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One powerful 90-minute session where you'll find clarity, perspective and focus. 

This session is for you if you need a powerful, deep-dive laser focused session rather than support over the long term.  You might be stuck and having trouble getting out of your own way by yourself, or you can't figure out what the focus of your business is.  In this session you will:

  • Uncover Your Soul's Niche, or
  • Finally deal with that one issue that consistently holds you back.

You'll benefit from Bev's full attention, wisdom, experience and intuitve gifts in the powerful and transformational session.



A six month private, one on one mentoring/coaching program.  

You’ve come here with a calling to help the world to heal and transform. Your voice needs to be heard.

When you work one on one over 6-months you'll have the ultimate luxury - Bev's focused attention and wisdom dedicated to YOU.  You will:

  • Outwit fear, doubt and resistance so that you can successfully create and grow your business;
  • Value yourself and your services, so that you can make a living using your gifts;
  • Design the products and services that showcase your unique genius;
  • Align your business with your soul's purpose so that you create the work that fits you perfectly.
  • Get focused, get inspired and get going on your life's work.




Step 1:

Review my services above.

Step 2:

Are you interested in working with me? Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute consult. We’ll determine what the best program is for you and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Step 3:

At the scheduled time I’ll call you by telephone or by Skype if you are outside of North America. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.


Client Testimonials

"In her capable hands you’ll feel supported, heard, and motivated. There’s no one I trust like Bev to give me her full, undivided, loving attention. I feel safe, nurtured, and free when Bev coaches me. In her capable hands you’ll feel supported, heard, and motivated. She’s a genius – a natural coach gifted with startling insight and perception. Every time I want to refer somebody to a coach, Bev is the first person to come to mind. You’ll adore her within the first five minutes, I promise!"

Abigail Steidley
Master Mind Body Coach

"I sought coaching to get some assistance to re-design my private Psychotherapy practice. I love my work as a Psychotherapist, but my practice in many ways was not what I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t figure out where to begin to start changing it. I could identify what I didn’t like, but I didn’t know in what direction I wanted to go. I really felt stuck. One of Bev’s biggest strengths as a coach is her incredible intuitive sense. he has pointed me in the right direction, and provided me with the insight, knowledge and tools to now start making my way along a path towards my ideal practice. I gained the confidence that this is absolutely what I’m meant to do."

Linda Burdett

"I got clear on what I wanted to offer. Bev has been an essential part of how I structured and developed my business. I knew I had a great business idea but I was not sure if it made sense to others or was sellable. Bev helped me get clearer on exactly what I had to offer. She was also able to gracefully walk me through doubt in my skills and the “what if’s” that previously held me back. If you have an idea you need developed that stays true to who you are then Bev is the exact right coach for you!"

Briana Beveridge
Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker

"Have you ever watched the show 'The Voice' and you see ALL the coaches being blown away by some 16 year old who has a voice of a rock star or an angel? And they ALL say to her, "You were born to be a singer." That's Bev Barnes. She's like the singer who is standing on a stage, using all her talents and blowing you away with brilliance. Except Bev's brilliance is showing you YOUR brilliance and by the end of the a session with Bev, YOU are the one standing on that stage, doing YOUR thing and KNOWING you are doing what you are born to be doing. I cannot recommend a better person to help you navigate to the life you were meant to be living than Bev Barnes. "

Houkje Ross
Intuitive Career Coach