Meet Bev Barnes - Creator of the SOUL'S CALLING™ Academy

Awaken to your unique and inner genius. Rise up beyond fear. Do what you came here for.

Here's what I deeply believe:

  • That we all came here to earth for a reason. It isn’t by chance, it’s by design;
  • That your purpose is hiding inside your life, behind your pain;
  • That your life has unfolded perfectly to help you learn what you came here to do;
  • That some of us specifically chose to come here to earth at this time in history in order to help people and the world make a massive transformation – from an ego-driven consciousness to a soul-driven consciousness;
  • That those of us who came here to facilitate this transformation are hearing the call right now…and it’s loud;
  • That we have everything we need, to do what we came for;
  • That we have to stop hiding, stop pretending, stop blending in and start shining our light;
  • That your real job is to express the truth of who you really are, which lies inside your soul;
  • That you have one small task to do and it doesn’t need to be something huge;
  • That those of us who are being called, all look different and come from different places, but many of us are women and others who have been marginalized in main-stream society.

My calling is to help you own and claim your Soul's Niche.

Your Soul's Niche is what the French call, your raison d'etre.  The Japanese use the word ikigai. I call it your SOUL'S NICHE.  It’s what gives your life meaning and purpose. I was born to help you find what that is. The cost of not figuring out your soul’s niche is huge.  When you don't claim your soul's niche, this is what happens:

  • You don’t quit your soul-sucking job, because you don’t know what you really offer or how to describe it;
  • You don’t put yourself out there.  You keep hiding because you are so confused about what you do and you don’t know what to say;
  • You believe that you aren’t ready to begin yet and you keep taking more and more training – that you love, but you don't create the work that you came here to do.

This isn’t just a business niche for me. This is a calling. This is what I can’t NOT do.

When I finally realized this, I got lots of training and credentials, including:

  • a Masters Degree in Psycho-Education;
  • a Graduate diploma in Brief and Strategic Therapy;
  • Certification as a Career Counselor in Quebec;
  • Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification from Dr. Martha Beck;
  • Certification as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator user as well as a variety of other self-assessment tools.

I’ve worked in corporate settings, on First Nations Reserves and in Universities. I’ve created retreats, workshops and training programs. I’ve coached and trained hundreds and hundreds of people who have been trying to find themselves and their direction in their lives and careers.

I created my own micro-business twenty-five years ago because I couldn’t find my soul’s purpose inside the corporate world. It is absolutely possible for you to do the same thing!


Ways to work with Us:

Retreat & Mastermind

Maximum of 10 people. Soul's Calling™ Sisterhood - Retreat & Mastermind currently held twice a year. Bev facilitates this unique experience!

Get Mentored or Coached

Bev takes on a limited number of  clients for deep-dive private soul-to-soul sessions. You can also get referred to one of Bev's endorsed Soul's Calling™ Coaches.

Unlock Your Soul's Calling Training

This training course for Purpose Seekers who what to discover their own genius, make a difference and find meaning and purpose opens in June 2018!

How to Work with Bev

Step 1:

Review my services above.

Step 2:

Are you interested in working with me? Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute consult. We’ll determine what the best program is for you and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Step 3:

At the scheduled time I’ll call you by telephone or by Skype if you are outside of North America. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.


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