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Dare to Decide to...


An immersive group course for people who ache to do something that heals, helps or transforms the world, but they don't know what...

If you know deep down that you are being called to make a difference in the world, but you've been hiding, and you can't do that anymore, then this course and community is for you.

If you don't know what your deepest, truest purpose & soul's niche is, and you’ve been aching to find that all your life, then this course and community is for you.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Life Coach but you don’t know if that's what you were meant to do, then this course and community is for you.

If you're Life Coach but you can't get going on the business part and frequently question your worth and your value, then this course and community is for you.

If you're NOT a Life Coach and you want to create a business or a passion project, that you love, that fits you perfectly, but you don't know what that is and don't have a niche, then this course and community is for you.

If you’re a Soul-driven entrepreneur, but you just can't get motivated to do anything and you aren't getting clients, then this course and community is for you.

If you are making a life transition, but you feel like you’ve lost your purpose and passion and need a new life focus, then this course and community is for you.

If you’ve spent most of your life hiding, fitting in and meeting other peoples’ expectations but you’re sick and tired of doing that and yearn to find your power, your voice and your passions, then this course and community is for you.


Helper, Healer, Teacher, Seeker Guide, Life Coach:

The Discover Your Soul's Calling  Course & Community is designed specifically for you. 

Finally, The Guidance, Support & Community You Need remember who you really are, to stop hiding, be seen & claim the unique gifts that are yours to give.

 Discover Your Soul's Calling is an immersive and supportive course & community for people who yearn to help the world transform but they don't know how...

You don't know what your "thing" is, so....

  • You can't quit your soul-sucking job:
  • You get overwhelmed with possibilities and choices because you are multi-passionate and don’t want to limit yourself;
  • You don’t pick any niche because you are afraid to pick the wrong one;
  • You keep changing your business direction, starting with one path and then moving to another and you aren't getting anywhere;
  • You freeze not taking any action or you “tornado” doing lots and lots but getting no-where;
  • You don’t know what to write on your website and what programs to create;
  • You don’t know how you want to use your life coaching skills or even if you want to be a life coach.

You don't know your own value and worth, so....

  • You've been hiding, fitting in and not sharing your voice;
  • You have no idea what your special gifts and talents are and whether you have any;
  • You keep doing more personal healing and training and you wonder if you’re ready yet;
  • You get stuck wondering if you can even do this, make a living from doing something that you love and you’re passionate about;
  • You think you aren’t a good enough coach or you don’t have enough experience.

You are purpose adjacent, so....

  • You've created a business that doesn't fully express your highly spiritual purpose, because you're scared to put it out there;
  • The business you are creating feels slightly “off” and you have lots of resistance to moving forward, but you don’t know where you are off-track;
  • You keep trying to dilute your message so it’s accessible to everyone but that squashes your enthusiasm;
  • You don’t have the “right” clients or enough clients;
  • You’ve outgrown your old niche and it no longer fits who you’ve become;
  • You have an inner knowing that you haven’t found your thing and you wish you could.

You are stuck in fear, doubt and resistance so....

  • You worry that you’ll never get clients or make a living;
  • You are afraid of putting yourself “out there”;
  • You don’t know what makes you unique and you’re afraid that maybe you aren’t;
  • You want your coaching career to be meaningful and purposeful but you have no idea how to make that happen;

Imagine having the inner knowing that you’d found your thing?

Jenny Shih
Make it Work Online

"Bev showed me how I could frame my life and my business around the things I love to do. In fact, she taught me that following what I love is the best way to find success… and she was spot-on! There is no one better who can help you find what makes you unique, special, and talented."

Lisa Catapano
Inspired Living Coach + Strategist

"Bev masterfully eased me on down the road toward my soul’s calling. Through her loving support and empowering wisdom, I discovered the mindfulness, love and courage to meet my soul and returned to home a compassionate force of love ready to inspire, honor, and heal the world."

Angela Steele
Soaring Souls Coaching

"This entire experience... has been life changing... Today I have clarity and focus around who I am, my amazing gifts and my purpose. I feel comfortable with myself, and I’m confident with building my coaching practice. I’m also very excited and inspired."

Here's What You'll Get:

Discover Your Soul's Calling Course (14 weeks) + Weekly Q&A/Coaching Calls + Two Mentors + Supportive Private Community

You get the safe, supportive space you need to uncover your soul's work.

In our 14-week course with dedicated support, you'll dive deeply into who you really are, you'll unlock your unique genius, uncover your soul's calling, deal with fear & resistance and turn your unique genius & purpose into a clear & concrete niche so that you have the foundation and focus you need to create a soul-inspired business or passion project that totally lights you up!

Then, you'll get lifetime (for as long as the course is offered) access to this course and materials, including any and all additions and updates.

This means that if you need more time to work through all the course components, you'll still be able to retake the live course for as long as you need to.

By the end of the course ......

You'll know who you really are & what you came here to do; you'll claim your soul's niche, your soul’s purpose and your core message. You'll feel inspired, motivated, clear and confident and ready market your business. By the end of the course you will doing your life’s work, not just thinking about it. 


Imagine having everything you need to bring your business to life, by the spring?


Many programs will teach you HOW to build or market your business, but not WHAT to create, especially when you're motivated by HELPING, HEALING, & FACILITATING TRANSFORMATION. Discover your Soul's Calling does!

This course fills the gap between DECIDING to create a new career as a coach/guide/healer and getting going on your healing or helping business...
...a gap that very few people talk about.

As a Coach/Healer/Guide/Teacher you can be a speaker, a blogger, a workshop leader, a consultant, an author, a trainer, an energy healer, a one-on-one in-person guide, a thought leader, a podcaster.  The list is endless.

But HOW are you actually going to be a express your calling? Are you going to start a business? What will the business be? Who are you going to help and how are you going to help them? What’s your THING? ARGHHHH!

  • How do you figure out exactly what you want to do? 
  • How do you know what your unique genius is?
  • How do you choose a niche?
  • How do you decide?
  • How do you decide what services to offer and how you offer them?
  • And… what if you make the wrong decision?

This is where so many aspiring new coaches (and meaning-driven solopreneurs) stay stuck. 

Stuck not launching a business. Stuck not figuring out their thing. Stuck not sharing their important gifts with a world that so badly needs them right now. 

The reason you stay stuck is because when you train as a life coach (or guide, or healer), you think the next step is to learn how to set up your website, launch your business & start marketing.
But it’s not.

You can't build a soul fulfilling business until you know who you are, until you know your gifts & genius, until you claim your purpose, until you dare to decide what your "thing" is, until you really know the transformation you are going to help your people make. And you don't come out of life coach training knowing what that is.

Your first step is figuring out your genius, your purpose, your "thing" or what I call, your SOUL’S NICHE. And that's the deep transformation work we do in this course.

Imagine creating a coaching /helping/ guiding/ teaching career totally driven by your soul's desires? 

Imagine knowing the deep soul focus for your business or passion project in just 3 months?
Imagine being ready to create and grow that business you've been dreaming of, or the project that puts YOUR gifts on center stage and totally lights you up?
Imagine finally solving the puzzle of YOUR purpose?

It is possible. And that's the promise of this course & community.

Martha Beck
Author, Life Coach, & Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

"Intuitive, Insightful, and endlessly supportive, Bev Barnes is the kind of coach who can help you back up and see the entire “forest” of your life, then zero in and find your way through the trees. Because she pays such close attention to every client, she helps them see themselves more clearly, in ways that lead naturally to the understanding and fulfillment of their individual destinies."

Deb Droz
Master Life Coach & Mentor

"I’ve watched Bev’s magic-making results with people for years, so I decided to experience it myself. Her program is about seeing yourself and seeing the power in that. It's amazing to see where you've been and the life-orchestration, outside of you own control, that brings you to where you are... Add intuitive women and being seen, challenged, and witnessed with love, and doing the same for them? Magic..."

Renee Vernon
Coach-Photographer, Awaken Portraits

"Working with Bev Barnes is life changing. I was able to connect with liked minded women, discover new gifts I wasn’t aware I had and most importantly, they were then mirrored back to me. I felt safe and truly supported... I’m so grateful for this experience. I walked away feeling more confident and most of all, clear about the direction I want to take my coaching & photography business."


We'll work through 6-Core Modules to connect to your soul's purpose, overcome your outdated programming, fear & resistance & define your soul's niche - which will become the foundation of your soul-aligned business or passion project.

Module 1. Get Oriented on Your Soul's Path

In this module you'll dare to decide to discover your soul's calling. You'll get oriented, learn the Soul's Calling Roadmap, and learn shore up your ability to deal with transition. You'll get prepared for the journey to your calling. You'll clear space and create a powerful intention for this work and your life. You'll have the tools you need to succeed in this program.

Module 2. Trust Your Body, Soul & Intuition

In this module, you'll dare to decide to trust your body signals, your soul messages and your intuitions as opposed to relying solely on your mind. You'll learn how to connect with and your body, create the conditions to receive downloads from your soul and notice your intuitions. You'll learn how your body says "yes" and how your body says "no", and start trusting your body, soul and intuitions.

Module 3: Unlock Your Unique Genius

In this module, you'll dare to decide to discover what make you different, unique and perfectly designed for your life's purpose. You'll dig deep into what makes you, YOU. You'll follow the clues in your life, receive & discern soul messages and do an unflinching life-inventory to discover your natural gifts (and shadow gifts) talents, your essence, and your values & passions that have been hiding in plain sight.

This includes connecting to your imagination in order to receive clear and direct soul message - so that you can bring this magic into your life and work!

In this module you will uncover your soul's purpose.

Module 4. Excavate Your Old Programming, Fear & Resistance

In this module, you'll dare to decide to dump your outdated programming, stop hiding and face your fear. You'll discover the rules you've been unconsciously following in your life, including why you've been hiding your truest self, and release these old rules.

Then, you'll out your fears, resistance and doubt and deal with that so that  don't get derailed as you move towards your soul's calling.

Module 5. Define Your Soul's Niche

In this module you'll dare to decide to stop hiding and define your true soul's niche. Your soul's niche is the deep soul focus for your work, one that is completely aligned with your soul's purpose.

You'll learn how to connect all the threads of your genius & purpose to get a concrete focus for your business or passion project. You'll discover the people, the tribe that you are meant to serve, and get clear on the transformation you ache to help them make - and the way that fits you best!

Module 6: Craft Your Soul's Calling Blueprint

In this final module, you'll dare to decide to claim your soul's calling and craft a one-page blueprint that captures your essence. This blueprint expresses your core purpose and describes what the underlying motivation for your business/service really is. This is where you pull all the puzzle pieces together. 

You'll know exactly WHAT gifts you bring to the world, WHAT your soul's purpose is and WHO you want to help.

You'll have a guide and the focus you need to create a soul-aligned business that lights you up!


You Won't Have to Do This Alone. We'll Be Here With You Every Step of the Way.

Discovering your soul's calling is not a quick fix process...

As a healer/coach/guide/teacher, you can't just CHOOSE any niche & build a business around it. You have to first know the TRUE soul focus for your business deep down in your bones...

And to know this, you have to first really see yourself & know all the amazing bits & pieces that make up your unique genius.

You need to first understand how all of your stories tie together to form your purpose or "why".

And you need to first know & clear out all the outdated family & cultural programming that keeps you stuck, blocked & hiding, 

And this takes time & deep work. Work that is so, so hard to do alone. 

It takes time to disconnect from old outdated and powerful fears and programming. You can feel like you don't belong with your family and friends, that you might be rejected and alone if you follow your truth, that you'll have to be vulnerable if you stop hiding, that you might fail. it's tough to do that alone.

And this work is so hard to do alone. That's why it's so very important to be supported by a like-minded community and to have access to the course materials and exercises so that you can do them and redo them at your own pace....even as you start growing your business.

Your Soul's Calling is your North Star and you'll come back to it each time you transition and grow and your volcano erupts.
And knowing your soul's calling is what will finally allow you to take action and create & do work you love, whether that's a meaningful business, passion project, or something else...


Fran Ritchey
Life Coach + Professional Organizer

"Through a series of really cool events, I was led to Bev and the course... I couldn’t stop thinking about how taking this course felt like the first step on the journey to becoming the coach I wanted to be. It made sense to me to take this course BEFORE getting certified because... I would... already know my niche and what I coach on. (Now) I finally feel like I have a foundation on which to lay my entire coaching business on. A foundation that is truly aligned with me and with what my soul wants."

Kaliopi Nikitas
Life Coach: From Overwhelm to Awe

" You HAVE to work with these two fabulous women... Bev Barnes and Nicole Croizier are DYNAMITE! I've spent a lot of time & money trying to figure out how to earn a living being 'me' - and these two helped me do just that. Best money ever spent. Bev helped me pinpoint my soul's purpose..and Nicole taught me HOW to create it all in the real world while in full alignment with myself and needs. I've had a transformational year with the help of these two. Just do it. You won't regret it. 


Martha Jo Atkins
LPC-S-Master Certified Coach-Licensed Professional Counselor

"Don’t hire Bev unless you’re ready for change. For real. Want to get your groove on? Change your life? Change your client’s lives? Hire Bev.

She’s a wicked awesome combo of wise + intuitive + compassionate. Her BS meter is off the charts. Your stories about what can’t do? She’ll blow ’em up and you’ll think to yourself, “What just happened?!” Once the dust settles, you will be onnnn fiyyyahh."

Registration opens January 2019! Course begins early February. 

Get on the waitlist now & be the first to know when registration opens!

Two Guides & Mentors To Support You Every Step of the Way

That's right - instructors (plural!). 

Hi! I'm Bev Barnes, the Founder of Soul's Calling Academy, Master Life Coach Instructor and Soul's Calling Mentor. My passion is helping people to see and claim their beauty and their gifts, to stop hiding and start shining in the world. I love, love, love, using my intuitive radar to guide, facilitate and teach people to discover & claim their soul's calling. I'm the creator of the Soul's Calling™ Roadmap and for 20+ years I've been guiding and supporting people to uncover their life's purpose, to make life & career transitions and to claim what they came here to do. In my one-of-a-kind retreat intensives, life coach mentoring and my own Soul's Calling™ Coach Training program I teach, inspire and guide people to remember who they really are so they can be who they were meant to be...not who they thought they were supposed to be.

And I'm Nicole Croizier - Endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, Coach Instructor for Wayfinder Coach Training & Master Certified Marketing Consultant.  My genius is helping to connect your purpose & genius to something that is tangible in the real world (like a program, product or service!) - and then running & marketing your business in a way that feels authentic & easy because it's in line with your natural flow & genius. I love applying my 20+ years of corporate marketing & small business coaching & consulting experience to supporting & mentoring women who want to do something deeply meaningful, make a difference, and find a way to bring their genius to life in the real world. 

If you have any questions or want to know if this is the right fit for you, we'd love to talk! Arrange your time now: