Are You Really In Your Own Way?

all subjects Jun 21, 2022

"Get out of your own way. Stop self-sabotaging. Don’t give in to resistance. Get up off the couch."

We, Life Coaches make a living by “helping people get out of their own way”.

In fact, that used to be part of how I described myself and what I did as a Coach. But I’ve been doing much more one-on-one coaching lately. And I’ve been hearing from amazing, capable women all kinds of self-doubt and frustration and sadness because they believe that they are self-sabotaging.

And I don’t buy it.

I’m starting to doubt the assumption that these women are self-sabotaging, that we are our own worst enemy. By “we” I mean empathic women – because those are the women I’ve been talking to. Deeply feeling women who took life coach training because it made them light up, and they were sure they’d finally found their purpose, and they wanted to make a career out of it.

But they didn’t.

They lost their steam.

Life got in the way.

And now, they are doing what Empaths always do – figuring out how it was their fault, and finding ways to fix what is wrong with them – their tendency to “self-sabotage”.

But suppose you aren’t in your own way?

Suppose you aren’t self-sabotaging?

Suppose what you define as resistance is guidance from your soul, your inner wisdom, your heart?

Suppose coach training was a step towards your calling but not really your calling at all?

Suppose your work is to use your life-coach training but in a completely different way that you thought you would?

Suppose you are so purpose-driven that your entire being CAN’T TAKE ACTION on a new career UNLESS it is right in the bullseye of your purpose?

Suppose you’re exactly where you need to be?

Suppose your sacred work is right in front of you, just waiting for you to see her?

Can you consider for a moment that a force is guiding you to the sacred work that you came here to do and if you can’t take action, then maybe….you’re not supposed to….maybe there is something that is in your blind spot that is for you that you can’t see....yet.

And when you consider that may be true, what feels inspiring now?

That’s your path. Take it.

Big love,




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