Are You Willing To Face Your Fears?

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What do you want so much that you’d be willing to face your fears to accomplish?

That’s the card I picked this Sunday from my Soul's Calling Card deck.

The question that you’ll usually be asked is – “What would you do if you had no fear?” The problem is, if you’re answering your soul's calling, you'll ALWAYS be afraid, so then what do you do? You need to keep going despite the fear.

Fear masquerades as confusion, overwhelm and fatigue. I remember just wanting to go back to my soul sucking job just so that I could stop feeling uncomfortable and anxious and nervous. But I didn't.

Because sometimes – the thing that’s calling you keeps calling you.

So what do you do?

You face your fears and you decode what your feelings actually mean.

Is the fear telling you that this thing isn’t right for you, or is it resistance because this is your calling, or is it something else?

Here’s what I’ve learned – when the thing that causes you fear keeps calling to you, keeps tugging at your heartstrings, then it’s something that needs doing. It's worth facing your fears.

For me, doing live intensive workshops that take place over several days, to help people connect to their own soul’s calling has never stopped calling me. It's what I want so much that I'm willing to face my fears to do.

  • Even when I was told to start with one-on-one coaching before groupwork - and I didn't want to, I did it anyway;
  • Even when I was afraid that nobody would sign up, and that would mean I couldn't do my life's work, I did it anyway;
  • Even when only one person signed up for a retreat and I transformed it into a personalized VIP session, I did it anyway;
  • Even when I was afraid about what people would think about me if I promoted my work on Facebook and with ads and to my mailing list….alot, I did it anyway;
  • Even when I only broke even doing an intensive retreat and I worried if this would ever be a source of income, I did it anyway;
  • Even when I thought that February, in the coldest capital in the world was an awful time for people to come to a live retreat event and I offered it anyway…twice, and people came!

For me, daring to decide to do intensive live workshops over several days to help people connect to their soul’s calling is what I’m willing to face my fears to accomplish. It is truly what I came here to do!

What about you?

We just finished the Soul & Sisterhood Winter Retreat. An intensive 4 days in Chelsea Quebec. Snow-shoeing, spa, soul, sisterhood and an intensive deep dive into creating a new life chapter by really seeing and claiming your unique life’s purpose. We had women at all the life stages, who knew that they needed to take the time out of their own lives to finally discover what was truly important to them, and start doing it.

It was magical.

I’m SO glad I faced my fears and did it anyway!

Now it's your turn....

Big love,



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