Are You Part of the Purpose Tribe?

Then join us for Purpose Week

A free live training series for women who ache to know their purpose & do meaningful work they love

Does this sound like you?

  • You were born with a great desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world... and feel like you've ALWAYS been searching for your purpose...
  • You’re bright - both artistic and intellectual. And because you learn easily, you’ve been successful doing almost any career you chose - at least on paper. But there’s always been something missing in your work, that you can’t describe...
  • So you’ve searched and searched for your meaningful thing - you’ve meditated, done some personal healing, tried to find a cause you believed in, tried to be the perfect parent, changed jobs, tried self-employment, maybe even trained as a life coach - and yet there's still an aching dissatisfaction...
  • Now you're questioning why you've never been satisfied in any job or work that you've created... and are secretly wondering if something is wrong with you... 
  • And you've been considering that maybe there isn't any meaningful work for you. Maybe you don't have a purpose at all - and that scares you more than anything.

If this sounds like you - then you were likely born into the Purpose Tribe! And our free training series was created just for you.

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We created this free training because...
People like us, who were born into the Purpose Tribe, are miserable until they create, find or do work that is personally meaningful...

But admitting that you're miserable instead of coping with that misery (and secretly believing something is wrong with you BECAUSE you are miserable) is the first challenge for women in the Purpose Tribe.  And then what? If you stop coping with what you don’t want, will you your life fall apart?

Finding your purpose & your meaningful work is NOT easy - especially if you don't have a map to help you figure out what to do to find what you're looking for.

But we're here to tell you that your deep yearning is real - and it's your reminder that you have a deep need to make a difference, to do something deeply meaningful and if you don't do that, the ache won't go away. Until you do what you came here to do, you'll suffer. Nothing is wrong with you. Something is very right with you!

And that's why in this free training we're going to:

  • Talk about why you're actually not like everyone else if you're part of the Purpose Tribe - and how this might have impacted your journey so far,
  • Reveal why finding your purpose & uncovering your meaningful work is so hard - and what you can do to make it easier,
  • Discuss the most common ways Purpose Tribe people go off track, and how to not fall into these traps...
  • Introduce you to The Soul's Calling Roadmap (yes - there is a map!) - so you can know the exact steps you need to take to connect to your purpose & meaningful work.

So join us for Purpose Week!

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, the founder of The Soul's Calling Academy, creator of the Soul's Calling Roadmap Process & Master Life Coach Instructor and I'll be joined by Nicole Croizier, Master Soul's Calling Coach and coach instructor. And we're SO EXCITED to have you join us for purpose week!

We'll be holding a series of four live interactive video trainings in our Soul's Calling Sisterhood Facebook group the week of April 27 - 30. So sign up now to get your copy of the Soul's Calling Roadmap, access to our private Facebook community, and email reminders for each of our trainings. We cannot wait to see you in the group! 

Sign Up Now for Purpose Week!

Get immediate access to our Soul's Calling Sisterhood Facebook group and emails with reminders & handouts for each of our four live interactive training sessions: 


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