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Are You Stuck in a Life, Work or Business that Feels Meaningless?
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4 Months. 12 Calls. 2 Mentors. Daily Forum Support. Online Course.

Unlock Your Soul's Calling is the Roadmap
to the Life You Were Meant to Live

I'm Bev Barnes and I'm so happy to see you here. If you're aching to finally do what you came here to do - if only you knew what that was - then this video (& course!) is for you:


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We don’t learn how to find our purpose in school. 

We don’t even learn that we have a purpose, beyond making more money, fitting in, and doing what everyone else does.

For some, that’s okay, but not for you. If you're here on this page, right now, my hunch is that you want something more. 

Maybe you're stuck in a soul-sucking job. Maybe your kids are about to leave the house. Maybe retirement is looming. Whatever is happening for you right now - you're yearning for something more. Something meaningful. Something that you can't name.

Nothing is wrong with you for being discontent with what looks like success. You aren't selfish or ungrateful. It's your birthright to discover what you came here to do.

And the ache you feel is your soul calling.

Imagine knowing without a shadow of a doubt what you came here to do?

Imagine finally knowing what you came here to do. Imaging really knowing how unique & amazing you are. And Imagine knowing exactly how you're going to use your unique gifts & talents to make the difference you want to make.

That's what the Unlock Your Soul's Calling Course is all about - guiding you on your journey to discover & do what you were born to do. And that’s the promise of this course.


This course, Unlock Your Soul's Calling, is the result of my life's work, and it's so deeply personal to me. 

I created this course because I wanted to find a way to reach more people, to help more people connect to their soul's calling. Because the world so needs your unique talents, gifts, and genius right now. So if you're not able to come to one of my retreats in person right now, I created this course for you. 

  • If you are thinking, “Is that all there is?” this course is for you.
  • If you yearn to make a difference but don’t know how, this course is for you.
  • If you are trying to cope with a soul-sucking job, that you wish you could quit, but don’t know how, or what to do next, this course is for you.
  • If you have a business but you aren’t clear on what your “thing” is, or what your niche is, this course is for you.
  • If you've completed life coach training, but aren't sure exactly how you want to use your life coaching skills, this course is for you.
  • If your purpose was caring for children who no longer need you so much, this course is for you.
  • If your life has fallen apart and you want to put it back together again – better than it’s ever been, then this course is for you.
  • If you achieved freedom 55, but golf doesn’t feed your soul, then this course is for you.
  • If you love everything and don’t know what to choose, then this course is for you.
  • If you know it's time to do what you came here for, but you don’t know what that is, then this course is for you.


Unlock Your Soul's Calling is an intensive 4 month online & live course designed to help you to trust your wisdom, unlock your genius, get out of your own way and discover what your soul is calling you to do. You will:

  • Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose – so that you find your direction and motivation;
  • Stop following your programmed (socialized, ego-based) purpose;
  • Claim Your Multiple Gifts – so that you build your confidence and your competence;
  • Define Your Soul’s Niche – so that you get a focus for your purpose;
  • Craft Your Soul Message – so your purpose starts to feel real & tangible.
  • Create a small PASSION PROJECT – so you can start making small steps to bringing your soul's calling to life in your real world.
  • Face Fear & Resistance – so that you get off the couch and DO IT NOW.
  • Create your personalized Soul's Calling™ Blueprint to use as your compass for years to come.

When we're done, you’ll know who you really are & what you are here to do.... & you'll be creating your life's work! 

The Roadmap to the Life You Were Meant to Live. 


This course provides what you need to make the transition from meaninglessness to purpose:

  • A roadmap so that you can figure out where you are on the journey and get the structure you need to orient yourself;
  • A group to travel with – like minds and hearts, people that you can connect, feel safety and belonging and remember that nothing is wrong with you;
  • Processes and techniques - so that you learn to access the brilliance of your soul;
  • A skilled guide, mentor and support to help you get unstuck and see yourself more clearly.

It includes seven (7) subject area modules, each containing videos, worksheets, guided visualizations described below:

Module 1: Soul’s Calling Preparation

You will set the stage, clear space and start connecting with your soul, so that you approach this course with the right intention and tools.

Module 2: Excavate your Programmed Purpose 

You will identify your programmed purpose, the rules you've been unconsciously following in your life and release them. Your programmed purpose is what has been stopping you from seeing or claiming who you really are and what you were born to do.

Module 3: Unlock Your Unique Genius

You'll discover what make you different, unique and perfectly designed for your life's purpose.  You'll follow the clues in your life, receive and discern soul messages and you'll do an unflinching life-inventory to discover the soul’s purpose that has been hiding in plain sight.

Module 4: Face Fear, Resistance and Doubt

You'll learn about how your fear hides in your life and start noticing what resistance is what it isn't.  You'll create your own personalized fear-busting strategies.

Module 5: Define Your Soul’s Niche 

You'll get clear on your message, the people you serve and what your soul service is! This will give you a focus for your life, work or business.

Module 6: Set Sail 

You'll create a tiny passion project that builds your confidence, creates momentum and is aligned with your purpose. Taking action on this tiny project symbolizes your commitment to doing your soul's calling.

Module 7: Create your Soul’s Calling™ Blueprint 

You'll integrate and summarize what you’ve learned through the course and create a blueprint document. This will serve as your personal compass that you'll refer to for years to come.


Believe me when I tell you that this is not your typical online course. 

You won't just sign up, access some videos & exercise and be on your way. 

This course is high touch. This course is immersive. And this course is intensive. 

Yes, you will get the complete online course - lifetime access to seven modules that you can refer back to again & again for as long as this course is offered. 

But you will also get:

  • A new lesson, video trainings and exercises to complete, each week - by email and also in our on-line campus;
  • 12 two-hour live group coaching calls with me (that's three coaching calls monthly);
  • Access to an online group forum that will be personally managed by Nicole Croizier,  Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach and member of the Soul's Calling Academy;
  • Weekly email, straight to your in-box about what is going on in the group so you can stay up to date!
  • Both Nicole and I will be active in the group to guide you through your journey, coach you through any roadblocks, and support you through your exercises
  • Unlike many online course groups, this forum will be highly structured around the modules you will work on each week - with guidance, daily prompts, check-ins, office hours and weekly Q&A's
  • And if you run into any blocks or need extra support along the way, you can get access to individual sessions with Bev or Nicole at a special course rate.


Are You Ready to Start Your Journey to Your Soul's Calling?
The Course Begins May 28, 2018 - Here's How to Register:

Your Investment for the 4 Month Unlock Your Soul's Calling Intensive Course:

One time payment of: $997* or Four monthly payments of $275*

*This is a one time price for the inaugural offering of this course. If you lock in at this price, you'll get lifetime access* to the online course (for as long as it's offered), including all course updates & additions. All prices are in US dollars.

Your Course Includes:

  • Seven (7) comprehensive and structured modules with videos, exercises, guided visualizations and downloads for each section
  • Twelve (12) two-hour group Q&A/Coaching calls with Bev (that's three calls monthly on Wednesdays at 3pm ET/noon PT.  All calls will be recorded so don't panic if you have to miss a call!)
  • Access to an online group forum that will be personally managed by Nicole Croizier, an Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach and member of the Soul's Calling Academy
  • Guidance and support through this process and the exercises and coaching through your roadblocks.
  • Daily prompts, check-ins and office hours to give you the support you need and to answer your questions.
  • Additional extra support through individual sessions with Bev or Nicole at a special course rate.
  • Ability to choose to sign up for the Soul's Calling Academy members-only sisterhood forum once you've completed the course. 

Ready to Sign Up? The Course Begins May 28, 2018. 
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Sign up for our next information session & course updates:
includes bonus access to my free Soul's Calling Roadmap Mini-Course