Welcome to the Soul's Calling Academy

Our mission is to help people who were born to facilitate positive change and transformation to discover and do their soul's calling.

What we do at the SOUL'S CALLING™ Academy

Is This You?

  • You are re-inventing your career and creating a coaching business (aka blogger, change agent, podcaster, consultant, author, speaker, guide, healer, thought leader) because you have a creative spark that needs to be released.
  • You've been fitting in and hiding your inner self for most of your life.
  • You're unclear about what makes you special or unique and how you could really be a coach, guide or healer.
  • You want to start doing what lights you up and also makes a difference in the world.


Welcome to the Soul’s Calling Academy.

Our mission is to help people who were born to facilitate positive change and transformation to discover and do their soul's calling. I created the Soul’s Calling Academy for you - for people who are re-inventing their work because they want to do the healing, helping and guiding work that they were made to do, but they are uncertain and afraid and don’t know where to start.

Start here.

We offer training and support to help you unlock your soul’s calling – to discover and do the work that you were born to do.

We offer one of a kind intensive workshop style retreats to help you claim your “thing” find your message, find your focus, and put together a soul-based business and marketing strategy.

We offer Soul’s Calling Coach training and certification so you can confidently help people to discover their purpose, up-level your skills, get access to our innovative tools, and get business building support.

If you are someone with a big heart who wants to stop hiding and make a positive difference in the world, then you’re in the right place.

Hi, I'm Bev Barnes, Master Coach Instructor, Soul's Calling Mentor, and the founder of the Soul's Calling™ Academy. I'm so glad you're here!

Meet Bev Barnes - Founder of the SOUL'S CALLING™ Academy

Hi, I'm Bev - Master Life Coach Instructor & Soul's Calling Mentor

We all ache to be really seen, to be valued for who we are without self-improvement. We all ache to do something meaningful with our lives, something that makes a difference, but we are taught from a very young age to ignore those yearnings and fit into society.  We hide the beauty of who we really are and pretend to be who we are expected to be.  That leads to a soul-felt angst and divine discontent.

That angst is how your soul calls you - trying to wake you up to the person you were born to be.

I created the Soul's Calling Academy because I've been a lifelong purpose-seeker and I always wanted a guide.

Let the Soul's Calling Academy be your guide!

Here's what I deeply believe:

  • That we all came here to earth for a reason. It isn’t by chance, it’s by design;
  • That your purpose is hiding inside your life, behind your pain;
  • That your life has unfolded perfectly to help you learn what you came here to do;
  • That some of us specifically chose to come here to earth at this time in history in order to help people and the world make a massive transformation – from an ego-driven consciousness to a soul-driven consciousness;
  • That those of us who came here to facilitate this transformation are hearing the call right now…and it’s loud;
  • That we have everything we need, to do what we came for;
  • That we have to stop hiding, stop pretending, stop blending in and start shining our light;
  • That your real job is to express the truth of who you really are, which lies inside your soul;
  • That you have one small task to do and it doesn’t need to be something huge;
  • That those of us who are being called, all look different and come from different places, but many of us are women and others who have been marginalized in main-stream society.

This isn’t just a business niche for me. This is a calling. This is what I can’t NOT do.

When I finally realized this, I got lots of training and credentials, including:

  • a Masters Degree in Psycho-Education;
  • a Graduate diploma in Brief and Strategic Therapy;
  • Certification as a Career Counselor in Quebec;
  • Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification from Dr. Martha Beck;
  • Certification as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator user as well as a variety of other self-assessment tools.

I’ve worked in corporate settings, on First Nations Reserves and in Universities. I’ve created retreats, workshops and training programs. I’ve coached and trained hundreds and hundreds of people who have been trying to find themselves and their direction in their lives and careers.

I created my own micro-business twenty-five years ago because I couldn’t find my soul’s purpose inside the corporate world. It is absolutely possible for you to do the same thing!


Meet Nicole Croizier - SOUL'S CALLING™ Coach & Marketing Genius

Hi, I'm Nicole - Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach & Master Certified Marketing Consultant

I’m a 15 year corporate marketing lifer (soul sucking & exhausting) – turned marketing consultant & entrepreneur (even more exhausting) – turned life, equus & soul’s calling coach (inspiring, energizing & finally loving what I do).

Today, I mix up all my experiences into my unique genius cauldron so I can help you finally see how amazing you are, claim your soul’s purpose – and design your right path to doing what you love. This might be a business, meaning-driven career – or something else!

The best thing I ever did was sign up for Bev Barnes's Soul's Calling Coach Training. My entire career was a quest to find my purpose & finally love what I do. But it wasn't until I met Bev that I was finally able to really see myself - really able to see past my "programmed" purpose (it's so tricky!).

Of course, my purpose was hiding in plain sight the whole time - my quest for purpose wasn't just a quest. It WAS my purpose.

So in Bev's words... I'm a wizard at helping people to do their soul's calling - to uncover the way that they do what they were born to do in the world. 

Here are some of my exciting official credentials:

  • Endorsed Soul’s Calling Coach through the Soul's Calling Academy
  • Certified Equus Coach through the Koelle Institute
  • Martha Beck Institute Business & Marketing Instructor
  • Master Certified Marketing Consultant through Duct Tape Marketing & Hubspot Inbound Marketing Partner
  • Author of the Amazon best selling book: Do Leadership: A Step by Step Guide to "Doing" Thought Leadership for Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners.
  • 15 Year Corporate Marketing Executive & Trainer
  • Founder of two businesses: Corner Your Market, a marketing consultant firm & Love What You Do Again, a business, marketing & career coaching firm.
  • Personality Psychology & Soul's Purpose Junkie - Obsessed with Helping People Do What They Love!


Ways to Work With Us:

Unlock Your Soul's Calling Course

Imagine knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, what you came here to do? That's the promise of this course.

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Soul's Calling™ Sisterhood Retreats

Get away and get immersed in seeing and claiming your unique gifts. This powerful retreat will help you to hear your soul's voice.

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Soul's Calling™ Mentoring for Life Coaches

Bev takes on a limited number of clients for deep-dive private soul-to-soul sessions. You can also get referred to one of Bev's endorsed Soul's Calling™ Coaches.

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Awaken to your unique and inner genius. Rise up beyond fear. Do what you came here for.