Courses, Communities, Retreats & Training
to Discover & Do Your Soul's Calling

Are you a born helper, healer, guide or life coach who isn't doing what you're meant to do?

The world needs your voice now, more than ever. You're empathic so you feel deeply. That's where your beauty and your magic lies. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to help facilitate the renewal of the planet - in the way that makes you come alive! You came here to make a difference, to bring more love to the world, to help the world shift from being ego-driven to being soul led. Don't be afraid. You were born for this time.

Isn't it time to stop hiding, be seen & finally shine your light?

Here's how to get started:

Unlock Your Soul's Calling and Create Work You Love As a Coach & Empath

with Our Signature Courses, Community & Retreats

Unlock Your Soul's Calling
course & community
Imagine knowing your true purpose and your soul's niche beyond a shadow of a doubt? That's the promise of this 12 week immersive course & community. Our February 2019 course is full - get on the waitlist now for our next offering!
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Unlock Your Unique Genius
retreat + mastermind
Registration is open for our Oct. 28-31, 2019 Retreat! Our signature retreat & 3-month sisterhood mastermind is the best way to really see yourself, uncover your genius, & find the true purpose & focus for your soul's work.
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Soul’s Calling Roadmap
free mini-course
Take the first steps in uncovering your soul’s calling right now for free with our three-part mini-course with Master Coach Instructor, Bev Barnes. You’ll also get access to our Soul’s Calling Sisterhood community.
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Become a Certified Soul's Calling™
Coach & Facilitator

Through Our Boutique Coach Training Program

Six Month High Touch Mentoring Program

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Ongoing Certified Soul's Calling Coach Community

Get the Personal Support You Need

With our One-on-One Private Mentoring

Soul-to-Soul Coach Mentoring
with Bev

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Soul's Niche Coaching
with Nicole

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The Soul's Calling Revolution
free community
Connect with other coaches, guides, healers & teachers just like you as you get started on your path to discover & do your soul's calling. Share your own stories & get ideas & inspiration from Bev & Nicole.

The Soul's Calling Newsletter
ideas + inspiration
Get weekly inspiration & ideas on discovering & doing your soul's calling from Bev & Nicole - along with first access to new resources, trainings, retreats & early-bird pricing.

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