Unlock Your Unique Genius
5 Day Intensive Retreat


Get confident & clear about what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for, so that you can get going on your Soul's Calling work!

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When someone asks: "What do you do?" . . .

... how do you answer that question?

"I'm a life Coach." "I read energy." "I see goodness and light." "I work on mindsets." "I help people achieve their potential." Hmmm.... What does any of that actually mean?

The first challenge that soul-driven coaches, healers, helpers, guides, teachers and leaders face is answering that dreaded question, "So what do you do?"

You either use a formulaic, well-practiced elevator speech - which doesn't really sound like you, or you stumble over the words, look away, change the subject, get hot cheeks, mumble or say something completely incomprehensible. That's called hiding, by the way.

Hiding, because you aren't clear on what you do or what makes it worthwhile to the listener, or whether you truly believe that you can do what you claim, or that you are totally self-conscious to talk about what is amazing about YOU.

You can get away with hiding and not claiming your genius when you are in your survival work, your day job. It's easy to hide in the corporate bureaucracy or behind your professional title and still get paid.

You might get really miserable because you aren't being seen for who you truly are, and you might have a crisis of meaning and purpose, because you're hiding what makes you unique, but you'll still get paid as long as you keep your job.

However, when you're self-employed, you need to claim your genius and state with confidence and conviction what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

You need to KNOW that what you're offering is something  your people need.

If you can't do this, you'll never leave the boat dock. Which means you won't get clients, your business will fail before it even gets started and you'll stay stuck in Pirate World.

That's why we offer Unlock Your Unique Genius - so you can get going with your soul's calling work - that the world needs SO much!

Unlock Your Unique Genius. A 5 Day Intensive Retreat for Coaches, Healers, Helpers, Guides, Teachers and Leaders who are hiding their dazzling brilliance!

For women who are creating their soul's calling work and need to find their focus.

5 Day Virtual Intensive Retreat

3 Month Coaching Group

2 Private One-On-One Sessions

See Yourself. Be Yourself. Do Your Thing. 


This intensive requires that you shift your gaze and look inward, rather than outward. You must stop overlooking what makes you amazing, and claim that in order to do your soul's calling work.

We use both right-brain and left-brain exercises to facilitate this process. Grounding, drawing, visualizations, deep-dive questioning, journaling, sharing with a partner or the group are some of our methods.

You’ll also get coached to help you see into your blind spots and excavate the obstacles that are blocking you from being fully and unapologetically You.


We provide a super safe environment where you’re invited to show up as the authentic and unapologetic you. 

You won’t be judged – no matter what stage you’re at on the soul’s calling journey. If your volcano is erupting or if you’re adrift on the wrong purpose-adjacent boat, we’ve got you, and will guide you to your right next steps.

The only goal in this retreat is to give you the space to be unapologetically YOU. Our commitment is to create the conditions that allow you to hear your soul’s voice and follow her guidance.


You’ll summarize everything that you learn in your Soul Map Summary. The Soul Map Summary serves as your decision-making guide.

You’ll pull all the intangibles that you’ve discovered into a concrete guide and get specific on your soul's niche - what you do, who you do it for and why you do it.

The Soul Map Summary is your decision making guide that will keep you purpose aligned as you continue on your soul’s calling journey.  You’ll finally be able to state with conviction what you do, why you do it and who you do it for!

 2 Facilitators - Master Coaches Bev Barnes & Nicole Croizier

This is deep dive content that requires the courage for you to be vulnerable and be seen. And...we love to laugh, to play. We are always looking for the joy behind the tears, the light in the shadow. We dance. We sing. We LAUGH. And maybe Nicole will introduce you to her all time favorite musician. Here's a hint, he was unapologetically and unflinchingly authentic!

Diane Douiyssi

Authentic Marketing & Intuitive Coaching

This retreat was magical. Bev guided me to push aside the veil of who I'd become, helped me remember who I am, and drew out the possibility of who I can be. Seeing others transform, finding their way too, and having them bear witness and validate my own discovery created a warm cocoon of sisterly support.

I came to the retreat aching to do something, tentative and unsure about my life coaching business. I left with a deep knowing, an unshakeable understanding of what I was born to do. I can't thank Bev enough. She's changed everything for me. 


Marieke Bosch-Larose

Inspirited Life Coach

I was in need of community & CLARITY. I was hoping to understand myself, my “genius”, my people, and finally feel settled into who I am as a coach, and be held in a safe space to explore this.

I can now say with confidence, “THIS is who I am, how I coach, and who I coach!” What has become possible as a result of this clarity is that I have confidence now. Now that I can articulate how I help people, I can speak about it with a confidence and KNOWING that has simply been out of my reach. What this means is that I am no longer hiding who I am or what I do. And I know who my people are too.

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You'll get first option to register at our lowest rate! You'll also receive the Soul's Calling Newsletter & updates: