Souls Calling Card Deck

Questions and Prompts to Help You Hear and Answer Your Soul's Calling!


A Daily Practice to Connect Your Soul

Use this card deck daily to establish a relationship of trust with your deep inner knowing – your soul’s truth. You’ll start to develop a relationship with your soul that will guide your choices and your life and you’ll leave indecision behind. You’ll start having direct access to your soul’s wisdom and counsel.

Coach Yourself

In order to discover what is right for you, you need to get your ego or socialized self out of the way and discover your soul’s truth. Asking the right questions helps you to find your own answers rather than relying on an external “expert”.

Fun & Play

So often connecting with the soul is seen as serious and sombre. It can be, but it can also be fun and play. Use this card deck to play and have fun with your own soul. Draw the answers to the questions instead of writing them. Use your nondominant hand. Invent playful ways to use the cards. There are no rules!

For Coaching and Workshops

If you’re a Coach, Trainer, or Teacher, use this card-deck with your clients. Shuffle the card deck as you are talking with your clients and select a random card for your client. This could be the basis for an entire session! Use the cards in workshops or retreats or send them as a gift for your clients.

"I love Bev's cards! Her deck is colorful and insightful...providing questions that allow you to pause and dig deeper into your Soul! I use them on a regular basis, as a tool and a reminder of my Soul's purpose!"

Anick Labrosse

"Bev's cards are amazing! They awaken thoughts and ideas within me that have been dormant for a long time. Each card asks a question that gets us to think about our purpose and journey. It seems each card that I pull says exactly what I need to hear at that time. Magic! "

Terri Hofstetter

"Sneaky! You think you are getting a simple deck of cards with thoughtful prompts. What you're actually getting is a slice of Bev, her magical wisdom, her kindness, and her clarity. I love these cards and I can't wait to gift them to those I love. Huzzah!"

Steph Lagana