller, author, and scholar says that it is the genius within us that calls.

 “The most useful thing in the world is to know who you are at the core of your life and what you are intended to serve in this world.” ~ Michael Meade

Your soul nudges you to be who you were made to be and to do what you were made to do. There’s something that only you were made for. Your unique combination of gifts and passions and life lessons lead you straight there – but it’s often hard to see this by yourself.

It’s not a job or profession in that 9-5, get paid for it, way. It’s something else, that you can’t NOT do – making things more efficient or beautiful; transmuting pain; making people laugh; creating soulful art. It could be anything. Your real job is to find that thing and do it – whether it’s a career or not.

It’s a difficult dance because navigating how to make money and still do what you came for can be really confusing.

It’s easy to follow other people’s formulas that don’t work for you. I’ve been there too. I’ve taken many, many “how-to” courses, classes and webinars, and I’ve read a gazillion books and blogs. Whenever I get stuck, I know that I’ve stopped listening to my soul’s voice and started listening to someone else.

There are many things to learn about business and marketing, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or why you are doing it, then no biz course in the world will help you.

My quest has always been to create my genius work – work that showcases my gifts and that I love to do. Not everybody wants this. Some people are satisfied to use their genius as a hobby.

But if you’re like me, you ache to express your genius in your work. If you don’t, then your life starts to feel meaningless.

If you want to get paid for what you were made for, then it’s ESSENTIAL to really “know” who you are at core – your soul self.

You’ve got to listen to your soul to do it.

Are you listening to your soul’s calling or are you ignoring it?

I LOVE, love hearing from you. Let me know in the comments what messages you’re getting from your soul.

Big love,



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