10 Soul Questions to Review Your Year

find your purpose life coaching soul soul's calling wisdom Jan 02, 2019

I love the time after Christmas and in early January to spend some quiet time reflecting, connecting with family and being outside in the snow. Cocooning.

It’s a perfect time to review the year that's ending.

Now’s the time to look back over your year and notice how your soul was nudging you. Your soul (your intuitive, inner knowing) is always nudging you towards being who you were born to be and doing what you were born to do.

For years I’ve been doing a year in review by looking back at the old year – what went well and really embracing all that’s good about the past – as opposed to ignoring all the good and jumping right into what’s next. It helps to bring forward the good feelings of the past and get grateful, and magnetize more of the same.

But I’ve been ignoring something.

I’ve been ignoring looking at those soul nudges that didn't feel so good. Your soul speaks to you in contrasts - with both what lights you up and what breaks you down. Sometimes a volcano has to erupt to force you to make needed changes in your life. It doesn’t feel great while it’s happening, but it’s a HUGE push to help you dump what no longer works in your life.

So, I’ve designed some new questions to answer to help you get clearer on where your soul has been guiding you over the past year.

The answers to these questions will help you to make an intention for the new year that is aligned with your soul's desires and not just an ego-based wish.

If you ask me, that's far more powerful than any New Year's Resolution.

Get your questions. Download HERE!

Big love,

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